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apologies for being inactive
my apologies for being inactive here. I hope to post more art soon.
5 years, 7 months ago
Jeff is an american black bear with some grizzly in him, hibernates (or sleeps a lot) during the winter, less in the summer, hates the cold, gets angry easily, tends to be solitary, he is also shy and not necessarily ferocious and is pretty active (when not sleeping, but can be slugish and lazy he loves fish, but tends to not eat a lot of it despite being a bear he prefers other meats, fruits and berries.
a little back story
He is an american black bear, living in a cabin on the outside of a town in the US in solitude, and one day he moved to Japan to study and live a new life there. He loves art and is often caught doodling in a note book, he is still in school but close to graduating. he has a crush but fears that she doesn't feel the same way about him and is too shy to talk to her.


now for me, i'm a 19 year old artist who loves the anime Shirokuma Cafe and pokemon and How to train your dragon. my sona is, as stated above, a black bear, mostly because they are awesome.
I love to draw, I do both adult and G-rated artwork and a good amount of r34 art.

more will be added as I go.
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