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When a snow leopard survives an accident and is put through a cybernetic process, Thais is forced to become an experimental soldier.
3 submissions
Red Hypergiant Act 1 - Edge Of Black by Bartan
Red Hypergiant Act 2 - All Pain Is Gone by Bartan
From The Wilderness - Jee Veerey (Brave One) by Bartan
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A yearly collection of very self aware stories that tend to involve the actions of real life
7 submissions
Where The Frost Rose Withers by Bartan
Winter's Fall by Bartan
The Tip Of The Iceberg by Bartan
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Tired of the endless amount of King Of The Hill challenges for his title, the Force Of Death; Raccel, attempts to break the constant traditions that's plagued his universe for eons.
5 submissions
Fear Is The Weakness Act 1 - Death March by Bartan
Boom! by Bartan
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Just what it sounds like. Short stories mostly for arousal purposes.
16 submissions
On The Wing by Bartan
Boom! by Bartan
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When creatures from the abyss start leaking into a corrupted city, a young woman named Leslie is attacked by one, but saved by a black bull.
3 submissions
Afterlife Act 1- Shame by Bartan
Afterlife Act 2 - Digital Shadow by Bartan
Afterlife Act 3 - Gravity by Bartan
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A small, fanfic series based on the events of the Visual Novel: Angels With Scaly Wings (AWSW). A wonderful game made by M. B. Saunders.
23 submissions
Somewhere Out There Act 7- The Last Song by Bartan
Somewhere Out There Act 13 - All You Wanted by Bartan
Somewhere Out There Act 14 - Here Without You by Bartan
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In a land about to divided by war, a Badger ranger is sent out to find a legendary dragon with the ability to heal wounds.
4 submissions
Anthem Of The Lonely Act 1 - Corridors Of Time by Bartan
Anthem Of The Lonely Act 2 - Vendetta by Bartan
Anthem Of The Lonely Act 3 - End of All Days by Bartan
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Casted out from society, and partically a survivor of a family tragedy, Trisha attempts to once again soak in the comfort of Online games.
3 submissions
Light Escapes Act 1 - Trinity by Bartan
Light Escapes Act 3 - Sky by Bartan
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In a world where humans are nearly extinct and poverty is everywhere, an adventurous Gnoll is sent to retrieve an artifact from a nearby cave... Then breaks it.
3 submissions
Hollow Bodies Act 1 - Surface Tension by Bartan
Hollow Bodies Act 2 - Dark City by Bartan
Hollow Bodies Act 3 - Resonance by Bartan
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A Term in Draconic that translates to "Unfading Pyre", the red dragon Zhaiothe has been cursed to age backwards.
7 submissions
Zhaiothe's Tale Act 1 - The Taste Of Regret by Bartan
Zhaiothe's Tale Act 2 - Rest Calm by Bartan
Zhaiothe's Tale Act 3 (0.5) - Second Heartbeat by Bartan
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