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MaxDeGroot's Gallery (1296)

Chapter 41: Stand

Chapter 38: Tears In Heaven
Last in pool
Chapter 40: The Greatest Man I Never Knew
Last in pool
Stand by MaxDeGroot

Icon by rhjunior. Full image can be found here
"OW!" by MaxDeGroot

Voice of Bully 1 by SquirrellyJay.
Voice of Bully 2 by
Voice of Corona by demon2fox.
Voice of Bully 1's Mother by combatspace.

Backing track purchased on http://www.karaoke-version.com . Original song performed Rascall Flatts.

Bullies end up on the short end of the stick when Perseus defends his sister.

I forget exactly where the idea for this chapter came from, but I loved it from the moment I thought of it. This is going to lead to some other chapters.

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Type: Music - Single Track
Published: 3 weeks, 5 days ago
Rating: General

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3 weeks, 5 days ago
The father sounds like a Judge or Lawyer based in his monotone voice throughout all this.
3 weeks, 5 days ago
Stargazer has spent many years training himself to act dispassionately in times of trouble.
3 weeks, 4 days ago
Most times if a bully is not dealt with, the bullying only escalates worse and worse. Small issues will morph into big issues. This I know from a workplace experience I once had.

That experience was at a job I once had as a janitor at a Honda dealership back in the early 1980s. There was a young, cocky, white guy, Ray Ormand, who was one of the mechanics in the service department. He was about 22 years old at the time. I was age 26 then.
One day, he started to messing with me and eventually starting using racial slurs to address me by.
I made a complaint to a manager, but the manager only asked him to stop...only asked him to stop.

The problem continued in which he poked pin holes in the rubber gloves I used to clean the toilets with so toilet bowl water got on my hands inside the gloves..
One day, he and a friend deliberately trashed a restroom then he told me, "Hey, Nigger Boy. Ya gotta mess in there to clean up".

Then came the day when it escalated to the point of him starting to messing with my old pick up truck. The first thing he did to it was to unscrew the valve core out of the valve stem of a front tire and let the tire go flat.
The next day, he stuffed old shop rags up the tailpipe. When we got off from work that day, I couldn't figure out why my truck wouldn't keep going once I started it up. I then had it towed to the house to later find the rags stuffed in the tailpipe. The tow bill was $40.
Days later, several of the mechanics came to me and told me it was Ray Ormand messing with my truck after Ray had bragged to them that he had plans to loosen the driveshaft at the rear axle of my truck. That was it. Him messing with my truck was the last straw.
It became clear that he wasn't going to stop, and it was only going to get worse. And messing with someone's motor vehicle is a good way to cause a wreck and get someone hurt or killed.

The next day, I put a big glop of Go-Joe hand cleaner inside Ray Ormand's motorcycle helmet.
He got really mad when he found out and brought the helmet to me and told me, "Okay, wise guy. Clean it".
I told him, "I don't have to clean it".
Then he shouted, "I said clean it!"
I then shoved him pretty hard against a nearby door jam, and told him, "You listen to me. Just because I'm part black doesn't make me your do boy to kick around every time you get a wild hair up your ass".
Ray then backed down and got out of my way, then cleaned his helmet himself. Everyone was surprised seeing that I, a janitor with a 7th grade education, put that cocky young buck motorcycle mechanic in his place.
I never had any more trouble from Ray Ormand after that.
3 weeks, 4 days ago
This is one of the reasons why I love the internet.

I get to know people' hearts FIRST!

I had NO idea you were partly black. It also means you have mixed ancestry.

And yeah, pacifism only gets you so far. There comes a time you MUST stand.

Congrats on putting that bully in his place. It also likely staved off a number of other would-be bullies.
3 weeks, 4 days ago
" It also likely staved off a number of other would-be bullies.

You're right, come to think of it. That leaves the door open for others to join in. I've seen that happen to a few kids when I was in school.

And who even knows with that Ray Ormond situation...It could have even escalated to the point of him pulling the cotter pins out and loosening the nuts on the tie rod ends of my truck (That would have been reeeeeeal scary).
Or backing off the adjustments on the brakes so the brake shoes don't hold. My pick up truck was a 1967 model that had drum brakes on all 4 wheels. There's an opening on drum brakes where you can insert a tool called a 'brake spoon' and adjust them.
Or removing the cotter pin that holds the spindle nut from backing off on the left front wheel, Without the cotter pin, the nut would back off with the rotation of the outer wheel bearing (counter clockwise "rightie tightie, lefty loosie) Then the wheel falls off while going down the road.
Possibilities such as that is something I'm glad I nipped while it was still in the bud.    
3 weeks, 4 days ago
They say it's always funny until somebody gets hurt.
3 weeks, 3 days ago
The ones who say that are not the ones being bullied.
3 weeks, 3 days ago
Nor are the bullies. They seem to think they can keep on and on and on with no consequences.

Like when Ray Ormond was planning on loosening up the driveshaft at the rear axle under my truck. If that driveshaft had come off when I was going down the road, it could have flung out from under my truck and killed someone.
A driveshaft only slips onto splines at the transmission end and is not fastened at that end. And Ray being a mechanic knew that.
A driveshaft is made that way so when the rear axle springs up and down for dips and bumps the driveshaft can slide up and back on the tail shaft of the transmission, thus the universal joints and bearings don't go into a bind.
And a driveshaft spins nearly 4 times faster than the wheels do (depending on the gear ratio, most light trucks being a 3.5 to 1 ratio).
When a driveshaft falls out at 50 mph, it becomes a deadly missile capable of decapitating a pedestrian or a motorcycle rider...or coming in through a car windshield and killing an occupant.

Of course the only thing that must have been going through Ray's mind was;
" "He he he he he yuk yuk yuk...This is gonna be funny".

I think that was why the other mechanics told me that Ray was the one messing with my truck. They realized what Ray was planning could have killed someone.

3 weeks, 3 days ago
Yeah, but I wish they had told Ray that it could result in death, and he'd be held responsible.
3 weeks, 2 days ago
They probably did tell him.

However, the weird way the law works sometimes, if someone had gotten killed there's no guarantee the cops wouldn't be telling me;
" No one can prove this Ray guy you're talking about did anything to your truck. And being it is your truck, you're responsible. You're under arrest".
That was also in a day and time when police departments were still racist in some parts of the U.S. That would have been a strike against me from the start.

That's another thing scary about others messing with your motor vehicle. It could result in someone else pulling the shenanigan, and you paying the price if someone got hurt.
And on a janitor's pay, I would not have been able to afford a lawyer.
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