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Kaz is Back?! - Jan. 2020 by FabulousKazzyPoo
Kaz is Back?! - Jan. 2020
Back To Business!
I wanted to reach out and firstly say THANK YOU! I received a LOT of helpful messages after posting the last journal. It brings me immense pleasure to know that my reader base is so very thoughtful, h...
2 years ago
Emergency Commissions
Hey, everybody! I wanted to reach out and give a huge thank you to all of my followers, fans and readers. Knowing that the content I create is appreciated really makes a difference. Now, as we all kno...
2 years, 1 month ago
Kaz is Back?! - Jan. 2020
Well happy friggin' New Year, everybody! I've been quiet for a very long time, and there's more than a few reasons for that. Real life got very turbulent for a while, instability gets the best of us s...
2 years, 3 months ago
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Kaz is Back?! - Jan. 2020 by FabulousKazzyPoo
Kaz is Back?! - Jan. 2020
"Apache the Dragon" -- Artwork by Kaz by FabulousKazzyPoo
"Apache the Dragon" -- Artwork...
The Scaled Court Logo -- Artwork by Kaz by FabulousKazzyPoo
The Scaled Court Logo -- Artwo...
Commission - Nero Floofy Floofs by FabulousKazzyPoo
Commission - Nero Floofy Floof...
Pink Splotches --- Kaz The Husky --- ORIGINAL FROM SCRATCH by FabulousKazzyPoo
Pink Splotches --- Kaz The Hus...
Anemone? ~By Kaz by FabulousKazzyPoo
Anemone? ~By Kaz
Tie Dye unleashed! by FabulousKazzyPoo
Tie Dye unleashed!
A Dark Heart Of Love --- ORIGINAL ARTWORK BY KAZ by FabulousKazzyPoo
A Dark Heart Of Love --- ORIGI...
Pink Magnitude --- Artwork by Kaz by FabulousKazzyPoo
Pink Magnitude --- Artwork by ...
Distorted Love --- ORIGINAL ARTWORK BY KAZ THE HUSKY by FabulousKazzyPoo
Distorted Love --- ORIGINAL AR...
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Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to read my profile here~ I'm not the best with these things, but I'll try my best! I'm a chocolate-blueberry husky, been around the fandom for about seven years now! I started out in Second Life, and didn't discover Furaffinity until a few years ago. A lot of people like to ask me, 'how did you discover your talent for abstract art' and it's actually interesting. In Second Life, users have profile pictures that can be created and uploaded. Due to a need for in-game cash, I tried my hand at the most popular self-owned business in Second Life -- Profile Picture Photography. Turns out I was okay at it. When I launched Photoshop for the first time I had no idea what I was doing :'D So of course it was time to buckle down and learn about the different functions of the program. Once I had a good grasp on the program, I just started with a blank page and began throwing things at it, random brushes and colors. In the end, through an 'accidental' process, I had art! That's how I began learning to create abstract art. Over the years, I've refined my process and learned to be more methodical about how I create it, but yeah. It began as an accident!
Aside from creating abstract art, I also have begun writing fiction lately! Any of you get that feeling when you are searching for just the right combination of fetishes in a story, only to find it doesn't exist?! Well, I decided if it doesn't exist, it must be created! I understand my first two stories were blah when it comes to formatting and editing, but they'll be fixed soon. I opened myself up to cheap commissions for these stories in the hopes that I can learn and hone my creative writing skills while still making a few extra bucks on the side. Writing, to me, is the most beautiful art form there is. A story can take you to a whole new world, conveying sensations like smell, sound, taste, and sight to you perfectly (if written properly). The best kinds of stories are the kinds of stories you can just lose yourself in, and forget that the real world exists. Being able to close your eyes and imagine to a T what the author is conveying...that's my favorite kind of story. I try to do this with my writing, though I'm sure I've got a long way to go before I'm great!
So now, let me tell you a bit about me! Personality wise, I'm really a grab-basket of stuff. First and foremost, I'm fucking hyper. As in....I bounce off walls almost daily. I'm also pretty clingy sometimes, and I talk A LOT. Only online though. In reality, I happen to be very socially awkward. I end up saying the wrong thing or nothing at all during group gatherings and regular conversations in the real world. I find that on the internet, I can comfortably and easily express myself, which is why I talk so damn much. I just have so much to say! It all gets jumbled in the real world though and I lose sight of what I want to say. As I mentioned, I've been a member of the Fandom for nearly seven years now. I got my start in a very sexualized situation in Second Life . I was still new to the program, and a few furries dragged me off to "teach me" about what the Fandom was. You can probably guess what happened. As a result, I've been involved heavily in the sexual side of the Fandom ever since. I've only recently started nosing around at SFW Furry Art and activities. So with how the last few years on the internet have gone for me, it's safe to say that I'm a lewd, bold bastard. I have a bloody twitter devoted to nothing but nudes. I've always felt....excited about exhibitionism I suppose -- in that sense. So if you catch me suddenly talking about getting nailed so hard my colon hurts out of the blue around you, don't be surprised!
So, I've covered hyper, clingy, socially awkward, and lewd. Guess that leaves the largest trait of my personality. I am kind and gentle. It ends up being a thorn in my side most of the time. I have a nasty habit of falling into people's problems and putting my own life on hold to try and help. While I may come off as blunt, rude or brash, those who truly are close to me know that I'm a gentle, kind spirit who only wants to help those around me. Now, even though I'm kind and gentle, I do have a nasty, horrific side to me. It's cost me a lot of friends over the years actually, that destructive, mentally-ill side of me. It only comes out in situations of extreme...and no, 'extreme' does not mean not getting my way :P.....distress. Being pushed past my limits and breaking points during a friendship, or most notably...being ostracized or pushed away with no explanation for a prolonged period of time. That's the worst, and it brings out the worst in me. I become destructive, illogical, and emotion-fueled. Why am I telling you this? I don't know, maybe as a warning? More so that you know what you're getting into when you become my friend.

So I suppose that's about all I can really think of here....Below I'll list some ways you can contact me. Again, thanks for bearing with me and please, come say hi! I don't bite ;D

Steam : http://www.steamcommunity.com/id/kazsparkledawg
Skype : kaz.sparkledawg (NOT USED OFTEN)
Telegram : @KazSparkleDawg
Twitter : @KazSparkleDawg (SFW) or @SparkledawgAD (NSFW)
Kik : fabulous.kazzypoo
Discord Server Link : https://discord.gg/SUADbDD (Generally on here for voice)
Furaffinity : https://www.furaffinity.net/user/fabulous.kazzy-poo
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Fur Affinity
Second Life
Darkthrop Resident
Kazzy Musk-Huffer
4 years, 2 months ago
Like your stuff, but your thumbnails are really hard to read. Maybe add a white border around the black text.
4 years, 6 months ago
Definitely rising to be one of my favorite authors, keep it up
4 years, 6 months ago
Glad you think so! Feel free to reach out and commission one of your very own <3
4 years, 6 months ago
About time I watched you, so many great stories
5 years, 10 months ago
You're welcomes, really liked your first three stories :3
5 years, 10 months ago
Like. Heads up. Yes, I know how to write in proper paragraph form. English was always my best, and favorite subject in H.S. Why didn't I write in paragraph form for my first stories? I'm still struggling to balance my lust while writing these stories. So the next one I post will be edited after I've had time to calm down, instead of me being horny as fuck the whole time. So yeah. :P Stay tuned.
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