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red woof by xscar10
red woof
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red woof by xscar10
red woof
longways by xscar10
Recline by xscar10
Bar by morning by xscar10
Bar by morning
Saber by xscar10
Honey alvus by xscar10
Honey alvus
Lamella by xscar10
Capella by xscar10
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Good girl
kitty cat by xscar10
kitty cat
Kit kat by xscar10
Kit kat
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If you're here reading this, I just want to say thank you for your time, and thank you again for appreciating my artwork. (Assuming you do)

Feel free to draw any of my characters if you like, but please note me first, and I'd like to see it when it's done. ^w^
If you want to make a trade or a request, I'd be more than happy to take it, but keep in mind my dos and don'ts.

I will draw-

Groups up to three, I can do more than that, but it'll take a while. If you're willing to wait, then that's perfectly fine.

All ratings, rating isn't an issue, but content is. I tend to be a bit prudish in my content, but it's fine so long as it's tasteful.

Anthro or feral, Though I tend to do feral much less I kind of want to do it more often.

Backgrounds, yeah... I tend to suck at backgrounds, but if you are willing to wait I'll give it a shot.

I will not draw-

Porn, I'm up for a lot of things, but I've said before I'm prudish.

Homosexuality, up there with porn I just don't do it.

Hermaphrodites, this is more along the lines of not wanting to draw penises. It just feels awkward.

Fetishes, or at least some of them. If it's something mild sure, but anything extreme is a no go. If you aren't sure feel free to ask.

Other than that I think we're good. Just note me your questions and/or details and we'll work something out. ^w^

░█░░█░░█░░░░ I do like to roleplay my characters, so feel free to strike up a conversation.
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