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marvel's spiderwoman by justart27
marvel's spiderwoman
yeah...about cub art...
Just a heads up. in the event that you find yourself asking for commission art of cub stuff, it has to be rated "g". people into xxx cub stuff, don't request it. you will get a no and a block. thanks....
3 years, 11 months ago
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Dino Flight by justart27
Dino Flight
 Character design: See-four & Boom by justart27
Character design: See-four & ...
 contest artwork witches & ravens by justart27
contest artwork witches & rav...
marvel's spiderwoman by justart27
marvel's spiderwoman
Jupiter Cherry by justart27
Jupiter Cherry
 commission lineart for Raidus: Final Online Fantasy fest by justart27
commission lineart for Raidus...
commission for Xizana: Ring Queen Match by justart27
commission for Xizana: Ring Qu...
Fursona by justart27
Argi by atryl
by atryl
Brightwing by atryl
by atryl
Feline Familiar by atryl
Feline Familiar
by atryl
Frost Wolf by atryl
Frost Wolf
by atryl
Flattery  by MilkshakeJunkie
Hello all, Tony here (aka Justart27) here, discovered this site through one of my FA friends. thought i might create some characters that i will auction off on here. No sure how often ill be on here so if you want to reach me the best way is to hit up my FA page or send me an email: justart27.tl@gmail.com

In actuality, im going to be doing 3 things.

1. commissions: these can be requested at anytime for anything the buyer wants. customized to their request, lol just like a normal commission.

2. character auctions: i sit in my studio and create a character from scratch, never know what it will be till its done. once i finish the characters design, i post it for purchase, as in the rights to the character to do whatever you want to with it. i'll generally post the line art without color first, with a AB (auto buy) price. this will give interested buyers the chance to customize their own color pallet for the character if they want. later on if the character hasn't sold ill post a colored version based on what i think the colors should be. once my color version goes up, an official auction starts to buy the character. winner gets the rights and any sub images i create of the character over time.

3. Pay-what-you-want stuff! high res files of my art including inks, doodles, line arts and colored pieces. available at http://www.e-junkie.com/justart27

FA Account:

I moved my prices for commissions. see commission page

Support me on Patreon for cool stuff including one of my comic series and auctions of org artwork!


so i have to keep track of the wonderful energy iv got going on in IB, you guys kick ass. im trying to space you all so i don't take forever to get stuff done, and of course there is always room for jello!

lets see!

Commission slots
1. open
2. open
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5. open
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Fur Affinity
3 years, 11 months ago
You are very welcome and I certainly will. :) Your art is amazing and you are incredibly talented!
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