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Puttin' on the ritz (by oneiros~) by DarkNZ
Puttin' on the ritz (by oneiros~)
Will be quiet for a bit
My grandma passed in the early hours of this morning. It was not unexpected, her health has been deteriorating rapidly over the last half a year and the last couple of weeks it had gotten critical to ...
1 year ago
No more exceptions
I know I have made exceptions to my personal "No RP" rule in the past, usually for some combination of wondering if I might enjoy it with the right partner and not wanting to upset someone and a desir...
2 years, 8 months ago
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Derp face, derp face I love you (by CrimsonEclipse) by DarkNZ
Derp face, derp face I love yo...
Kiss me, lick me, do what you want to me now (by SpectrumBeat) by DarkNZ
Kiss me, lick me, do what you ...
You're a foxy little otter (by Flinters) by DarkNZ
You're a foxy little otter (by...
Fever all through the night (by DracoJeff) by DarkNZ
Fever all through the night (b...
Adrift in a world with a rising tide (by Nyomi) by DarkNZ
Adrift in a world with a risin...
C'mon it's an Aussie Christmas (by Flinters) by DarkNZ
C'mon it's an Aussie Christmas...
Call it magic, call it true (by Malware) by DarkNZ
Call it magic, call it true (b...
Cupcake, caramel, oh my little wishing well (by Fenris49) by DarkNZ
Cupcake, caramel, oh my little...
It’s like magic, Cane (by Malware and Alruic) by DarkNZ
It’s like magic, Cane (by Malw...
Whenever I see your smiling face (by SpectrumBeat) by DarkNZ
Whenever I see your smiling fa...
My darling, we're both on the wing (by SpectrumBeat) by DarkNZ
My darling, we're both on the ...
What made you fly, iridescent butterfly? (by AmberAria) by DarkNZ
What made you fly, iridescent ...
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Like a foot long sub (by CrimsonEclipse)[1/2] by DarkNZ
Eat it all if you could (by CrimsonEclipse)[2/2] by DarkNZ
Goobur Noms
Some tasty noms for a big goobur ~ <3
2 submissions
Megavore Bonus 03 - Plush Dark solo (by NaughtyMorg) by DarkNZ
Megavore Bonus 04 - Plush Bradley solo (by NaughtyMorg) by DarkNZ
Hungry Plushy Hippos
Megavore comic starring the one and only Cordite the Candy Dragon.
27 submissions
You think you're ready for it (by Alruic)[1/5] by DarkNZ
Getting Ready
Dark gets ready, in his usual fun way >;3
5 submissions
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New Years Bang by DanielKay
New Years Bang
by DanielKay
Mid Battle Repairs by Libra11
Mid Battle Repairs
by Libra11
Changeling Tale - Grace's Chapter 2 Release! by Watsup
Changeling Tale - Grace's Chap...
by Watsup
Changeling Tale - Grace (Redesign) by Watsup
Changeling Tale - Grace (Redes...
by Watsup
ANE Advertisement by Watsup
ANE Advertisement
by Watsup
Patreon 379 by Watsup
Patreon 379
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Patreon 378 by Watsup
Patreon 378
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Patreon 351 by Watsup
Patreon 351
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Patreon 345 by Watsup
Patreon 345
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Patreon 332
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Patreon 330 by Watsup
Patreon 330
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Patreon 324 by Watsup
Patreon 324
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I am not an artist. I have no artistic skills whatsoever. Any images in my gallery are commissions or similar from actual artists.
I will provide links to the originals in the submissions which can be used to go favourite the image on the artists page.
If you plan on adding one of my images as a favourite, please consider doing it on the artists version as it is their talent.

Feel free to comment on any of the submissions I do post, I don't bite..... hard.

Unlike my sona, in real life I can't dance or sing to save my life, but do enjoy going to see musicals on stage.
I do however play the piano accordion although I am not very good at it at the moment (a few years of neglecting to practice).

In real life I am a software engineer.

Keeping in mind that I am a fairly boring person, my skype info is in the contact information section below and to the right for anyone who might want to contact or talk to me. Seriously, I'm not very talkative so don't be offended if I don't start conversations or even just give bare minimum replies, it isn't personal I just... don't converse easily.

No RP or ERP. No exceptions. I'm sorry but in the past when I have done it at all it has been to make other people happy and it just ends up making me anxious and unhappy. I am not a very good or creative writer. I never know how to end them nicely. I am completely unable to come up with new ideas / settings to explore (I've only ever really been remotely ok at working with someone elses core idea and setting). I am not particularly good at working out what other people want. I am terrible at reading meaning and intent from a partners writing, often just ending up confused.
A little back and forth banter in the comments of a submission, based on the theme of that submission is the most you can hope for from me. Anything else is a no-go.
Links and Contact Details
Fur Affinity
3 years ago
Maybe you'll transform into a busty bimbo
Some Bimbofication is always great >;3
3 years ago
You really have a good taste in porn and fetishes
I hope you transform a lot more into a woman ;3
3 years, 4 months ago
You're welcome! Since you're new here, you wanna watch my page? I also have a FurAffinity, Deviantart, and a SoFurry Account. You wanna watch those as well?
3 years, 4 months ago
I like your art. I new here. You wanna look at my gallery?
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