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So Close by HydroFTT
So Close
Quick update
I want to apologize to everyone waiting for art, I know I haven't really been making progress. Between a very severe cold (don't worry, I'm feeling better now), the holiday season stress, and some fa...
4 weeks ago
Commission queue (October-November 2016)
*Status: C L O S E D * (Please note that I am not opening, just trying to keep track easier now that my old list is outdated) ‌(Slot 1 and 2 are older commissions) Slot 1 -  hooligan ( https://i...
2 months, 3 weeks ago
Switching to Manga Studio
Well, after my hiatus I figure it's the perfect time to switch to Manga Studio, which I've been meaning to do for some time. It should help me get higher quality pics, especially since I can use a tex...
7 months, 2 weeks ago
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So Close by HydroFTT
So Close
Pokemon Amie - Bluebell (G-versions) by HydroFTT
Pokemon Amie - Bluebell (G-ver...
Dragon Dilemma (Page 0) by HydroFTT
Dragon Dilemma (Page 0)
Pikachu Poo-hD by HydroFTT
Pikachu Poo-hD
Grumpy Bat by HydroFTT
Grumpy Bat
Droatmeal Diaper by HydroFTT
Droatmeal Diaper
Poopy Pony Poker by HydroFTT
Poopy Pony Poker
Blaze Burping by HydroFTT
Blaze Burping
Puar Potty Panic (sketch) by HydroFTT
Puar Potty Panic (sketch)
Rockruff Ruffled by HydroFTT
Rockruff Ruffled
Dog Shows Stink by HydroFTT
Dog Shows Stink
Cats and Yarn by HydroFTT
Cats and Yarn
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Stilken poops her... Data? by HydroFTT
Simona's Data overload!  by HydroFTT
So Close by HydroFTT
Diaper Transformation
Pool for art depicting diaper TF. This pool will most likely be commissions and gift art I've drawn for others. Most pics have non-TF versions in the later pages, so be sure and check 'em out.
3 submissions
Pokemon Amie - Bluebell (G-versions) by HydroFTT
Pokemon Amie Series
YCH and personal art parodying the Pokemon Amie mini-game from 6th Generation.
2 submissions
Dragon Dilemma (Page 0) by HydroFTT
Dragon Dilemma
Comic Commission for @Lulshi.

Pages will be added as they are ordered.
1 submission
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Baby you can chive my car burger by sasukex125
Baby you can chive my car burg...
I-i can explain by SosoWhoof
I-i can explain
by SosoWhoof
November Patreon Rewards - Lotsa Babies by ChocolateKitsune
November Patreon Rewards - Lot...
"Spooped" 'Lu by Rvlis
"Spooped" 'Lu
by Rvlis
Urge to pee by Launny
Urge to pee
by Launny
Nasty Plot by Rvlis
Nasty Plot
by Rvlis
some mother doodles by DrChops
some mother doodles
by DrChops
Teeter totter fun by ConejoBlanco
Teeter totter fun
July's Crinklecrate: Summer Time! by YuniWusky
July's Crinklecrate: Summer Ti...
by YuniWusky
Another potty-dancin' Riolu by Rvlis
Another potty-dancin' Riolu
by Rvlis
So close, once more by Rvlis
So close, once more
by Rvlis
Padded EV Request by PsychoActiveFox
Padded EV Request
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Hello! Welcome to my page here on Inkbunny. I made this account along with quite a few others to have a place to post my cub art and naughtier babyfur art after FurAffinity "decided" to ban it. More recently, I've moved here as my main posting site now that FA has become untrustworthy (or you could say now that I'm aware of it).

If you'd like to view my older art on my FA page: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/hydroftt/
However I doubt I'll be posting new art there anymore.

Please don't be afraid to point out errors or ways you think my art could be better. No one improves if all they get is praise, and I'm humble enough to realize I could use improvement.

Warning! Disregard these rules and you will be blocked.

- I do not RP, please don't ask.
- Do not RP or hold unrelated discussions in the comments of my art.
- Don't refer to me as if I'm any of my characters. If you don't know which is my 'sona, don't try to guess.
- Do NOT advertise your (or anyone else's) art on my submission comments or shouts.
- Poorly written, overtly sexual, creepy, or awkward comments will be removed with a warning. Repeat offenders (or particularly bad ones) will be blocked permanently.
- Harassment of me or anyone else will result in a block, and this includes anywhere I happen to see it.
- If I hear from a respected source that someone has cut-and-run (either not paid or not delivered on a commission) they will be blocked. This is to avoid getting burnt on a deal myself.
- Attempting to use a proxy (either a dummy account or just a dummy) to talk to me after being blocked will result in a report to the mods. I never clear my list or remove blocked users.


Commissions - Open (when available; information will be via journal)

Trades - Closed

Requests - Closed permanently
YCHs - Open (when available)

Commission Rules
Paypal Rules

A little about me:

I like to draw, collect toys (plus hunt for and even sell them), read, camp, go hiking, and ride my bike. I am a casual gamer, I do enjoy playing them but I'm usually not all that caught up on modern games due to it being quite the expensive hobby. I'm a realist, which is a polite way of saying a pessimist. I can come off as rude sometimes, and I'll admit I can be hard to get along with, but I generally try to be polite unless people are mean or rude to me or my friends. I also like to debate (which some people may construe as arguing) so if you don't like debating I'd suggest not spouting opinions. As a rule, I no longer discuss politics or religion because I have very odd views and people get way too riled up over these sorts of topics. I'm an AB (Adult Baby), however I'm more of a caretaker than a cub. I'd also classify myself as a DL (Diaper Lover).

My main characters:

My Pokesona is a male Leafeon named Hydro. He has curly headfur, green eyes, and his leaves are all tipped with a purple color. Generally, he has a white crescent shaped earring in his left ear that glows in the dark. He can appear as anthro or feral. As a feral, his usual attire is a diaper and skull-and-crossbones print purple or black bandana around his neck. As an anthro, he tends to wear baggy jeans and black shirts, often with skulls on them. He is not incontinent but wears diapers for fun. As an adult, he's also a caretaker/babysitter. I occasionally draw him as a cub, an eevee with purple tipped ears and, of course, a diaper.

Peony (female Pikachu) and Bluebell (female pichu) are two Pokemon OCs of mine. They are sisters, and although Peony is much older she is no more potty trained than Bluebell. Peony is roughly 15, Bluebell is around 3 or 4. Peony always has a pink flower (sometimes real, sometimes silk) tucked behind her ear, as well as a diaper- or at the very least training pants. Bluebell similarly is always diapered, but has a blue bow in her headfur and a missing tooth. I generally depict them as feral but occasionally they can show up as anthro.

Tokala (female zorua) is an adopted sister of Peony and Bluebell. She seems closer to Bluebell in age, although her exact age is unknown. She's very quiet and shy, unlike her sisters, and although she seems very intelligent she's had little success in using the toilet. Since she was found half drowned on a beach, it's possible she is medically incontinent, or simply just too young to be able to potty train despite wanting to. She often does things to help Peony take care of Bluebell, and can even change her own diapers... though she will ask Peony for help most of the time.

Stilken (female grey cat), Simona (female fennec fox), and Mithril (female "blue lab" dog) are all characters in a fictional universe of my own creation. Despite the fact I use Stilken as my mascot character of sorts, she is not my 'sona and I prefer not to be referred to by her name. I have yet to write the story that revolves around them, as I'm not much of a writer, but I hope to someday. I generally refer to them as "ring characters" because of the gold ring they each wear which gives them physical, semi-animalistic, and quite babyish forms. They are in fact much older than they look, despite how they may sometimes act- especially Simona who acts like a spoiled 3 year old. All of them are incontinent to some degree. I'm rather protective of these characters, so I prefer people ask before drawing them or anything, and even then I only give permission rarely.

Also, I just want to say thank you to everyone who likes my art, favorites anything, or watches me!
I don't want to have to give everyone a random shout each time they fave or watch, because I know it can be annoying to some people and eats into time I could be drawing for you guys!
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5 days, 19 hrs ago
Heyo, just wanted to stop by and say that you're a real cool dude and I love your work!
3 weeks, 4 days ago
Cherry Mistmas to ya, and hope you have a piratastic new yearrr!
3 months, 1 week ago
Spooktober is here, got any plans for Halloween?
6 months, 4 weeks ago
Well, there's an in-browser version of Discord you just sign into, though that's only good if you plan on having your browser open, too...
6 months, 4 weeks ago
Bah, I don't have Skype on here...
7 months ago
But who knows when that is, and I miss chatting with you. :(
7 months ago
Yo dude, hurry up and get a Discord account! We can chat again!
9 months, 2 weeks ago
Thanks a lot for the watch!
9 months, 3 weeks ago
Congrats Hydro! That Flurry Heart picture is your most cutest art so far! And GOSH! That Flurry Heart being in a messy diaper! Oh wow! And one more congratulation to be the first artist to draw this type of abdl mlp on Flurry Heart! Thank you.
11 months ago
Yay! Thanks a lot for watching! =3
1 year ago
*toot toot* Happy New Year! Here's for more great drawings in 2016!
1 year, 1 month ago
Thanks for watching me! Big fan of your work.
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