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RD Labs XXVII - Photos from the Past
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RD Labs XXXIV - Get off the video games!

Look what I found under the Yiffmas dragon!

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Is there an error in your programming? (RD Labs Part X-1)
Ok, I'm done with him, you can have him for a while.
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RD Labs XXXIII - Vantage point
Look what I found under the Yiffmas dragon!
RD Labs XXVII - Photos from the Past
RD Labs XXXI - Pet Sitting
Ken walked up to Fursat and smiled at him. "So, I hear you and royal are going to get hitched. Congrats you little punk." Fursat looked back at the multibreed male in front of him and replied "Thanks. I can't wait. We have been talking about it for months, which is why I haven't seen her for a while. It's supposed to be bad luck to see the bride before the big day, so why not emphasize the luck and not see her for months?" Ken looked at him and chuckled. "Well I suppose. I'm thinking of proposing to Silver soon. Everyone knows we are dating and have been for years. Oh by the way who will be your best man?" Ken looked eager.

"Well, I don't really have many choices with the males here, now do I? I've got you, Dancer, Tyro, and Sarah." Ken laughed. "But Sarah isn't a girl!" Fursat looked slightly confused. "They aren't? But they act like such a dick at times!" both men paused a moment as the humor sank in, before laughing hard simultaniously. "Well, this is true, but I don't think telling that to her face would be such a good idea." Ken jovially remarked. "I don't care." The black demon replied. "Killing me would do her no good since I'm a demon. I'd just be reincarnated as myself, but elsewhere on this planet. Though it would suck because I'd have to refind my body all over again." Both men laughed at that and walked out the door.

Weeks passed and the wedding slowly came together. Royal oversaw all of her bridesmaid's work, including Jasmine the roo's - seeing how Jasmine was the maid of honor. She was soo happy she was about to have a man who can handle all of her quirks and didn't mind her getting filled with other guys man mayo as often as her heart desired. She had picked a devils and angels theme for her big day, so there was a lot of brimstone and frosted crystal shards. "Well Royal" Jamie said. Not exactly happy that she was getting married, although she could tolerate the black and white roo for her special day. "I think things are about set up for you here. Your roo twin and I about have everything ready for tomorrow." Royal smiled and looked at the green and blue skunk actually being nice. "Ok. Let's just hope the men are all ready too by tomorrow morning. I'm betting my to be hubby is all sorts of nervous about marrying one of the biggest nymphos on the planet here. He's got some big shoes to fill to keep my appetite sated, just like he's got a pretty stretchy womb to fill too."

That next morning as everyone was getting dressed, Fursat got an alert from his guild from back on Earth. They were going to start one of the biggest raids on their enemy's stronghold and they needed him. He immediately got up and put some clothes on and jumped on the couch, grabbing the controller just before he landed on it and booting up his console. The rest of the males in the house were all getting ready for their big part of the wedding as his console logged in to the server. "Come on now buddy, we don't have time for this. It's your big day, you don't want to miss out do you?" Dancer urged the demon fennec. "My sister would be quite unhappy if you were late, plus we have to get there in plenty of time so we can make sure it's all perfect for her." Without looking at the purple dragon, Fursat quickly replied "Yeah yeah, I'll only be a minute. I'll meet you guys there." "Ok" Dancer replied, rolling his eyes as he saw his future brother in law get enveloped by the game. "Don't forget the wedding is at noon, and it's nine fourty five right now."

As Dancer, Ken, and Tyro all piled into the rover Ken looked at Dancer and asked "So where is big man at?" Dancer sighed and put the machine into gear. "He got sucked into his game. He said he will be just a couple of minutes and to go on without him." Tyro perked up from the back seat "But it's nearly ten o'clock, he doesn't really have a couple of minutes!" Dancer closed his eyes trying not to think about it. "Yes, I know. I just hope he doesn't let my sister down by doing something as stupid as forgetting to come down. Who knows though, maybe he will try to make a big entrance. Although I really would think that would be Royal's job since it is her special day." The purple dragon opened his eyes and backed up the rover as he headed out.

At the ceremonial grounds, Royal, Sarah, and Jasmine were posing for pictures and doing everything they could to make the black roo look as gorgeous as they could. "So are you ready to finally tie the knot for good?" Silver sneered, holding up the camera and centering the three girls in the viewfinder. Royal looked at her with a dirty expression and playfully snapped back "Oh, I think I'll be getting the knot tied many many times now." Jasmine couldn't help but laugh as she said that. "Whatever you little prostitute." Silver jovially scoffed back while she waited for the tan roo to compose herself. "Ok, now say skanky crotch!" The western dragoness commanded and waited for the echo from everyone before snapping the picture. "Ok, now a silly pose from everyone!" The two roo's stood with their backs on Sarah's sides, posing like a well known TV show back on earth, holding their fingers in the shapes of a pistol. Sarah just stood there and rolled her eyes, looking up to the sky. Being playful wasn't really in her vocabulary due to her military background, however Silver with her quick fingers caught the picture at the exact moment her muzzle was in the air, making a very silly picture none the less.

"Ok, I'm going to go and get some of the boys now, you girls have fun, and not in the dirty way this time." the rainbow winged girl spoke before she walked out the door and closing it behind her. She headed down the foryard and towards the guys side. On her way through she noticed all of the meticilous work Jasmine had done to help put this all together. "I guess since they are both roo's, they understand each other a bit more." She thought to herself as the last bit of decorations faded from her sight and she walked into the mens building. "Knock knock, cameragirl coming in! Pull up your pants and bring out your shame, it's time for pictures!" Silver rang out, announcing her arrival in a rather comedic fashion. She noticed the guys finalizing their bowties and fixing their tuxedo's. They were nearly ready for their part, much more than the female side was.

"Ok, so who's first?" the rainbow girl questioned. All of the guys looked at her before Ken stepped forward. "Well, I guess I am hon, where do you want me at?" Silver just looked at him and then looked back at the other guys. "Wait, shouldn't we get Fursat first? Where is he?" Tyro spoke up and explained the situation to her. "Aah, ok. Well like up when you guys are ready so I can shoot you. With the camera I mean." The white dragoness joked around. One by one the guys got in line for their assorted pictures and silly playfulness. "Ok, So now I guess it's time for the show." Dancer commented as the last picture was taken. "It's nearly noon, and Royal's man better be waiting outside.

Everyone got into their positions as the formal ritual got underway. Dancer, being the only one registrated to perform the ceremony, took his position as the vicar of sacrament. Tyro slowly escorted all of the members down the nave. Since there was not enough patrons to escort them to designated positions in the few rows of chairs, this was the next best thing. First Ken came down, being Fursats best man. Followed by Jasmine roo, Royal's maid of honor. Next was the striped Tiger Ninetails, followed by Jamie skunk. These two girls were followed by Sarah, Felicia, and Jessica to bring up the tail end of the collective. Ken looked at Dancer and whispered quietly "Where is he?" Dancer could do nothing but shrug, close his eyes and shake his head slowly. Even though he wasn't the one getting married, even his heart was broken and could only imagine what his black roo sister's heart would feel when she saw her husband was missing.

The music changed as everyone looked up the causeway towards the yellow dragon and the beautiful soon to be bride. The roo had her eyes closed, as she wanted to be surprised at how everything finally came together for her big moment. She couldn't wait to look her future husband in the eyes and say "I do" and she wanted that moment to be as big of a surprise as it could be. Tyro made sure not to step on her flowing gown as he twirled her around and into her designated locale at the altar. Once she was in position, the music stopped and everything fell silent. Royal stuck out her paws to grab her fiancee's paws as everyone watched her grasp in the air. A moment later she opened her eyes in confusion and noticed everyones bereaved expressions. The bride roo looked around from her spot, trying to find her courter but to no avail.

Everyone in the parish could hear the Royal's heart shatter. Dancer who was closest by her grabbed his sister's torso to prevent her from falling to the ground as she broke out into tears as she collapsed to her knees. Her dream wedding had been broken into a thousand pieces. The other members came over to her and did their best to console her, but she couldn't hear their comforting words through her waterfall of tears and wails of sorrow. Dancer and Silver picked up her tear drenched body and carried her out of the ceremony hall, trying to help ease the pain of what was happening. "Come on now sis," Silver tenderly took her roo sister's arms and wrapped them around her own shoulders, letting her cry into her shoulder. "You know how guys can get. And hey if it counts for anything, all of the females were here so you know he can't be cheating on you with one of them. I know! Maybe he's trying to make a big entrance. That has to be it!" Silver knew better, but wasn't going to tell her and shatter her heart even more. Royal stopped sniffling for a moment. "Really? You think so?" Silver carefully dabbed her sister's soft face with a cloth napkin. "Sure. He didn't want to tell anyone, but he told me he has a special surprise for you for today. Let's get you cleaned up and all dried up while we wait, how about that?"

One hour passed, then two, then three. Fursat still hadn't shown up. Royal looked at Silver and monotonously spoke "He's not coming is he?" Silver looked back at her and replied "I wonder what happened. He should have been here by now." Trying not to alert her sister to what was really going on. "Well let's take you home and forget about him for now." Royal looked at her and with an ill-defined expression calmly agreed. They walked outside and Silver flagged down Dancer. "I'm going to take sis here home. Why not grab jassy and come with us?" The purple dragon nodded and the rainbow dragoness grabbed Royal from behind, locking the roo's shoulders inbetween her arms before taking off back towards the compound.

As the sisters landed at the compound's intake zone on the roof, they were quickly met with Dancer and his tan roo cargo. "Ok, me and Dancer are going to go back and get everything cleaned up. Why don't you two go in and have a little roo fun and get your mind off of this whole ordeal." While Royal wasn't exactly fond of the idea, she wasn't exactly opposed to it either. The two winged creatures took off in flight and Jasmine put her arm around the black roo's shoulder in comfort as she walked her back down into the entertainment room of Royal's abode. As they opened the door they could hear sounds of a video game. Walking farther inside the noise became apparent that someone had to be actively playing.

Fursat had forgotten his own wedding, but was completely entwined to his electronic entertainment that he didn't realise four hours had passed since he was supposed to me Mister and Misses demonroo, and the only thing he had to show was a couple of dead virtual bosses.

render / fursat (c) fursat
jasmine  royal the roo (c) silverpetdragon

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