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Suck it Nerdz! by xiileoiix
Suck it Nerdz!
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Suck it Nerdz! by xiileoiix
Suck it Nerdz!
g'day by MrShin
by MrShin
Gatote by MrShin
by MrShin
Cat or Bunny by MrShin
Cat or Bunny
by MrShin
Imnotgoingtopullthisup by MrShin
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Minicomic: The Eggs by MrShin
Minicomic: The Eggs
by MrShin
Music by MrShin
by MrShin
[Going to cover this first] I LOVE getting thanks for watches favs and so on. I do love to watch artists feel free to thank me. HOWEVER my page is NOT for your commercialism and marketing. Don't try and sell your art on my page like that. It just doesn't feel right. Especially as I myself sell art as a furry artist.

My Birthday is April 2nd 1991

My "furry" birthday is June 10 2011

Potential Questions:
YES I draw my own stuff
YES I take commissions
YES, I'll accept commissions anytime
No, I wont bite your head off for any questions you may have unlike some people

[also please note] The presents of adult art which is commissioned from me, and my lack there of hatred for art that crosses that line. DOES NOT imply in any way am into committing or using the art in a sexual manor I appreciate good art in its every form maturity and content is irrelevant though I do have a preference and there is some art that is too inappropriate for my taste. Despite that I SUPPORT exploration and expression of the mind and imagination

Hi I'm LEO nice to meet you.
I've been drawing since as long as I had a pencil and paper. Been winning state wide art contests since elementary school. When I was in high school I took several art and various exploratories, including LET, Computer Technology networking and repair, Computer math, marketing and more. I went to the Virginia state skills USA leadership competition. In the and placed top 4 in my state. I had to obviously win district before I qualified for that even. When I was in high school I didn't have a lot of money or material to work with. I did what I could with would I could get a hold of. Somehow it got me where I am. In my art classes I finished my assignments early and actually helped my art teacher by answering the students questions while she worked on other things. I try to broaden my mind in as many skills as I can get a hold of even if its just a basic knowledge. My craving for such things didn't mature however until after high school. I'm almost always drawing on something. I can't focus on the task at hand often unless I am drawing.

I try to stand up for those who are being judged even if I don't agree with them completely. I think about all the times I would have liked someone there for me when I was attacked by crits and bulliies. I think of how much it would have made me feel even though sometimes I know I was wrong. It still feels like the right thing to do. You must NEVER rob someone of their dignity.

Also I am friends with the color purple 8D
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