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Food Cop
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I Trusted You 44.5

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by GrimArt
I Trusted You 42.5
I Trusted You 44.5
Milky moldy egg whites.

Please consider donating to the patreon for high resolution versions. Half of your money goes to Children Incorporated at the end of the month. The other half gets sent into the Void.

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Type: Comic
Published: 1 year ago
Rating: General

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1 year ago
I just wonder... if one of the big issues to him was the people who were genuinely abused and showcased on the site, did he ever contact the authorities about it?
1 year ago
I am not even sure about this plot anymore the way its going now. o.o
1 year ago
Wonder who's talking to our poor boy.
1 year ago
Ohh. Abduction time? There's still a chance for him to end up on the site!

Also: Ambus have mother issues?
1 year ago
Ah, the last stage of breaking up. Moving on to another lover.
1 year ago
"He's in the wrong" on a website he has no control over..hmm.
"I could have changed him" One thing that cuts a person down is forming them into something they're not, my roomie could tell ya about that, his ex wife was...ughh
1 year ago
He could have reported it rather than just not caring. Being a bystander is just as bad as being a criminal behind illegal content.
12 months ago
A lot can happen in a year that is not covered in the comic.
12 months ago
The world is filled with injustice we all stand by, sometimes not even noticing. Look at half the tech you have. Child labor anyone? Rhymes with China.
12 months ago
I do what I can at every opportunity. There is no excuse. What I can do may not be considered that important on the grand scale of things, but every bit counts in the end.
12 months ago
My point was simply that you dont do what you can.
Doing what you can would involve refusing to support anything via money or otherwise, that employs dubious practices which contribute towards the suffering of people or animals. Do tell. Have you ever refused a soft drink because coca cola basically drained entire villages of drinking water?
Have you refused electronics because they are made in china where labor can be bought for basically cents?

I point out a simple fact: Human beings are hypocrites. They always close their eyes over things that is convenient for them, but they are first to be morally outraged when they see something that is not, and im not trying to say that its fine to not care, but when it comes to grey areas, it really deeply irks me to see ppl condemning others while they arent the slightest damn bit better.
12 months ago
Human beings can only care so much. We are not able to handle the stress of thinking about every single injustice on this earth. We are not Superman; not even Superman would hesitate to crack open a bottle of Coca Cola to drink despite the injustice that runs behind the company's lines. If every human was forced to care about every injustice at all times, we wouldn't make it anywhere. The only way you can be sure you aren't harming anyone with your actions is to not exist. Because simply existing, living in the woods, shitting in the woods, killing the animals for food? Yeah, you're still negatively impacting the environment around you.

Additionally, most of us cannot do anything about the injustices. You mention injustices that no one here can do anything about. However, you CAN report child porn sites. That is an injustice that you can directly impact by striking up a call to the FBI. You cannot call up Coca Cola, demand that they stop draining the water from poor people, and then expect them to actually go through with it. Most of us do not have the power to stop injustices that large.

You have no idea what they can or cannot do. They can't do a lot, maybe, but they're still doing it. Doing what you can DOES NOT MEAN starving, going homeless, etc. You donate to charity when you're financially stable. You start caring about things once you're stable enough, once you know you can afford to care ("Oh hey! I can now afford this car that has great gas mileage and doesn't pollute as much as other cars! I'm doing better than I could before!"). You don't even know this person and you already shat on them. Maybe get off your high horse, Mister Using An Electrical Device To Post This Comment, Which Supports The Oil/coal Industry That Powers This Electrical Device, Destroying The Environment Little By Little.

May as well kill myself because I'm using boots made from China, the very same boots that I wear in my daily job to protect the lives of millions in my city. I'm doing what I can. I can't do everything. I can't save everyone. The world will never be that utopia. But don't dare shame me or anyone else for NOT TRYING THEIR BEST with what they are provided.
12 months ago
Welp... it might be just me and my perception but honestly... isnt what you wrote what everyone is telling them self?
Isnt the world going to shit exactly because everyone makes the excuse that why should they forfeit that coke, that car, that phone, that whatever, it wont change anything?

Isnt what you wrote word for word what Mindes said in your strip?
Well, i might be just a pessimist, but all i see is that there is always an excuse at hand to relieve one's conscience of guilt when standing at a crossroad.
Condemn those who'd make XY because it hurts some, but then excuse those who'd make YX because it might hurt some but oh well im also enjoying the product and what would it change if i didnt and besides and whatever and etc...

Its a matter of perception i guess.
Sorry for dragging this point on, i will shadap now...
12 months ago
Again. You're presenting us with injustices that CANNOT BE FIXED BY US . You CAN fix an injustice--a HIGHLY ILLEGAL ONE--by one simple phone call or email to the police. Injustices that are not illegal, rarely will you ever be able to make a change by your word alone.

China's government doesn't give a shit about its people; China's people don't give a shit about their own people. Therefor you have children working in shitty environments. The Chinese people could revolt if enough of them cared. Not enough of them do. Therefor, the conditions of working are still there. Do not interfere with other countries' business. That's how you get ISIS. Morals mean nothing when you cannot do anything about it because it is not your war to fight; it is their people's war.

I know your reason for defending this is because you are a supporter of cub/pedophilia content, which is highly immoral in any country that protects children from being involved in sexual intercourse. It's usually those kind of people that try to shame others for not having the same morals. Note, I say any country, because there are countries where it is OK to sleep with a minor. You know, those countries. Middle East. Where in many places, women are not equal and children are married before they hit puberty.

You using this computer at this very moment is committing an injustice against nature by using electricity to power it, which uses oil/coal, which pollutes. You existing is an injustice because everything humans do nowadays negatively affects the world and the animals that inhabit it in some way or another. We are all sinners in that regard, and nothing you say or do, apart from suicide, can fix it. Nothing.
12 months ago
"Again. You're presenting us with injustices that CANNOT BE FIXED BY US"
Let me ask directly then. Can YOU fix a porn site then? Can YOU apprehend everyone who was involved with the production of such trash? Can YOU provide justice and ensure that something like this doesnt happen?
You can call the police and your chances of it will be still impossibly low because these people know what they are doing most of the time. Where the legal loops are, how the tech works, whom to pay off and keep silence.
The short answer is: You can fix this type of sh*t in the world exactly as much as you can ANY of the things i have mentioned as examples.

Even best case scenario you get a site removed and a few people locked down and thats the extremely improbable best case scenario. The continuation of that story will be an empty space in the black market which will be filled in less than 2 months by someone else.

So tell me. Why are you trying your best to make yourself believe that one thing is okay and the other is not?
Im just curious. Is it really that hard to admit that human beings are hypocrites, or is it something else?
12 months ago
1.) I AM the police. That's why I can say with certainty what will be investigated. I don't specifically handle it, but cases like this, at least in my jurisdiction, are often passed to the FBI if it's online child pornography and not a case of in-city child sexual abuse. I have a friend in the FBI. They know what they're doing.
2.) Yes. We can apprehend who was creating and posting the content.
3.) No, we are not "paid off" to keep things silent. No, legal loopholes will not protect a site like Mindes was supporting.
4.) Of course, evil will never be stopped. There will always be evil and chaos in this world. We are here to protect people from it and to do our best to stop WHAT WE CAN. We cannot stop EVERYTHING. We are humans, not gods.

Your pessimism is very annoying. I don't need this negativity on my page, coming home from a day of hard work. Lighten up or don't post here.
12 months ago
And with 4 you covered my issue. You acknowledge that the world is a shitty place, but then you get annoyed and depressed by it and tell me to stop talking about it cause the pessimism is not needed in your life.
That duality is exactly what i was on about.

As for not needing pessimism in your life: State of mind is 20% experience 80% decision. If you decide inside your head that life is shit, then it is. Dont do it, and it wont be. You are the point of reference, the scale by which every information you gather is measured, ordered and perceived. You assign the meaning to everything you see or hear.
I doubt you'd need me to point that out.
You seem to be the kind of guy who knows what matters in life, and as long you dont lose sight of that, you will never be truly depressed.

Sorry if my philosophy weathered you, feel free to forget about it.
Keep up the good work and dont forget to smile.
12 months ago
The very fact that you make these statements resonates the idea that you either hate yourself or have disassociation with the sheer concept of being human. I highly suggest that you take a good look at who you are and who you wish to be and come to a common ground that does not involve such negative reactions to the world around you. Such intense pessimism will get you nowhere in life.
12 months ago
" WerewolfSummers wrote:
The very fact that you make these statements resonates the idea that you either hate yourself or have disassociation with the sheer concept of being human. I highly suggest that you take a good look at who you are and who you wish to be and come to a common ground that does not involve such negative reactions to the world around you. Such intense pessimism will get you nowhere in life.

You might be right.
And yet it bothers me deeply that you make this statement but cant counter argument me on what i have said.
Am i the one with a disassociation or is it people in general who refuse to look into a mirror going only by the hard reality of it?
But as far as that goes i guess you are right. Looking in a mirror and recognizing yourself and others around you for what they truly are... yeah, thats hardly something that will get you anywhere in life other than an early grave probably.
12 months ago
I need not counter-argue you on anything because your statements don't truly interest me as much as you'd like to believe they do. I don't feel the need to argue on any subject further than one or two posts if it's not really that important.
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