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Here is where I'm putting the stories of the world I created myself, with characters I created myself. This is an on-going series of loose stories.
23 submissions
Exploring Nezinoma Salis - Positive by Fritti
Exploring Nezinoma Salis - The Survivor, part 01 by Fritti
Exploring Nezinoma Salis - The Survivor, part 02 by Fritti
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This is quite obvious; the place where I will put artwork of characters that I have adopted. This will both be the original adoption pictures, pictures I commissioned of them, or ones I drew myself.
59 submissions
Speckle bunny by Fritti
Kitty! by Fritti
Meow! by Fritti
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And this is of course the place where I will put any pictures of any of my current or future characters that I have drawn myself.
7 submissions
My darling sister by Fritti
Tagrisja the Flamelin by Fritti
An Amur Tigress by Fritti
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This will be the place where I put all the pictures I have commissioned of my own fluffy blue and white feral Maine Coon self >~.^<
29 submissions
It's a me! by Fritti
ZzzZZZZZzzzzzZZ... by Fritti
Me by Taasla by Fritti
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This will be the place where I put all the artwork I have commissioned of the characters I created myself, which mostly are the Nezinoma Salis girls.
27 submissions
Skyfire by Lokis by Fritti
Fleetfire by Lokis by Fritti
Lucinia by Lokis by Fritti
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This Pool/Folder/Group/Whateveryouwannacallit is the one where I'm putting all my old Care Bear stories that I have written way back when. Almost all of them are sexual in nature, too.
22 submissions
Lost and found by Fritti
From tears and pain, deep love you'll gain by Fritti
All is cleared by Fritti
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