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The spiritual successor to Hypnos Academy.  Join the raunchy adventures of Skye Eldrich as she goes to a school which is secretly a sex-crazed hypno-organization looking to take over the world!!!! >:3
59 submissions
Problems of a Two-Cocked Fennec Girl by SkyeEldrich
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A not-quite-epic martial arts/porn series based on the 3DS video game Dragon Ball Fusions!
5 submissions
Tekka from DB: Fusions: Tekka's Saga by SkyeEldrich
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My tributes to the almighty god of American Manga, Fred Perry, and his amazing comic: Gold Digger.
60 submissions
Tiffany 'Gia and Charlotte Pincer from Gold Digger by LoneWo  by SkyeEldrich
Tiffany 'Gia by Demon Fart Cabbage by SkyeEldrich
Tifanny 'Gia by SkyeEldrich
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Pics based on SS250's new Sonic universe where the Freedom Fighters are still kids!
15 submissions
A Need for Speed by SkyeEldrich
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Art that I have PERSONALLY drawn, as compared to art by other people...  
23 submissions
Chaos Croc's Tails-Ko by SkyeEldrich
Obey Lord Chaos Croc! by SkyeEldrich
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Sonic fanfics that are sequels to my previous Sonic stories... Now taking place around issue 222 or later.  Look for new hypno-sex adventures in a world changed from my previous stories!!!
20 submissions
Nicole and Bunnie's Hacking by SkyeEldrich
Megara's Wereslaves by SkyeEldrich
Bunnie's Mindhax by SkyeEldrich
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My hit story, Hypnos Academy, a tale of love, friendship, cubs, and hypnosis...
31 submissions
Group Hug by Firemario  by SkyeEldrich
Skye Eldrich and Kiyone Karu by Firemario  by SkyeEldrich
Feral Powder Is Your Friend  by SkyeEldrich
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The adventures of one of the many Freedom Fighter teams of New Mobotropolis.  More specificially, the misadventures of Fenneca Lea, the unluckiest Freedom Fighter!  
16 submissions
FF Team Five by Lonewolf23k by SkyeEldrich
Fenneca Lea by MaxEchidnaBat by SkyeEldrich
The Faces of Fen by SkyeEldrich
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The SS250 SonicVerse.  A unique world taking place just after issue 100 of Archie's STH comic.  My vision of what MIGHT have happened if things had gone differently.  And sex.  Lots of sex. >;3
30 submissions
Sin Mogul by SkyeEldrich
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The official comic adaptation of my comic script by LoneWolf23k!!!
13 submissions
Sonic: Night of the Not-So-Dead Mobians 3 by SkyeEldrich
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