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The tale of a young boy who suddenly finds himself in chaotic New York City, with the dark shadows of an untold past looming over him.
25 submissions
Tai's Story - Extras! by KichigaiKitsune
Sea of Lights - Tai's Story cover. by KichigaiKitsune
Kodak Moment! by KichigaiKitsune
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In a empty and unfeeling cosmos, emotion is nothing more than chemical reaction in a universe that views even that as quaint.
4 submissions
SR1.0 by KichigaiKitsune
Space Rats 0.1: A Progeny Of Evils by KichigaiKitsune
Mikael [Space Rats] by KichigaiKitsune
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Stories that stand alone and aren't part of, or supplementary to, a series of stories! Cute, hot, emotional, and won't require too much time to read.
9 submissions
Undertale Vignettes~ by KichigaiKitsune
Warmth in the Trenches (Human Version) by KichigaiKitsune
Warmth in the Trenches by KichigaiKitsune
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Nick is a troubled young cheetah.
In a last ditch attempt to get his ruined life back on track, his counselor convinces him to participate in a controversial experiment.
9 submissions
Astray by KichigaiKitsune
Astray - Week Four by KichigaiKitsune
Whatever... (Nick) by KichigaiKitsune
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