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Digimon: Digital Encounters (Ep1) by SACRED
Digimon: Digital Encounters (Ep1)
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Digimon: Digital Encounters (Ep1) by SACRED
Digimon: Digital Encounters (E...

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Digimon: Digital Encounters (Ep1) by SACRED
Fanfics (Written)
Any unique and non-plagiarized story that uses elements from works made by other people, such as but not limited to characters or settings.
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Digimon: Digital Encounters (Ep1) by SACRED
Adventure (Written)
Any story that contains any sort of wandering or exploring in a world for any type of purpose at any point.
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Digimon: Digital Encounters (Ep1) by SACRED
Action/Battle (Written)
Any story that involves any scene where high adrenaline events such as combat or escapes (or even sports) are involved. Usually they're tagged with the Mature rating for violence.
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"Art in it's purest form is the gateway to every person's heart"

>>>>News are posted in Shouts section below
>>>>Shouts may be used, but I refresh them after a while

Commisions: CLOSED
Requests: CLOSED
Patreon: WIP

Hello! I'm S.A.C.R.E.D., or you might know me as VideoGameStar (VideoGameStarD on DeviantArt), Erebus, ErebusVGS and such. I'm a normally casual artist (for now) that posts content that I fancy (in other words, I wish to make and post), which you can see below what kinds of content I have available on InkBunny. I mostly tend to write but I do hope that I can someday bring my art to more life through comics and such.

Most of my art is based off non-human creatures and I often prefer to involve them in their natural, feral shapes, but I do make content with anthropomorphic characters sometimes if I feel in the mood for it, but that generally sums up my art history. I might work on some other stuff like music or poetry if I feel like it, but most of my energy is focused on writing and digital imagery.

Now, I'm sure you read my quote above, right? Yes it's my quote as far as I know, but feel free to quote me on that if you find it relatable or agreeable, but do know this: the quote means that when an artist makes art without any other intent than for their own enjoyment (that means, not for other people's sake, but more because one likes what one is making, so commissions and requests can automatically be taken off the pure list), the piece is more likely to reveal a part of what the artist enjoys or wants. In the case of the viewer, often art if looking for oneself, will often be about something the viewer likes or wants. On both sides, art shows parts of the personality of the individual.

InkBunny for the most part, is planned to contain mostly non-human NFSW content as I already post SFW content on DeviantArt. If you have seen me on e621 (planned) or FurAffinity (existing), then do know that those are secondary sites and that it is suggested to subscribe to either my DeviantArt or InkBunny page depending on your interests.

As per the upload policy, I am not allowed to post human NSFW content, yet do know that I rarely (and I mean like never to almost never) make NSFW content at all. It's also rare for me to include humans in my artwork at this point, but if you have any interests in what I do , or just want a decent conversation (or erp)(whichever they be), you can contact me through Discord (but you have to notify me through here or DeviantArt first, via DMs), I'm Erebus#4802 at the time this was updated, and will always welcome fellow dragons. Furries and Scalies are also welcome too, so do feel free to contact me with notice ahead of time (so I can make sure it is you) with a non-changing tag to make sure it is you.

Alright then, as a Valentines gift, I finally have made public THE VERY FIRST CUB PORN STORY!!!! *Roars gleefully* I'm under celebration, because the same story that contains a dragonet being taught sex also has broken two new records! Highest word count of all my story (9244) and keyword count (110) which means that it involves a lot of kinks, species/characters, and lots and lots of environments and things that make it stand out from other stories. I hope you enjoy it and help it break even more records! For the first time, cub porn will appear on the list below, I have about 7 submissions and over 40k words more or less uploaded, which is quite the bit to read :) here's some things I cover in both areas:


Prequel to Digimon: Digital Sexcounters
There's a lot of both SFW and NSFW stories that actually develop characters and have an actual story, which explains the longer length for some.


Cub Porn (and cub sex ed)
Male/Female Sex
Male/Male Sex
Double Penetration
Pussy Licking/Lubrication
Dick Licking/Lubrication
Slit-Based Penis
Sheath-Based Penis
Cumming (both genders)
Penis Knots and Knotting
Vaginal Penetration
Weight Gain
Multiple Partners (or Repeat Sex)
No sex but falls into the lewd category
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4 days, 8 hrs ago
I think that the next few days in a row I'll probably upload something daily. Here's the schedule:

Today: Digimon: Digital Sexcounters Episode 3
Tomorrow: An original I made a few days back, first part.
Friday 12th: A Wings of Fire fanfic containing some cub porn.
Saturday (least likely): I kinda had a growth story or two, will check those and see if I post one by then.

So far, only D:DS has a planned port to FA, which will happen either Sunday or Monday.

I'm also working on a digital image featuring Erebus. You'll see who he is; deadline was supposed to be this week, but life happens, so I'll plan to debut it in DA and the day after in here. Then in FA some time after; will sell an original resolution download for it, so, I'm looking forwards to do that.
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