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Chapter 5: Reflection & Future
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Chapter 6: New Allies

Chapter 7: A Frozen Hell
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 As Alex turn the corner in his Warthog down a street in Capital City looking for the local Military HQ, he noticed a Military Police checkpoint up head followed by lots of make shift barracks set up outside a large Building, "Ah looks like we found it" Alex said to AL, he even took note of the fact that one of the MP's even had the Machine gun trained on him and his warthog, something he was thankful of it was a sign that these troops weren't stupid and well trained, Alex slowed the warthog and came to a stop at the checkpoint, one the MP's came up to the drivers side weapon unslung at the ready "Who are you, and state your business for being here" the MP growled.
 Alex knew this MP was the no nonsense type and appreciated that, he pulled out his ID and showed his dogtags "Senior Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan Alex -116 UNSC Navy, sent here as the UNSC/ UEG Rep to help Mobius rejoin the Colonies" he answered, the MP looked over his ID and his dogtags and relaxed slightly but not much "Very well Chief who are you exactly here to see then?" the MP asked, "I'm here to see whoever is in charge of this Military entirely." Alex answered he wasn't gonna waste time.
 "Ah that would be Commander Tower then, he's in charge of all G.U.N. Forces, he's currently inside that building right there." the MP pointed at the building behind him "How urgently do you need to see him Chief?" the MP asked, "Right now" Alex answered quickly "Very well Chief, let me inform the other check points your coming so they can let you through without hassle" the MP answered then quickly got on his radio and sent word ahead that Alex was coming, as soon as the MP got replies of acknownaged he turned back to Alex "ok chief you're cleared to proceed" he said.
 "Thank you" Alex said and gently pulled away from the first check point, and proceeded through 7 more, as soon as Alex passed the last checkpoint he pull up front of the building and on it had a huge sign with 3 large letters on it spelling out G.U.N. and above it a large G Symbol with Colors of Red white and blue, "G.U.N. huh?" Alex said stepping out of the warthog "AL can you-" Alex started to ask but AL was quick on the uptake "Already on it Alex" AL replied searching the UNSC, CMA, & UEG archives "Ah here we go Guardian Units of Nation or G.U.N. formed back in 2480's was originally part of the CMA when Mobius was still a colony and is the main Military force of the United Federation" AL answered, "ah I see" Alex said while walking up the front steps of the build and in, "let's meet this Commander Tower, lord knows we've wasted enough time as is" he continued while making his way over to the receptionist desk,
 "Yes Alex I hear you" AL replied, Alex knew AL was being a smart ass "excuse me Ma'am where can I find Commander Tower right now?, i'm the UNSC rep sent here on the Colony matter" the Woman took note of Alex's Size seemed a little tense but answered him calmly with a gentle smile aparlty use to weirder shit "He's Currently in a meeting on the 8th floor debriefing a Field team about their last mission". Alex had no time to wait or make a appointment, "Thank you ma'am" he said and walked off towards the Elevators. "Sir , Sir wait! I said he's-" The woman called from the desk.
 "I heard you ma'am I just don't have time to fuck around" he answered as the Elevator door closed behind him and proceeded to the 8th floor, "You just love ignoring Receptionist Alex?" AL asked slightly annoyed, "No, it's like I said I don't have time to fuck around" Alex answered,
 The Elevator came to a stop on the 8th floor Alex stepped out and walked down the hallway and came to a door that said Briefing/ Debriefing, "well this is it" he said and open the door "Commander Tower we need to Tal-" he started only to roll to one side to avoid what appeared to be a lighting bolt followed by what appear to be a Black and red blur this time Alex knew better, he knew for a fact nothing else was behind him well nothing but a solid wall so standing his ground put his armors shield to the max and basically threw a punch slamming the Black & Red blur to the floor with enough force to stop it Cold! "STAND DOWN!!" a Silver haired man Shouted and strode over to him and the figure laying on the floor, "Agent Rouge please help Agent Shadow up while I talk with this man a second." a white Female Mobian Bat walked over to the black and red mobian male Hedgehog on the floor and help him up, "Damn Hon never seen anyone do that to Shadow before" She said setting Shadow down in a chair,
 "Who are you?" Commander tower asked Alex, once again producing his id and Dogtags, "I'm the UNSC/ UEG rep you guys sent for." Alex answered, Commander Tower looked over Alex's id "Well good to See you chief though if you can't tell we have a situation on our hands" he told him, "I'm well aware of it, if your the ones that owns those 4 outdated frigates that gave me a hand this morning in orbit when I first I arrived, I owe those captains a drink each risking their lives like that, as well i'm here for some answers as to what happened exactly since you guys last made contact with the UEG or UNSC either, that and i'm also here to help in any military way I can." Alex stated "Yes those outdated frigates belong to us they're the only remains of our Orbital naval fleet, as to what happened, Dr. Eggman happened when the vote was passed to rejoin the Colonies he wasn't to thrilled, he's pulled shit like this before but never has he committed such a force to take over the planet before, for what ever reason he has a pure burning hate for the UNSC, and the UEG which is making him go to such links to prevent us from rejoining the Colonies, taking control of half the planet in only a few days we've held on to what we could but now it's just a stale mate"
 Commander Tower explained. "Dr. Eggman what's his real name, sounds like he's using a alias" Alex asked. "His real name is Dr. Ivo Robotnik, but for the past number of years he's been going by Dr. Eggman." Commander Tower answered.
 Alex stood there for a moment that name defiantly seeming way to familiar, pulling out his tac pad and going through his mission files from previous missions going all the way back to his days fighting in the insurrection, and there it was he found it a mission to kill or capture Dr./ Lt Col. Ivo Robotnik at all cost, "Son of bitch" Alex muttered "I knew that name was familiar, it's time to make this mother fucker pay" it was the only time in the military career that he'd ever failed a mission, while the UNSC consider the destruction of most if not all Lt Col. Robotnik's Forces on the Colony world of Drako VI a successful mission despite Robotnik managing to escape, Alex had always considered it a failure cause he let him get away right infront of him, "Commander Tower, count me in on bringing this mother fucker down I have a score to settle with him." Alex said removing his helmet and reliving his face to him.
 Commander Tower smiled having a feeling in his gut that the UNSC had just sent them not just a diplomat but a warrior and one of them no less ready to take on the biggest threat to Mobius "Well Consider us your New Allies then Chief."

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