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Tranceform AfterLoad [OLD - 3rd Gen] by PaulHasyn
Tranceform AfterLoad [OLD - 3rd Gen]
Photosona free commissions open
So, I'm oficializing what I proposed before: photo-based-fursonas for free! Now, of course I wont accept just anything that you send me, it will depend on several factors. HOWEVER, here's the specific...
6 years, 10 months ago
Settling in (for real)
So, I'm stating here my terms of settlement [???] in this site or whatever. Why? cause just yesterday ‌Furafinnity, my main furry community site, had yet another huge crash which lasted days, and forc...
6 years, 10 months ago
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Tranceform AfterLoad [OLD - 3rd Gen] by PaulHasyn
Tranceform AfterLoad [OLD - 3r...
Tranceform Reboot [OLD - 2nd gen] by PaulHasyn
Tranceform Reboot [OLD - 2nd g...
Sci-fi cat by PaulHasyn
Sci-fi cat
Sarah-furry photosona [BK] by PaulHasyn
Sarah-furry photosona [BK]
Homestuck fanart - Mage of Void [BK] by PaulHasyn
Homestuck fanart - Mage of Voi...
Cat Shepard - ME2 fanart [BK] by PaulHasyn
Cat Shepard - ME2 fanart [BK]
Hasyn's 4th Gen. of music intro by PaulHasyn
Hasyn's 4th Gen. of music intr...
Mecha Paul concept art [BK] by PaulHasyn
Mecha Paul concept art [BK]
Malgreen's photosona [BK] by PaulHasyn
Malgreen's photosona [BK]
Tranceformer Revival [BK] (1st gen) by PaulHasyn
Tranceformer Revival [BK] (1st...
TRON fanart - abandoned drawing [?] [BK] by PaulHasyn
TRON fanart - abandoned drawin...
Mura's photosona [BK] by PaulHasyn
Mura's photosona [BK]
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Furtheid's Shadow concept art [BK] by PaulHasyn
Furtheid's Shadow - furries' aspect (clean) [BK] by PaulHasyn
Furtheid's furry rebel agent [BK] by PaulHasyn
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Anubis And The Buried Bone Wallpaper by Harmarist
Anubis And The Buried Bone Wal...
by Harmarist
No creative title by WagnerMutt
No creative title
Bec Noir 2: The Revenge of One-Arm Jack by quetzadrake
Bec Noir 2: The Revenge of One...
Forbidden Love by quetzadrake
Forbidden Love
Good Dog. Best Friend.  by AuroraVeredalia
Good Dog. Best Friend.
Predator in the Forest by tsaiwolf
Predator in the Forest
by tsaiwolf
Mostly Monocrhomatic by tsaiwolf
Mostly Monocrhomatic
by tsaiwolf
Mortal Phoenix by tsaiwolf
Mortal Phoenix
by tsaiwolf
I Hate Mornings by tsaiwolf
I Hate Mornings
by tsaiwolf
Letosnow by tsaiwolf
by tsaiwolf
Cold Front by tsaiwolf
Cold Front
by tsaiwolf
Skyborn Altar by tsaiwolf
Skyborn Altar
by tsaiwolf
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[profile info copied from my FA profile - soon I'll update it]

Real name: *see above* / Sex: male / Sexuality: Bissexual (apparently balanced) / Languages: Portuguese, English, and just a bit of French / Religion: agnostic (none) / Personality: indie, quiet, mildly shy, naive, curious, observational, realistic, skeptical, moody (the contradicting traits are on purpose, hence the "moody")

So, I'm an completely amateur artist: I TRY doing a bit of everything - mainly things related to furries or Sci-Fi. Expect rare updates such as short story trials and simple artwork - it's kinda hard for me to do, even though I have a tablet. o_O The only thing I used do often was to make new songs, too easy with eJay, but got fed up w/ it. (https://paul-hasyn.sofurry.com/music) I'm also trying to create at least one stunning story, but not going too well.
About the art, you can see some of my trials here, or just me fooling around: www.livestream.com/paul_hasyn You can also see my oldest art at my SoFurry account, partially forgotten '-'

On a side note, I should warn you that the Science Fiction thematic is a huge passion of mine i have since ever, it's in my very essence, way more than the furry one. Try to understand/accept it. To see other likings of mine, take a look at my facebook, but do not add me there - it's for people i know irl only.

All in all, I will be mostly commenting (I <3 'em), not posting. So, see ya! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :3 (or even just chat *foreveralone* I am usually online at steam, skype and msn, feel free to add me)

BRASIL, UM PAÍS DE TODOS! - Rio de Janeiro, Tijuca

FURSONA DETAILS: a brazilian shorthair cat, of brown striped fur and yellow eyes. (EDIT: a dream implied that the color should be white and light brown, someday I'll update) Quite of an indie personality, slightly timid, has few friends, isn't popular. (personality based on real self)
I am also somewhat Theri, so I have a feline-ish way of being since ever, as natural traits - some of which imply that I'm a cat. meow. (EDIT: maybe these traits originated from Christopher's influence instead of naturally, then i'd not be a therian, but who cares. I don't.)

Age: 19
Shell of choice: GlowAir (office2010-like theme) + Portal-themed icons
Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium
Personal quote: "Real life is not a fairy tale, get over it"
Music type/genre: <3 techno, electro, house, Dance, Trance, New age, Rock / Like all else
Favorite movie: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Moon, etc
Favorite game: Portal (series), Half-Life 2 (series), Dead Space (series), Mass Effect (series), Amnesia, Mirror's Edge, Cities XL, etc
Favorite game platform: PC (ta-da!) i do have a desktop, but laptop connected to TV is preferred
Music player of choice: iTunes (mostly shuffle) and WMP
Favorite animal: really into felines and canines in general / like most of the other animals
Favorite website: FA, facebook, youtube, 9GAG, etc.
Favorite food: pasta, fish

Furtheid's Shadow > in the 22nd century, a secret experiment has been released: the real 'furries'. It caused such an immense shock in the humans' world that it soon became hatred, and most of them (humans, like 90%) wanted genocide as a response to this "threat". So small terrorist organizations (nazi-like) gained strength in the popular support and the weakness of the governments, being able to become a huge organization called Furtheid (apartheid for furries). As expected, chaos took place as a war between furries and humans. AUTHOR COMMENTS: this idea came from the prejudice against the furry fandom, but it developed into much more. It's a negative response to theories that suggest humans and furries would affiliate to each other easily, such as in "Furthia High". It now represents also the tendency humans have to prejudice, racism, intolerance and as an analysis to other famous conflicts of this kind ( World War II, Slavery and apartheid on africans, civil wars, etc.) However, I defend humans and furries living in peace, but only if neither of them had supremacy over the other. genre: sci-fi drama (check gallery)

INCOGNITO > plot censored due to development and stealing protection. related to the Tacgnol form of my old fursona. genre: supernatural, horror (EDIT: all of it under revision, including the name) (EDIT2: to become part of the "Theriandis" story)

[no name yet] > plot censored due to development and stealing protection. post-apocaliptic environment; nature takeover; end of intelligent species on earth. genre: sci-fi suspense (NON-FURRY)

Therandis > plot censored due to development and stealing protection. All therians and animal otherkins receive a special collar with the power to transform them into their true form (feral and anthro). After a while, the true purpose of this appears... (to be mixed with "incognito") genre: action, suspense  (EDIT: might be discarded forever.)

Paul Hasyn's saga > really old story, to be recovered. plot censored due to development and stealing protection. settled in the Star Wars universe, in the period ranging from the episode I to the IV or V; the life of a human padawan that escaped from training and ended up as an undercover clone commander in secret missions for a conspiratorial organization. genre: sci-fi adventure (NON-FURRY)
Links and Contact Details
YouTube user
Fur Affinity
MSN Messenger
7 years, 11 months ago
Como eu ainda estou me ajustando aqui, me contacte em outros sites, principalmente o FurAffinity (eu vejo todo dia)
E se você me adicionar no MSN, por favor diga algo, assim não acharei que é spam ou algo assim. Quero mais contatos pra conversar! :3
E sobre o Facebook, você pode ver mas eu não te adicionarei - eu só adiciono pessoas que conheco irl / em off
7 years, 11 months ago
As I'm still settling around here, try contacting me at other sites, mainly FurAffinity (I go check it everyday)
Also, if you add me on MSN, please say something, so I won't think it's spam or anything. I'm open for chat pals! :3
About Facebook, you can look but I won't add you - I only add people I know irl
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