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Lady Blue Weight Gain Gift by Collinfatrat
Lady Blue Weight Gain Gift
Lack of updating here
I've sort of stopped updating on this website because I feel there seems to be little point to it. Mostly due to my feeling the population here is relatively low and some of you already have an FA or ...
6 years, 2 months ago
Random Story in Scraps
Posted a random story in my scraps. So, if you want to read it...well...yeah , go ahead. It contains force feeding and involves a ferret. Also, I wrote it in like 10 minutes (or perhaps 20). So, it's ...
6 years, 9 months ago
Thank You :)
I wanted to thank everyone who voted in the last journal and thank you all for leaving your ideas for a story I should write :). It was nice seeing the different things you wanted (and hearing about h...
6 years, 10 months ago
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Lady Blue Weight Gain Gift by Collinfatrat
Lady Blue Weight Gain Gift
Doberman Wishing WG by Collinfatrat
Doberman Wishing WG
Tod and Vixey WG by Collinfatrat
Tod and Vixey WG
Collin rat and Tim fox WG by Collinfatrat
Collin rat and Tim fox WG
Swift Wolf WG Request by Collinfatrat
Swift Wolf WG Request
Onyx WG Request by Collinfatrat
Onyx WG Request
Templeton and Charlene 8 (end) by Collinfatrat
Templeton and Charlene 8 (end)
Templeton and Charlene 7 by Collinfatrat
Templeton and Charlene 7
Templeton and Charlene 6-2 by Collinfatrat
Templeton and Charlene 6-2
Templeton and Charlene 6-1 by Collinfatrat
Templeton and Charlene 6-1
Templeton and Charlene 5 by Collinfatrat
Templeton and Charlene 5
Templeton and Charlene 4 by Collinfatrat
Templeton and Charlene 4
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Stuffing Quetzapony, Part 2 by Immelmann
Stuffing Quetzapony, Part 2
by Immelmann
Stuffing Quetzapony, Part 3 by Immelmann
Stuffing Quetzapony, Part 3
by Immelmann
Sabella - Almost Candid by Spookable
Sabella - Almost Candid
by Spookable
Creature Rising by Christaphorac
Creature Rising
Coyote Cowpoke by Anakuro
Coyote Cowpoke
by Anakuro
Fat fat fatty fat by Vial
Fat fat fatty fat
by Vial
Bourbon Sunrise by MeganBryar
Bourbon Sunrise
[DIGITAL] Ch'p and Rocket Raccoon's christmas by cesarin
[DIGITAL] Ch'p and Rocket Racc...
by cesarin
Can't clop by Skoon
Can't clop
by Skoon
I FOUND A CUPCAKE! by AlexDachshund
Blame Fatty by whuntmore
Blame Fatty
by whuntmore
get well soon~ by Reddywolf
get well soon~
by Reddywolf
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DA Bio

Templeton enthusiast and fat fur writer. Since I lack any drawing skill, along with a scanner and digital software, I thought why not paint a picture with words . First time I ever read about fat furs was on Templeton's Big Adventure on writing.com, and on the same week, it was the first time I ever wrote a fat fur story. I found it so much fun I had to do it more. I had ups and downs when doing it, thinking now and then the occasional, "Is there a point to this?" But lately I started up again, and am amazed at all the attention I've received during the first week, even getting up to 400 views on one story (ironically doesn't have WG at all). So here I am now, writing out chapters about everyone's favorite gluttonous rat, along with my own stories. With weight gain on the mind, and a laptop on my belly.
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