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hungry by mosstrositia
Coffee??( ⓛ ω ⓛ *)
❤Wanna treat me to a coffee??❤  ( https://ko-fi.com/mosstrositia )  maybe, maybe not??? Anybody have any ideas of what I should draw next?? Anybody out there??? I'm begging for some ideas😭 halp mehhhh...
1 month, 3 weeks ago
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Cutie by mosstrositia
Jake by mosstrositia
Mermaid by mosstrositia
elf by mosstrositia
catnap by mosstrositia
Pretty by mosstrositia
bath time by mosstrositia
bath time
Cafe by mosstrositia
dance by mosstrositia
hungry by mosstrositia
Pastel gore by mosstrositia
Pastel gore
Hugs!! by mosstrositia
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Heyyya! I'm new around here, new around everywhere!! You can call me Mosstrositia, Moss, Lady, Coffee, Cookie, Jess, Hey you over there, whateverrr! All this internet stuff makes me anxious, but I have the opportunity to do something I enjoy before going back to my real life job!  What I love is drawing. I have always been more of a sketch girl, working with things like vine charcoal and good ole pencils.. and on rare occasion some india ink or oil paints, but I prefer things that can be erased because I have extremely shaky hands. Now I've dived into the world of digital art, well my second try in  ~13 years, I know the years because I have just recently logged back into my deviant art and POW 13 year old account!! I was only 17!! I wonder where I would be today if I could have pushed on and stuck with it..(I only posted two things back then which are now stored in my scraps as a reminder of how far I've come 😓)..... but I guess I'm still kind of young *cough cough* and can still tryyyy to pursue my dream!
Now what I love about digital art is that it can be erased!! The paint, the pen, all of it erased!! And there are tools to help with the shakes, yayyy! So I'm trying to put myself out there again, hopefully to make a little cash too, because this would be my dream job, dream career!! Helping people make their art dreams come true. I'm still trying to figure out my style and what techniques I like, so bear with me, we can go on this journey together!!
If you have any tips or advise for me, just let me know! I'm still unsure and nervous about everything I'm doing. Anything you'd like to see me draw?? let me know, it motivates me to keep going.. Thanks to anyone who reads this mess, I sometimes ramble on (✿◠‿◠)
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