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Peony Issue #1 - Cover by HydroFTT
Peony Issue #1 - Cover
Yet Another Bad Update
*[Warning, some gross medical stuff is mentioned but not in too much detail. I also do not endorse or recommend self-treating medical problems, see a doctor if you are able.]* Some of you may have no...
3 weeks ago
Peony (somewhat) Official Spanish Verison
Long story short, I stumbled across a translated version of my comic, and gave permission to post it! I guess it would be considered a fan-translated but officially endorsed. Either way, if you prefer...
3 weeks, 6 days ago
Commissions or YCH? (Important if you want either!)
I'm getting close to the end of my commission list (I really blasted through them this week!) but I can't decide whether to open for commissions or maybe make a YCH or two. My last YCHs honestly didn'...
1 month, 3 weeks ago
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Stinky Zorua by HydroFTT
Stinky Zorua
Raven and Violet Relaxing on the Couch by HydroFTT
Raven and Violet Relaxing on t...
Stuck in the Pail 2: Electric Boogaloo by HydroFTT
Stuck in the Pail 2: Electric ...
Peony Comic Page 22 by HydroFTT
Peony Comic Page 22
Peony Comic Page 21 by HydroFTT
Peony Comic Page 21
Isabelle's Bathroom Break by HydroFTT
Isabelle's Bathroom Break
Nick Plays House by HydroFTT
Nick Plays House
Stuck in the Pail by HydroFTT
Stuck in the Pail
Peony Comic Page 20 by HydroFTT
Peony Comic Page 20
Peony Comic Page 19 by HydroFTT
Peony Comic Page 19
Digimon Diaper Adventure by HydroFTT
Digimon Diaper Adventure
Peony Comic Page 19 (rough sketch) by HydroFTT
Peony Comic Page 19 (rough ske...
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Peony Issue #1 - Cover by HydroFTT
Peony Comic Page 1 by HydroFTT
Peony Comic Page 2 by HydroFTT
Peony Comic
My own comic series featuring my Pokemon OCs Peony, Bluebell, Tokala, and others! Will contain ABDL and babyfur themes, as well as diaper use.
24 submissions
Sydney Reference by HydroFTT
Simona Reference by HydroFTT
Mithril Reference by HydroFTT
Ring Character References
Reference pictures for my various characters who appear in the (currently unnamed) Ring story.
5 submissions
Emerald Hypnosis (Page 1) by HydroFTT
Emerald Hypnosis (Page 2) G Versions by HydroFTT
Emerald Hypnosis
A (currently) 2-page commission from @Lulshi
3 submissions
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I couldn't smile this time... by Eryz
I couldn't smile this time...
by Eryz
Commission Artemist by Kuuneho
Commission Artemist
by Kuuneho
*W*_Queen Violet by Fuf
*W*_Queen Violet
by Fuf
Well that diaper wasn't going to fill itself by BaltNWolf
Well that diaper wasn't going ...
by BaltNWolf
Assault on Batteries by FriskyWoods
Assault on Batteries
Bell-less by BoredomWithFriends
True (by Felyn) by BunPatrol
True (by Felyn)
by BunPatrol
Yosheo Ducky Sings the Blues by FriskyWoods
Yosheo Ducky Sings the Blues
Bye Bye Byron by FriskyWoods
Bye Bye Byron
I can't stands no more! by FriskyWoods
I can't stands no more!
[C] Humphrey & Chloe by UniaMoon
[C] Humphrey & Chloe
by UniaMoon
[C] Swift Brush and Sweetie Belle by UniaMoon
[C] Swift Brush and Sweetie Be...
by UniaMoon
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Hello! Welcome to my page here on Inkbunny. I made this account along with quite a few others to have a place to post my cub art and naughtier babyfur art after FurAffinity "decided" to ban it. More recently, I've moved here as my main posting site now that FA has become untrustworthy (or you could say now that I'm aware of it).

Since I can't vet everyone who watches or commissions me, let me say this here:
If you are a Trumpist, bigot, Nazi, anti trans rights, anivax, homophobic, or a covid denier, I want nothing to do with you. I do not want to talk to you, I do not want your money, I do not want your views, I do not want your favorites. If you think my friends or I shouldn't have rights, or you're willing to risk my life for your stupidity, then you don't deserve the fruits of my labor.

If you'd like to view my older art on my FA page: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/hydroftt/
However I doubt I'll be posting new art there anymore.

Please don't be afraid to point out errors or ways you think my art could be better. No one improves if all they get is praise, and I'm humble enough to realize I could use improvement.

Warning! Disregard these rules and you may be blocked.

- I do not RP, please don't ask.
- Do not RP or hold unrelated discussions in the comments of my art.
- Don't refer to me as if I'm any of my characters. If you don't know which is my 'sona, don't try to guess.
- Do not advertise your (or anyone else's) art on my submission comments or shouts.
-Please don't try to tell me to change my ratings, as I follow the guidelines for IB not FA. If you think something was rated wrong in error, PM me about it only if you actually know the system here. Keep in mind that this site is 18+
- Poorly written, overtly sexual, creepy, or awkward comments will be removed with a warning. Repeat offenders (or particularly bad ones) will be blocked permanently.
- Harassment of me or anyone else will result in a block, and this includes anywhere I happen to see it.
- If I hear from a respected source that someone has cut-and-run (either not paid or not delivered on a commission) they will be blocked. This is to avoid getting burnt on a deal myself.
- Attempting to use a proxy (either a dummy account or just a dummy) to talk to me after being blocked will result in a report to the mods. I never clear my list or remove blocked users.


Commissions - Look for Journals!

Trades - Closed

Requests - Closed permanently

Commission Prices
Commission T.O.S.
Payment T.O.S
Commission Queue (via Trello)

Also, I just want to say thank you to everyone who likes my art, favorites anything, or watches me!
I don't want to have to give everyone a random shout each time they fave or watch, because I know it can be annoying to some people and eats into time I could be drawing for you guys!
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