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New Submission by kariniji
New Submission
These Terms of service apply to all my artistic platforms. That includes, but is not limited to, digital artwork of any kind, traditional art, IMVU related product creation, and writing. By hiring...
5 months, 1 week ago
Chibi YCH (open)
i have a YCH open fo all species! https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=1115961 there is the link :)
9 months, 2 weeks ago
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New Submission by kariniji
New Submission
Butt and Pantie Base by kariniji
Butt and Pantie Base
Art Slave Auction (open) by kariniji
Art Slave Auction (open)
Unwrap me flat rate YCH (open) by kariniji
Unwrap me flat rate YCH (open)
undies YCH by kariniji
undies YCH
Dinner Pin Up YCH Auction (open) by kariniji
Dinner Pin Up YCH Auction (ope...
Almost NSFW YCH (open) by kariniji
Almost NSFW YCH (open)
almost NSFW costumes adopt auction (open) by kariniji
almost NSFW costumes adopt auc...
Witch Queen Pinup YCH (open) by kariniji
Witch Queen Pinup YCH (open)
Commission price sheet by kariniji
Commission price sheet
Stripper Pinup YCH by kariniji
Stripper Pinup YCH
Squishy Bum by kariniji
Squishy Bum
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Chibi YCH (open) by kariniji
4th of July YCH (open) by kariniji
YCHs & Open Commisions
her is wher ei will post all my YCHs if they are open they will either will be black or say (open) but fi they are closed they will defiantly say (closed) in the title
12 submissions
Predator mode by kariniji
Star Dust Bust by kariniji
old simi realistic eye by kariniji
where im going to post all my finished commissions. these will all have prices of what the person paid and such
~also probably my best work lol
12 submissions
Cherry blossom by pandapaco
Cherry blossom
by pandapaco
Hi there,
Im Kari ^-^ welcome to my profile...
here is the thing...im not good at making these profile thingys lol
so im ganna ramble on a little bit then im ganna let Niji do his thing lol

Kari~ i am a shadow painter (original species closed) and am somewhat of a Little. I do all the drawing and creating stuff. I like rp and giving art away (when i can) it really does make me happy to give art away and to work with peoples budgets but that doesnt mean i will be lowballed. Niji wouldnt allow that lol

Niji~I'm a Dom/Daddy Dom. don't mess with kari. ill rain hell fire on you.
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9 months, 3 weeks ago
ty ^-^
9 months, 3 weeks ago
Hello and welcome to InkBunny.
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