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Kuraresu Sakura Full Bloom by Nekomarunosuke
Kuraresu Sakura Full Bloom
I think the comfort zone isn't bad thing.
the cold days keep on but it's not too cold and I can keep on my drawing pace, and I draw many simple character arts. I draw many arts for many years and I notice my art basement isn't changed much. ...
3 months, 3 weeks ago
I love the bird and dragon characters.
the New Year 2022 is started and my art motivation is high and I think to draw many arts. lately I notice I draw many original characters and it's reach to 30 characters, and then the frequent and non...
4 months ago
Happy New Year 2022!
A Happy New Year 2022! the new year 2022 comes, I've used the InkBunny for about a year, but I don't active much. I start to use the other art SNS sites and I upload my old and new art in random order...
4 months, 1 week ago
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Rat Colored Pencil Practice 1 by Nekomarunosuke
Rat Colored Pencil Practice 1
Nodoka Pillar Background by Nekomarunosuke
Nodoka Pillar Background
Nemu Woody Background by Nekomarunosuke
Nemu Woody Background
Griffin Autumn Maple by Nekomarunosuke
Griffin Autumn Maple
Kuraresu Watercolor Practice 4 by Nekomarunosuke
Kuraresu Watercolor Practice 4
Crow Ninja Scroll Bamboo by Nekomarunosuke
Crow Ninja Scroll Bamboo
Sania Magical Energy Ball 2 by Nekomarunosuke
Sania Magical Energy Ball 2
Mara Green Breeze 2 by Nekomarunosuke
Mara Green Breeze 2
Kuraresu Snow Start Forest by Nekomarunosuke
Kuraresu Snow Start Forest
Bee Dandelion Forest by Nekomarunosuke
Bee Dandelion Forest
Kuraresu Big Watermelon 1 by Nekomarunosuke
Kuraresu Big Watermelon 1
Chause Green Breeze 1 by Nekomarunosuke
Chause Green Breeze 1
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Nemu Green Forest 1 by Nekomarunosuke
Dimurun Leaf Umbrella 1 by Nekomarunosuke
Maya Love Apple 1 by Nekomarunosuke
Colored Pencil Arts 2021-
I'll put my colored pencil arts drawn in  2021- and in this time I start to use the black colored pencil and the art have more contrast, and I tend to use the breeze effect.
53 submissions
Zack Colored Pencil Practice 3 by Nekomarunosuke
Korin Forest River by Nekomarunosuke
Mara Ocean Beach by Nekomarunosuke
Colored Pencil Arts 2016-2020
I'll put the colored pencil arts drawn in 2016-2020 and in that time I use the rough paper and a few rough paper and the hatching effect is reduced.
62 submissions
Dinosaur Knight Autumn Maple by Nekomarunosuke
Nemu Witch Moon Night by Nekomarunosuke
Kuraresu Big Fullmoon 1 by Nekomarunosuke
Colored Pencil Arts 2007-2010
I put my colored pencil arts drawn in 2007-2010 and in that time the art block comes and I feel it's hard to layer the color many times, and I seek the different way to color.
24 submissions
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Outside by CrayonsNThingz
Shoreside Chat by TiifuNdona
Shoreside Chat
I'm Nekomarunosuke, a traditional artist and I like to use the colored pencils, and I love the bat, demon and gargoyle characters, the bird and cat and fox are my favorite. I mainly draw my original characters.

before I challenge to use the watercolor and CG tools but now I mainly use the colored pencils, and sometimes I draw the small pixel arts.
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4 months ago
Hey Thanks for that Amazing Watch Buddy, U made my day so special ^^
7 months, 4 weeks ago
Very nice use of soft/pastel colors, I like it very much! Keep up the good work! ~👍
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