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New Submission by NaumWolf
New Submission
Fall 2017 Anime (that I am checking out) First Impression Part 2
a new day, 6 more animoos, if you missed the last one i did it can be found -> https://inkbunny.net/j/293409-NaumWolf-fall-2017-anime-that-i-am-checking-out-first-impression-part-1 GARO -VANISHING LI...
5 months, 2 weeks ago
Fall 2017 Anime (that I am checking out) First Impression Part 1
Since i'm a big 'ol weeb and love me some animoos, I figured I'd share my thoughts for the anime I've chosen to watch this season (will be amended once Crunchyroll finishes posting all the anime they'...
5 months, 2 weeks ago
If by Rudyard Kipling
DnB 160BPM Sub Mix #1 featuring Nicholas Goroff -- Royalty Free Music  ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOETXoqlCtA ) So, A while back i found the provided youtube link and just... there's somethin...
9 months, 2 weeks ago
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New Submission by NaumWolf
New Submission
Christmas YCH Naum Edition by THE_CReePer. by NaumWolf
Christmas YCH Naum Edition by ...
Naum Doodle by Brushfire by NaumWolf
Naum Doodle by Brushfire
Toy Box Wars (WIP) by NaumWolf
Toy Box Wars (WIP)
To The Stars They Run (WIP) by NaumWolf
To The Stars They Run (WIP)
Big paws and little arms...doodle - by Nataya Colored by NaumWolf
Big paws and little arms...doo...
Naum Dragon by kotenokgaff by NaumWolf
Naum Dragon by kotenokgaff
Commissions Open by NaumWolf
Commissions Open
Pounce! - by KonnyKon Colored by NaumWolf
Pounce! - by KonnyKon Colored
Evil Never Sleeps - by elkit by NaumWolf
Evil Never Sleeps - by elkit
Ghareen Meets A Water Dragon by NaumWolf
Ghareen Meets A Water Dragon
The World Smiles With You - by KaeMantis Colored by NaumWolf
The World Smiles With You - by...
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Moomin by Leosaeta
by Leosaeta
Judy Hopps Big Booty by Zraxi
Judy Hopps Big Booty
by Zraxi
Sherly - The music of your heart by SherlyKaru
Sherly - The music of your hea...
A Night to Remember by atryl
A Night to Remember
by atryl
Bike by Audrarius
by Audrarius
tiger cub by Trunchbull
tiger cub
Tropical Dog by bluecoffeedog
Tropical Dog
Delicate Wings (by Mrawl) by Etheras
Delicate Wings (by Mrawl)
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Good Morning by Crackers
Good Morning
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CNY Pack - Applejack by lumineko
CNY Pack - Applejack
by lumineko
all hand server by Trunchbull
all hand server
[Reward] Proud Of You by vavacung
[Reward] Proud Of You
by vavacung
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Character Descriptions:

Name: Naum Swift
Species: Snow-leolf (Winged wolf snow leopard hybrid)
Gender: Male
Cock length: 7in fully erect (shaft is both knotted and barbed)
Hight: 5' 11"
Profession: Steam punk Era Plague Doctor
Hair Color & Style: Naum has a deep blue mohawk.
Body Type: somewhere between athletic and body builder

Naum is a Steam punk era plague doctor. Despite the plague being largely a thing of the past, Naum maintained his vigil. as technology progressed so did the quality of his bio-hazard suit. nestled within the thick coat was a respirator that both provided him with clean air to breath and a climate controlled suit. The suit itself was made of a combination of thick dark brown leather lined with a thin layer of lead sandwiched between the leather to protect him from items ranging from knives to musket/mini balls, to biological and radiological threats.

His mask was made of steel which had been painted with a glossy bone white lead paint. on either side of the masks beak were hoses that lead down into the collar of the cloak, directly into the respirator. his books were made of the same sort of leather/lead combination as his cloak. the tips of the boots contained steel caps to further protect his toes. his paws are covered by simple thick leather gloves, the same color as his cloak. Naum also carries with him a staff with coyote skull on its top. the skull being silver in color but is made of steel only. hidden within the staff is a short sword just in case he runs into trouble.

Naum has honed his skills as a doctor so that he is able to help any and all who come to him needing his aid regardless of whether they have the plague or a simple cold.

Name: Ghareen Riggs
Species: Hyter (hyena otter hybrid)
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Breast size: D
Cock length: 10in fully erect, 5in when soft
Hight: 5'7"

Textual Desc:
Ghareen stands five feet seven inches tall, Hir supple D cup breasts hidden by a black T-shirt with the Static-X logo on it. Hidden under hir black and blue plaid skirt was hidden hir warm sheath and heavy sack. Fully aroused hir shaft stood ten inches long. hidden behind hir heavy sack was nestled hir tight fem slit. Hir body was covered in thick muscles, the Hyter taking mostly after hir mother a strong river otter priestess. Hir father was visiting the otter tripe to learn from the tribes shamans and warrior priests, when the two had fallen in love and had Ghareen. Ghareen was taught by both hir mother and father and is a paladin of sorts within the various tribes.

Hir fur original a deep muddy brown, though shi had dyed it a soft aqua blue color, hir hyena spots a deep blue. Shi had left her ear tips their normal black tipped way. hir inner ears a soft pink. Ghareen's left eye was a deep crimson, her right jade green. Each nipple had been pierced, each nipple having a bar in them the barbells having the colors of her eyes opposite each nipple. Hir left nipple having jade balls, her right crimson balls. Ghareen's tail was thick and long much like hir mothers.
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1 month ago
But of course, sweetie~ Who couldn't love a cute little kangaroo mouse~?
1 month, 1 week ago
Thank you for being a friend!
7 months, 2 weeks ago
Thank you for the fav! :3
8 months ago
Thanks for the fav ^_^
9 months, 2 weeks ago
Naum, this you???

-hugs- Jeez, how you been bud :3
9 months, 2 weeks ago
Haha Well I appreciate that! Always thankful for more watchers~
9 months, 2 weeks ago
10 months ago
Thanks for the watch! <3
10 months, 1 week ago
Thanks for the Watch ^^
10 months, 2 weeks ago
Thanks for the watch! :^)
11 months ago
Thank you so much fur the fave! ^^
11 months, 3 weeks ago
Thank you for the fav! ^-^ *hugs lots*
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