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Chapter 3: War & Surprises
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Chapter 5: Reflection & Future

Chapter 6: New Allies
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 Alex was reliving a lot of memories in his head, from as far back as a little kid living with his mom on Mobius, to the very day he was told he was gonna be a Spartan the best soldiers the UNSC had to offer. More and more memories passed by in his mind as he laid his head back for a bit, but it always came back to his mom, Dr. Catherine Hasley it still angered him that his own mom could do such a thing to him, yet for some reason he just couldn't bring himself to hate her, hate what she had done yes, but hate her out right?, no he couldn't. Yeah he'd always seen her as a mother figure and looked to her for guidance in the past and the advice she gave to him personally always seem to help, so maybe that's why couldn't hate her personally, he could always hate the action, but never the person, the more he thought about it the more he began to realize that maybe sonic was right that maybe there was a unseen benefit from his mom turning him into a Spartan. Question now was what did his future hold?, he still had a mission to complete, help Mobius become a colony world again and get rid of this Dr. Eggman who had controlled half the planet.
 Alex opened his eyes suddenly coming remembering his mission!, looking to the wall and still seeing his helmet embedded in it, "Oh right, forgot about that" he said getting up from the couch walking over to the wall and removing his helmet from it surprisingly not damaged other than the wear and tear it suffer from the war, Alex looked into his golden visor only to see his own reflection, he sighed and focused he had to find sonic and find out what they'd done with his warthog, he needed to get into town,and find out who the 4 unknown frigates belonged too and find out what they could tell him about what happened and truly figure out how bad the situation was on Mobius, this most he knew at a glance was it was bad and that Dr. Eggman lied to him about every nation being united under his flag and wanting to remain indepenant of UEG and UNSC, from there he could work with the local militaries and militias and devise a plan to kick Dr. Eggman off his high horse and help them take back control, meaning Alex could finally set out to complete his original mission and help Mobius become a Colony world once more. Alex was walking through every part of the Freedom Fighter HQ to find Sonic only to find him in what appear to be a briefing room talking with a another girl, this time a tan & brown red headed mobian Squirrel perhaps a chipmunk. "Ahem, Sonic hope i'm not interrupting anything important" Alex said "Ah Alex you're awake, feel better?" Sonic asked still worried from Alex's outburst earlier, "Yes I've done some thinking and i'm fine now" Alex replied. "So who's this sonic?" the new girl asked Sonic, "Ah right Sally this is a old childhood friend of mine his name is Alex Hasley, also he's the diplomat the UNSC and UEG sent to help Mobius rejoin the colonies" sonic answered her, "Alex meet Princess Sally Acorn" Sonic continued. "pleasure to meet you you're highness" Alex said saluting her. "Wait Alex Hasley?, ... as in son to Dr. Catherine Hasley?" Sally asked curious. "Yes ma'am" Alex answered "well this is a surprise, never image I'd see you again Alex" Sally said with a smile, Alex confused for a second was able to place Sally face and who she was from his childhood, "ah yes it's been a while hasn't it your highness" he said, "please Alex call me Sally you can dismiss with the formalities I won't mind" Sally said. "Yes yo-" he caught himself, it was gonna take a bit to use to it "Yes Sally" he said with a smile.
 Alex's mother Dr. Hasley was one of Sir Charles hedgehog's assistants helping with multiple projects in the kingdom of Acorn, as well as a close friend of Charles who introduced her to Sonic's mother Bernadette hedgehog, back then Catherine wasn't anti social and was well liked and respected in both the public and scientific communities, though that changed once she started focusing on Project Spartan, eventually leading too her leaving Mobius and taking Alex with her.
 Alex looked to sonic "Sonic I gotta ask what did you guys do with my warthog?" he said asking sonic, "warthog?" Sonic said puzzled then realized what Alex meant "OH you mean that Jeep thing!, it's still up top were we left it" Sonic continued. "Up top huh?, ok thanks how do I get out of here?" Alex asked. "back in the first room you were in there's a ladder against the wall it leads up" sonic said. "great thanks sonic I'll be back later" Alex said putting his helmet back on, went back to the first room he was in, grabbing his tac pad and sniper rifle and climbed up the ladder leading out. "Wait where are you?!-" Sonic started to asked Alex but it was too late Alex had closed the hatch up top and was making his way back to his Warthog to head into town to get answers and meet the local military that had helped him out during that encounter with Dr. Eggman earlier that morning. "Funny doesn't that remind of you of someone Sonic?" Sally said with a smirking smile as she looked at sonic. "Yeah, yeah very funny Sal" Sonic said annoyed "might wanna give GUN a heads up he's coming to see them, I don't want him getting shot or anything" he said as walked off to the kitchen to grab a chilidog. "ok sonic" Sally said smirking as she began doing so, though she couldn't help but wonder what Alex had been up too since the last time she had saw him, unaware of what had happened to him all those years ago.

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