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Suggested Submissions Feature, Better Email Notice Settings

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since our last official update announcement. Lots of changes have been made during this time but each one has been applied as required and we have either chosen not to announce them or have made separate (non-email) news journals for each one as the issues came up and were fixed.

We're long overdue for a big summary. So here it is! Apart from older fixes it also lists things that were updated on the site in just the last couple of days.

The most interesting recent changes are the addition of a "Suggested Submissions" feature, to show you artwork by artists you aren't watching that you might like, and the ability to choose precisely what types of notices (journals, watches, submissions, etc) you get emailed about. Previously you could only choose to get emailed about everything or nothing. Read all about it below!

Changes for revision Beta 51:

* Added: Suggested Submissions feature, to show you what people are faving that you might not have seen. It only shows you art by artists you aren't already watching.  This way it is far more likely that you haven't already seen the submissions. It bases suggestions on what your watched artists/accounts are faving. You can always get to suggestions by following the link at the top of the Search or Popular pages that says  “Suggested Submissions”. Or to see it quickly now you can follow this horrendously long URL: https://inkbunny.net/userfavssuggestionsgallery_process...

* Added: A notice now informs users at the top of the Unread Notices (Portal) page that unread notifications are automatically removed after 180 days. We have to remove very old notifications or else the database gets jammed full of them and our server gets sad. 180 days should be long enough to see a notice! We recommend using the Bookmark feature of your browser if you want to keep links to items permanently. Note that Private Messages are NOT automatically removed after a time. At this stage PMs currently stay with your account forever, read or unread.

* Changed: Maximum upload file size now 30MB (was 20MB).

* Changed: Maximum upload pixel dimensions now 6000 x 6000 (was 4000 x 4000). Note that any ratio of the same number of megapixels (width times height) is allowed.

* Changed: Lots of improvements to the keyword auto suggester (that thing which appears while entering keywords in to submissions or the Search page, and in some other places). It now appears on a minimum possible number of lines in a horizontal list format under the text field. It should not get in the way of the rest of the interface so much now.

* Added: You can now select the kinds of notices you receive email about. This is better because before we only allowed notice emails to be turned on/off with no choice over what kinds of things you get notified about. Check out the new options under "Unread Notices" at https://inkbunny.net/account.php#email

* Added (API): We have added the ability to set a submission to "Friends Only" mode via the API. This was previously not possible via the API. Please see the added "friends_only" property in the documentation for editing submissions: http://wiki.inkbunny.net/wiki/API#Edit_Submission_Details

* Added (API): Added fields to the Search and Submissions interfaces that indicate the last datetime that a new file was added to a submission. This may be useful if you are caching submission file data and want to know quickly if any of the files (thumbnails and other data associated with files) have been updated per submission. Check out the fields called "last_file_update_datetime" and "last_file_update_datetime_usertime" in the Response section of the Search and Submissions interfaces: http://wiki.inkbunny.net/wiki/API#Search, http://wiki.inkbunny.net/wiki/API#Submission_Details. The quickest way to check for updated files on submissions using these new fields would be to use the Search interface in minimal output mode (skip returning description etc).

* Changed/Fixed: We have re-enabled some of the Search filter options that were turned off for a long time. https://inkbunny.net/search.php Those options were causing speed issues due to a bug in an older version of the database software we use. Thankfully they fixed it!

* Fixed: A bug in the dynamic time-of-day feature for the Equestria background meant it would change time of day once and then get stuck on that time forever. The time of day background image for the Equestria option should change with your local time now. Please check you have "Dynamic" time and the "Equestria" background selected in your Account Settings if you want to see this working properly. Many users may find it has got stuck on a pre-set time of day in settings, so you need to change it back to "Dynamic". https://inkbunny.net/account.php

* Fixed: A regression bug in Chrome means that the latest version of Chrome fails to play Flash files unless you explicitly define type='application/x-shockwave-flash' on the embed tag in the HTML. We now do this so Flash files play in the latest version of Chrome.

* Fixed: We now load the SSL version of the Twitter javascript widget on the Maintenance Mode page. Previously we loaded the non-SSL version but as the page is encrypted, some browsers would complain about loaded a non-encrypted object in to the page.

* Fixed: A bug in the shout/comment per hour limiter was stopping users from posting comments when they hadn't actually breached the limit.

* Lots of other minor bug fixes and security improvements.


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Added: 11 years, 10 months ago
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11 years, 10 months ago
TY, guys! ;)
11 years, 10 months ago
Fantastic. =3
11 years, 10 months ago
Suggested Submissions is a very nice feature, you should add it on the main page imho :3
11 years, 10 months ago
*hugs admins*  in the short time I've been here you guys have been more then accommodating, i was all but kicked off Fur Affinity due to their strict rules and hypocritical enforcement.  i have accounts on FA IB and DA and so fat ink bunny has the easiest UI to navigate.  
11 years, 10 months ago
suggested submissions is kind of redundant since watch list already takes up a lot of time.

But this reminds me of an idea I had once where the notices and suggested submissions are combined. Meaning that your notices will be infinite, if you end up catching up on all your watches it will move on to users you aren't watching. The idea is that there aren't notices at all -- you view as much or as little as you want, and the site keeps track of which pages you have and haven't seen.

180 day time limit on notices? booooo. I might start unwatching people over this. (edit: maybe. 180 days is a pretty long time, i'll admit)

Also the site needs to have it so I can just click to delete a notice (like on DA) (edit: or have it so notices are deleted automatically as I look at stuff) instead of having to click on the checkbox and then click 'delete checked'. This takes longer not to mention this means I have to scroll up and down constantly to go back and forth between checking off checkboxes and then back up to click 'delete checked'.

also when sorting by artist I see only 2 columns of submissions. Actually wait I see 3 if I zoom out the page even once. (never thought of zooming out at all until now.. heh) But yea maybe the artist's name and icon shouldn't take up so much space on the left of the page. Funny thing I just noticed -- Not only is the artist's icon displayed, but to the right of it, it says ''______'s submissions''. It wouldn't suffice to just say the user's name, you have to include the word ''submissions'' too? (as though I'd forget what I'm looking at) And it couldn't be /below/ the user's icon, instead to the right as if to purposefully create as much white-space on the page as possible?
11 years, 10 months ago
I may not care personally about all of these changes, since some of them don't affect me (though I really like the suggested submissions idea!), but I'm immensely glad to see that they're happening. It's still startling to realize I'm on a site that is continually working to improve its performance. Thank you for once again reminding me of how glad I am to have left FA. :)

Not to sound ungrateful though, but... we gonna be able to fav journals eventually?
11 years, 10 months ago
This is what i like about IB, i wish FA could come with such good updates :/
11 years, 10 months ago
Any hope of fixing user icons in Chrome so that they aren't all on new lines? :3

Dunno that it will fix it per say, but from what I've found, you can change:
" <table style="display:inline;">
    table stuff

" <table style="display:inline-block;">
    table stuff

Or Possibly:
" <table style="vertical-align: top;">
    table stuff

If that turns out to be useless, then hey, at least I tried.  However, i hope that'll help, because I would really love to see my usericons properly in Chrome. <3
11 years, 10 months ago
Is there any way to filter out the blocked submissions from the suggested submissions? They're still blocked in there, but it shows the big X placeholder icon instead.

Not overly important, but just something I noticed.
11 years, 10 months ago
I can't submit anything x _x giving me 400 Bad Request
11 years, 10 months ago
I just checked and it turns out DA deletes message too, after one year. But that's still twice as long. x)

from DA:
''Messages in your Message Centre will expire after one year, unless you have moved them into a custom folder.''
11 years, 9 months ago
Why on earth would anyone let anything sit in their message box that long?
11 years, 9 months ago
Sounds like a lot of great improvements and fixes.  Would be nice to see the selective-emails feature expand into allowing us to selectively filter what kinds of notices we get too (unless that was already part of it...  Haven't checked yet, on my way there now).
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