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Mature or Adult rated artwork containing a/many cis male character(s)
166 submissions
A Painful Encounter With a Knife by Saucy
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for commissioned work, Patreon Rewards, and gift art
1139 submissions
[Commission] Lynxkitty102  by Saucy
[Commission] sgtklark by Saucy
[Auction prize] Bronyville 1/2 by Saucy
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A story of broken, messed up people, who find solace in things that make them feel alive.
250 submissions
Messy Child turns into... by Saucy
Somebody get this man an ice pack by Saucy
When ur daughter presses X to doubt by Saucy
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oh no!
Human and human-like characters
482 submissions
[Hooman][kinda] Spider girl by Saucy
[Hooman][kinda] nameless monster girl by Saucy
[coloured sketch] markrishamun by Saucy
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Clean art only c:
1394 submissions
[Commission] Lynxkitty102  by Saucy
[Commission] sgtklark by Saucy
$5 "cartoony" doodles! by Saucy
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For YCH!
54 submissions
Chibi YCH -NOT- Auction! by Saucy
[YCH] Swing and Flowers by Saucy
Christmassy YCH 1 by Saucy
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32 submissions
Halloween Adoptables! by Saucy
Grassland Variant Hexefoxen by Saucy
Vry fast Hexefoxen thing by Saucy
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176 submissions
Floofiest sweater! by Saucy
Smol by Saucy
A face to give cookies to by Saucy
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u vu) characters I'm keeping forever, or drawing featuring them with other people's character(s)
164 submissions
Raspberry Campino by Saucy
Relationships chart! by Saucy
Vanesha by Saucy
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51 submissions
Bertranus concept things by Saucy
Blue by Saucy
design by Saucy
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51 submissions
About Me by Saucy
Regular little housewife 00 by Saucy
Page from nothing by Saucy
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for adoptable characters!
83 submissions
Michelle :Adoptable!: by Saucy
Catalina :adoptable: by Saucy
Yu :adoptable: by Saucy
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70 submissions
Time for bed! by Saucy
Muyu by Saucy
WHY by Saucy
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19 submissions
Sassy Wolf out for a stroll  by Saucy
Muyu icon by Saucy
Zombie ghost kitty cat! by Saucy
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some times I draw myself
12 submissions
whAaaaaAAt? No waaYYyyYy Totally WORKING by Saucy
eh... by Saucy
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Mostly dicks
10 submissions
Tentapit by Saucy
Tentacles Appreciation Level by Saucy
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Reference  sheets of my characters c;
19 submissions
Pastel reference sheet! by Saucy
Puppy official ref sheet! by Saucy
Vanesha by Saucy
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could you BELIEVE I didn't have a NieR pool for years?
47 submissions
2B doodle by Saucy
my gf is an enabler by Saucy
I turn things I like into furries by Saucy
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Not my characters, drawn bc I like the things
206 submissions
[contest prize] miko-chan by Saucy
Win Won! by Saucy
ArtemistheDusky is the winner! by Saucy
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Olric is dead
21 submissions
Ollie Boy by Saucy
Roommate by Saucy
But he's not trying to see this by Saucy
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♪Trails of Fire you Always Knew
They Would Carry me Home
They'd Lead me to You♫
18 submissions
Galo calm down pls by Saucy
he hold the waist with one hand by Saucy
What if they were Very Small...... by Saucy
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39 submissions
him bi??? by Saucy
P R I D E S O N A by Saucy
Dress!!!! by Saucy
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13 submissions
OH WELL by Saucy
wip thing by Saucy
An other wippppp by Saucy
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Convention Badges
31 submissions
Malfeasance Badge by Saucy
Fyrina Badge by Saucy
Bahamut Badge by Saucy
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18 submissions
Pool Mom by Saucy
Wake up in the morning, see this, by Saucy
Chicken Belle doodle by Saucy
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7 submissions
I should have been sleeping but instead.... by Saucy
Conch speedpaint by Saucy
Conch by Saucy
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6 submissions
WIP characters by Saucy
Tasties by Saucy
Citus Slices by Saucy
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13 submissions
[Theme] 5.Rot by Saucy
[Theme] 17.Blood by Saucy
Five smol nights at Freddy's by Saucy
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this is painful
4 submissions
I had to read this and now so do you by Saucy
It's time to publicly share this. by Saucy
Don't make him wait.... by Saucy
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Traditional art
28 submissions
generic orange canine furry by Saucy
and now a purple cat! by Saucy
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5 submissions
Dragon Base! by Saucy
Introducing.... by Saucy
Smol Fat Baby Dragons base by Saucy
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body pillow covers
8 submissions
Chance Dakimakura by Saucy
DADkimakura by Saucy
Available Soon! by Saucy
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Ask the Playing to Lose cast!

[please note that some of the answers may not exactly reflect the canon of the story, and is mostly about having fun and some kinda characters study!]
2 submissions
Ask PtL no.1 by Saucy
Ask PtL no.2 by Saucy
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21 submissions
March of the Dragons Day 1 by Saucy
March of the Dragons Day 2 by Saucy
March of the Dragons Day 3 by Saucy
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8 submissions
Swimsuit Goat [patreon exclusive] by Saucy
Look At Him Butt! [Patreon Exclusive] by Saucy
Bikini Bat! [Patreon Exclusive!] by Saucy
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2 submissions
A couple of badges by Saucy
Giggly Doe by Saucy
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5 submissions
Huevember [1-3] by Saucy
Huevember 4 by Saucy
Huevember dragons 5 to 9! by Saucy
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31 submissions
smoochtober day 1: Kiss on the hand by Saucy
smoochtober day 2: Blowing a kiss by Saucy
smoochtober day 3: Kiss on the cheek by Saucy
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at this point it needs its own folder
11 submissions
fuckin' rip by Saucy
YoRsona stickers part 2 by Saucy
YoRsona stickers part 1 by Saucy
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Art I commissioned/traded for/got as gifts
5 submissions
[NOT MY ART] He memes by Saucy
[NOT MY ART] chilling by Saucy
[NOT MY ART] bird noises by Saucy
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3 submissions
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4 submissions
Ghost Birbs telegram stickers by Saucy
Telegram stickers by Saucy
YoRsona stickers part 2 by Saucy
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feral dragons IT'S OK BC DRAGONS 8)
20 submissions
wise glasses dragon by Saucy
Cassius Icon by Saucy
Cassius by Saucy
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Good memories. We're still friends! Just turns out I'm aromantic.
10 submissions
Cutest kittypup by Saucy
Just a normal day by Saucy
Ready to serve!! by Saucy
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6 submissions
October Week 1 SFW Submissions by Saucy
SFW Post by Saucy
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Original manga
2 submissions
It begins! by Saucy
『Lupo』Sneak Peek! by Saucy
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he dies
2 submissions
The White Haired Boy Dies [project] by Saucy
low quality jpeg is a nice format by Saucy
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2016 Professor Layton themed inktober challenge
8 submissions
Puzzling Inktober Day 1 by Saucy
Puzzling Inktober Day 2 by Saucy
Puzzling Inktober Day 3 by Saucy
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anything Fluffpets Cafe related (including older versions of the characters, concept art, etc...)
9 submissions
Fluffoothie by Saucy
Fluffshie by Saucy
G.3 Fluffaccino! by Saucy
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Personal doodles offered as YCH!
All are to be shaded type!
The poses will only be sold once.
4 submissions
Nopony by Saucy
birdboy by Saucy
Human Mettaton doodle by Saucy
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Patreon funded comic
1 submission
Regular little housewife 00 by Saucy
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10 submissions
Fluun Adoptable 1[SOLD] by Saucy
Fluun Anatomy by Saucy
New Submission by Saucy
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2 submissions
Roselle by Saucy
Rice by Saucy
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"MLP" ponies!
11 submissions
I can't sleep so ponies happen by Saucy
Nopony by Saucy
[painted][pony] Lightning Dust by Saucy
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