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Kuraresu Bat Umbrella by Nekomarunosuke
Kuraresu Bat Umbrella
I draw many arts and I seldom make comments.
the autumn become deep and the leaves on the trees turns to yellow, this season is favorable to draw many arts and I keep on drawing the arts. and in this year I don't play the games and I concentrate...
2 weeks, 4 days ago
The image size and the JPG and PNG file.
since last year I start to use 4 art sites and I upload one or two arts in a day, and lately I only upload the arts, I still have many arts to upload. and lately I think what size of image is better....
1 month ago
I think to upload old and new arts.
I'm Nekomarunosuke, a traditional artist and I mainly use the colored pencils, before I try to use the watercolor but now I don't use it. I've been in DA for many year but in last year the user interf...
6 months, 3 weeks ago
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Kuraresu Bat Umbrella by Nekomarunosuke
Kuraresu Bat Umbrella
Nemu Green Forest 1 by Nekomarunosuke
Nemu Green Forest 1
Kuraresu Big Apple 3 by Nekomarunosuke
Kuraresu Big Apple 3
Dinosaur Knight Autumn Maple by Nekomarunosuke
Dinosaur Knight Autumn Maple
Dimurun Leaf Umbrella 1 by Nekomarunosuke
Dimurun Leaf Umbrella 1
Wolf Samurai Pine Tree by Nekomarunosuke
Wolf Samurai Pine Tree
Nemu Star Background 3 by Nekomarunosuke
Nemu Star Background 3
Maya Love Apple 1 by Nekomarunosuke
Maya Love Apple 1
Mara Snake Whip 2 by Nekomarunosuke
Mara Snake Whip 2
Kuraresu Leaf Umbrella by Nekomarunosuke
Kuraresu Leaf Umbrella
Bilsia Autumn Breeze 1 by Nekomarunosuke
Bilsia Autumn Breeze 1
Korin Forest Background 1 by Nekomarunosuke
Korin Forest Background 1
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Sania Green Forest 3 by Nekomarunosuke
Kuraresu Green Forest 4 by Nekomarunosuke
Sania Green Forest 1 by Nekomarunosuke
Green Forest Arts
I'll put the character with detailed green forest arts.
6 submissions
Nodoka Japanese Garden by Nekomarunosuke
Kuraresu Washitsu Relax 1 by Nekomarunosuke
Kureha Shouji Door by Nekomarunosuke
Japanese Styled Arts
I'll add the art with Japanese room or garden, I slowly draw the detailed background.
4 submissions
Sania Ocean Beach 1 by Nekomarunosuke
Nemu Ocean Beach 1 by Nekomarunosuke
Korin Ocean Sunset by Nekomarunosuke
Summer Ocean Arts
I'll put the summer ocean themed arts with full background.
5 submissions
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Shoreside Chat by TiifuNdona
Shoreside Chat
I'm Nekomarunosuke, a traditional artist and I like to use the colored pencils, and I love the bat, demon and gargoyle characters, the bird and cat and fox are my favorite. I mainly draw my original characters.

before I challenge to use the watercolor and CG tools but now I mainly use the colored pencils, and sometimes I draw the small pixel arts.
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2 months, 2 weeks ago
Very nice use of soft/pastel colors, I like it very much! Keep up the good work! ~👍
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