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Keep Inkbunny going 'til 2018!

Update: We met our goal, then exceeded it by 30%! Read about what we spent the excess on.

Hosting fees are always at the back of your mind when running a site our size.
We're very happy with our main server, but the quarterly cost still pushes four figures.

We've talked with our host and secured a 30% discount on its rent and rackspace. This is a good deal!
What's the catch? We have to pay up-front for three years - roughly $8000 (see the Q&A for details).

We haven't asked for much recently, though some kind souls kept donating. Well, we're asking now!

Inkbunny serves over 35,000 members every week, and hosts 700,000 files from over 20,000 creators. You've made 12.8 million +favs, and written 150,000 journals, 2 million PMs, and 3 million comments.

We do our part, but we need your help to keep all that going. Every $10 keeps us up for a day.

Total raised: $8000 - To go: $0

How can I help?

Tell us the methods and currencies you can use (ideally US$, £, or €), how much you're donating, and where you can send it from (accounts and their location), so we can minimise fees and credit you.
For online transfers, try to use a balance, a bank account, or a debit card.

Open a ticket to donate. You can use a U.S., UK, Canadian, EU (SEPA) or SWIFT bank transfer; Google/Gmail, Dwolla, Serve and Payza; debit and credit cards (via invoice; don't tell us your details); checks, drafts, and money orders; or Bitcoin (sold by CoinBase and elsewhere), Litecoin or Dogecoin.

Once we get your donation, you'll receive the appropriate sponsor icon, unless you choose otherwise. Donations are not eligible for a tax deduction or gift aid - but they do keep the disks spinning!

You can also buy shirts, hoodies, cases, pillows, mugs and more featuring Inkbunny's mascot, thanks to our T-shirt competitors.

Got questions? Comments? Want to learn more? See our Donation Drive Q&A. Thanks for reading!

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Got questions? Please read through the Donation Drive Q&A.

If it's not been asked already, you can do so there!
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