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Greetings! I am an aircraft mechanic and current engineering student who has had an affinity for science fiction and furry since I was in my teens (great, now I feel old). I like originality, and I enjoy well thought out, creative stories, drawings and other art that strive for something new as much as I strive for it in my own work.

I love writing (I'll let you judge if I'm any good), and I like taking new views on character relations as well as questioning things like "What is a family?" There are many aspects of BDSM that I find interesting to explore in a non-sexual manner. While I don't see a problem with them being used in that way, I would much rather read an erotic story where they are a means or a tool, not the focus. Give me a good plot (written or implied -like in a drawing) to sink my fangs into, and characters that pull me into the story and force me to walk and struggle (or enjoy tormenting others) with them.

I do enjoy meeting people and making friends, so don't be a stranger. I also take criticism well, so don't be afraid to point out failings in my writing or suggest improvements. I always want to become a better writer, and if you like, I'll do the same for you.

Final note: If you know anything about engineering school, you'll know that it keeps people busy. I may be on sporadically, or read something and not reply or comment right away because I want to give it the thought it deserves and don't have the time to do that right then. You aren't forgotten. If you think you are, don't be afraid to remind me. :-)  Also, if you like what I write and want me to write a story for you or your character I would be happy to do that for you(as long as it doesn't violate some personal value), just know that it likely won't be finished until summer/winter break.
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