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Chapter 1: Start of a new Jounry
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Chapter 3: War & Surprises

Chapter 5: Reflection & Future
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 Alex was checking over a warthog before leaving the Shadow of Asheville's cargo bay, Alex had AL look for a suitable landing Zone for the Asheville while they were following the 4 unknown frigates planet side they'd gotten lucky a old UNSC Navy ground side dry dock was on the outskirts of the city, from the look of it it'd been forgotten about since the UNSC had left Mobius back in 2526, it was covered over with trees and brush and all other kinds of vegetation, which had been blown down or blown away from the Asheville's landing. "So" Alex started "ready to go meet the local and find out what's up AL?" he asked. "Are you?" AL replied "yes AL I am" Alex answered little annoyed but he understood AL reasoning for asking considering everything that just happened once he was just being cautious. Alex threw his gear into the back of the warthog, AL tagging along for the ride had left a set of sub routines to watch the Ship in their absences Alex fired up the warthog, and drove it out of the cargo bay into what was basically a forest "Well let's hope the locals around here are friendly AL" Alex said with a half grin behind his helmet, though in truth he was actually hoping so, considering his first contact with one of the locals was anything but ideal, this Dr. Eggman seemed little bit off his rocker, a little bit was a understatement in reality the man was a madman and a tyrant, and just a little bit of war monger, Alex couldn't help but feel he encountered this Dr. Eggman before but he couldn't place where but he certain of one thing about Dr. Eggman that he was a Damn liar, and clever as well, Alex pulled the Warthog onto a dirt road and followed it for a bit before it lead to a paved one, following it from there it was nothing but farm lands and small towns from at a glance when looking at them you wouldn't be able to tell that there was a war going on. "kinda of quaint around here don't you think Alex?" AL asked. "we're not here to sight see or play tourist AL we're here to help out" Alex replied. Though Alex had to admit AL was right, he wished could've brought Merdya with, these town were nice to look at, next thing he knew the Warthog suddenly shut off! "ah hell" Alex said knowing only one thing can shut off a running warthog a really strong EMP burst, pulling the costing warthog into a little gas and stopping it, Alex looked around seeing nothing and got out, and pulled his Sniper out the back at the ready "should've known is was too good to be this nice out here" he said looking around, he looked to his motion tracker and saw something that appeared as a fast moving blip on it, he instantly look the direction the blip was coming from only to see a ball of blue blur coming right at him, Alex side stepped dodging the first attack, not sure if he should shoot it he held his fire, looking at his motion tracker again there was another right behind him, he turned around only to see a pink female hedgehog running right at him with a hammer in her hand "Whao!" side stepping again managing to avoid her attack, his training took over instead of shooting the pink hedgehog he kicked her feet out from underneath her rather quickly catching her off guard and making land on her own hammer, it was by this point Alex hand completely forgotten about the blue figure he first dodged when he realized it to turn back around to counter it, it was too late the blue figure smashed into the back of his head knocking him down and out!. AL was impressed by the suddenness of the attack and how well it worked against Alex.
 The blue figure stopped and looked to his companion "Amy you ok?" the blue hedgehog asked her. "Yeah i'm fine, just didn't except this thing could do that, looks like Eggman has upped his game huh Sonic?" Amy said and asked Sonic at the same time. "glad you're alright, but were did egghead get this kind of tech from it doesn't look like anything he would make, it looks rather Alien to me, better get this back to tails to see if he can find out what this is" Sonic looking down at Alex Curious.
 A few hours later at freedom fighter HQ. Alex was coming too sitting up holding the back of his helmet, "Agh my fucking head, that hurts like a son of a bitch" Alex said annoyed, he looked around the room, it looked like a normal house hold living room but it appeared to be underground, no one was in it a except himself. "well that happened, AL you alright?" Alex asked AL "i'm fine just been staying quite for the most part" AL replied. "Where are we?" Alex asked. "Freedom Fighter HQ" said a voice from behind him. Alex turned around to see Amy looking at him "be thankful all Sonic did was knock you out" Amy said slightly annoyed "so who are you? we know you're not with Dr. Eggman, your gear is far too advanced to even be made by him" she added. "No i'm most certainly not with him, i'm with the UNSC I was sent here as a diplomat to help Mobius rejoin the UEG as a colony" Alex replied. "Ok so you're with the UNSC, which means you're not a enemy, but who are you?, what's your name?" Amy asked. "I'm Senior Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan Alex-116 of the UNSC Spartan II program" he answered "ouch" he said as he held the back of his head, "116? that's a funny last name to have" Amy said "that's cause it's not my last name it's my Spartan ID number.. hell I can't even remember my own last name, or if I even have one" Alex said. "you can't remember you own last name?, sounds like Sonic hit you on the head a little too hard, come on let's get that helmet off you and check for swelling you might have a concussion" Amy said worried reaching for his helmet. "I'll take it off thank you miss?" Alex said "Rose my name is Amy Rose, and ok Mr.116" she said with a laugh. "I prefer Alex thank you" he said getting his helmet off. Amy Gasped when she saw Alex's face "Y-You're!" she started "I know I know I get that a lot when people see the scars" Alex said. "N-No n-not that y-y-your a Mobian?!" Amy said stunned. Alex looked at a mirror and didn't see anything different not even scar wise "I don't see anything different with me" Alex said.
 Alex was unique for a Spartan for many reasons, one of them being he was one of only 4 Spartans that were from Mobius, second he was the only Hedgehog mobian to be a Spartan ever, among other things. just then Sonic Walked in to see how things were going "So Amy is he up ye-" Sonic cut himself off and looked at Alex stunned to see that the green armored soldier he knocked out was a fellow mobian and not only that but someone from his childhood he thought he'd never see again. "Alex??" Sonic asked curious "Yes?... do I know you?" Alex said. "holy crap y-your here" Sonic said stunned "I know those black ears and blue eyes anywhere, Alex it's me Sonic" Sonic said stunned and surprised yet happy to see his long lost childhood friend once more. "uh.. i'm sorry Sonic but I don't recall you at all.. sorry" Alex said confused. "Sonic you know him?" Amy asked Sonic curious "Yeah we were childhood friends, we lived next door to each other up until we were 6 years old, his mom and my mom were long time friends, so we basically grew up together well that was until him and his mom moved away in 2517, I thought I'd never see him again" sonic said with a smile then realize something "oh so you were that green armored soldier I knocked out sorry bout that Alex" he said. "don't be sonic, but seriously i'm sorry but I don't recall you at all, then again I really don't recall much before becoming a Spartan trainee back in 2517, not even family, like mom, dad, hell my last name or even what colony world I was born on, it's all one big blank, sorry" Alex said "you really don't remember a thing?" Sonic asked stunned "nope again sorry, always remember my life when becoming a Spartan trainee and my entire military career following my training but anything before that nothing just a giant blank" Alex said. Sonic looked and felt stunned that his own childhood friend couldn't remember anything about his own childhood and that he was placed in the military at the age of 6.
 silence fell over the room as the 3 of them looked at each other surprised by the revelations of everything that just been said.

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