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Kiva shaded by Fatfoxcoon
Kiva shaded
Tablet is here and working
got it sat, and things have beena bit busy (and I been lazy) so I will hopefully get to doodling stuff next week. Not that anyone really is going to see them but gotta start somewhere yes? Went thrif...
1 year, 7 months ago
New Tablet Coming Soon
as much as I didn't want to spend the money on it, I lost the pen to me old one and they no make it no more so ordered a new one (more or less) and it should be here next week. No more wasting paper a...
1 year, 7 months ago
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Kiva shaded by Fatfoxcoon
Kiva shaded
Digi Doodle 01 by Fatfoxcoon
Digi Doodle 01
Just Ink by Fatfoxcoon
Just Ink
Kiva Parts by Fatfoxcoon
Kiva Parts
Kiva Colour by Fatfoxcoon
Kiva Colour
Kivara 'Kiva' by Fatfoxcoon
Kivara 'Kiva'
Sonic OC Doodle 8 by Fatfoxcoon
Sonic OC Doodle 8
Sonic OC Doodle 7 by Fatfoxcoon
Sonic OC Doodle 7
Sonic oc Doodle 6 by Fatfoxcoon
Sonic oc Doodle 6
Sonic oc in colour by Fatfoxcoon
Sonic oc in colour
Detail Sonic Oc Thing 2 by Fatfoxcoon
Detail Sonic Oc Thing 2
Sonic oc detail 1 by Fatfoxcoon
Sonic oc detail 1
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Sonic OC First Doodle by Fatfoxcoon
Sonic Oc Test Doodle Thing by Fatfoxcoon
Sonic oc Doodle 3 by Fatfoxcoon
My sonic OC Kivara
21 submissions
Hipposaurus v1 by Fatfoxcoon
Hipposaurus v2 by Fatfoxcoon
Vikie's Lousy Art
Where all the pics I actually draw myself will go
2 submissions
Looking for Lakebound by Fatfoxcoon
Night time on Omega by Fatfoxcoon
Lance Foxx to Lance Mouse (original) Part 1 by Fatfoxcoon
Fat Dragon Productions
where I will post my 3d pics I rendered, old and new.
14 submissions
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Vikie Foxfang: Jess & Jake Bunny clothed by Omegaltd
Vikie Foxfang: Jess & Jake Bun...
by Omegaltd
Vikie Foxfang: Viktor in metroid swimsuit by Omegaltd
Vikie Foxfang: Viktor in metro...
by Omegaltd
Vikie Foxfang: Vikie in metroid swimsuit by Omegaltd
Vikie Foxfang: Vikie in metroi...
by Omegaltd
Aztec style resin dragon pendants by Omegaltd
Aztec style resin dragon penda...
by Omegaltd
Twin dragon beaded bracelet by Omegaltd
Twin dragon beaded bracelet
by Omegaltd
Vikie Foxfange: Jake Komodo by Omegaltd
Vikie Foxfange: Jake Komodo
by Omegaltd
Vikie Foxfange: Jess Komodo by Omegaltd
Vikie Foxfange: Jess Komodo
by Omegaltd
Viktor the french maid by Omegaltd
Viktor the french maid
by Omegaltd
Bunny Mot by MoT
Bunny Mot
by MoT
Vikie by Omegaltd
by Omegaltd
viktor by Omegaltd
by Omegaltd
Viktor views by Omegaltd
Viktor views
by Omegaltd
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Hello, i'm the fat foxcoon Vikie Foxfang. I can;t really draw with a darn but I am rather creative. But I am also not very social so I don't think I will be avtive on here much but feel free to check out what I post.
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