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Just a small BSC walkthrough

Since I have BSC down to a science, I've decided to compile an extremely helpful guide for it, using guides from the internetz. Scroll down and you'll find a few bonuses for those of you who like the hacked version on e621 better, and you'll also find a little guide on how to bang tails as well that I gathered from knowledge off of pawsru.

Forgive me Avalon, but I've been hoarding this journal to myself, and I think it's time to end everyone's frustrations so they can have unlimited fun like me. Keep in mind that some stuff might be outdated, so proceed at your own risk.

This guide is dedicated to all those on e621 who can't take a second to read through comments or search the internet for a few minutes. :)



Babysitting Cream walk-through

Cached Link for ▲

Alt Guide

If all else fails then see below ▼


This is the condensed version. Enjoy, and if you need to know something that's not in the condensed version, scroll to the things below. If you still need help with something, then leave a comment.

Pedophilia is bad in real life. However, this is just a game, and is therefore fantasy, which is okay so long as you don't act upon it (aka become a pedo/cougar). You are touching an under-aged, virtual rabbit from a video game. Most of us who play this game wouldn't hesitate to mutilate a real life pedo/cougar. I do not condone pedophilia, and if you are attracted to little kids, you NEED help.

Please, find a hotline or a therapist or something, you CAN get help.

Now: If you are a non-pedo/cougar, and you understand that you're going to be dealing with cub porn, then go ahead and read this guide (if you want).
For Tails, click his hand. For Vanilla, click her right (your left) boob. For Marine, click her nose.
1. After the game begins and you progress through Vanilla's text, click the "pass quickly" option. This gives you a -3 morality.

2. Summon Cream in the living room, and play video games. Distract her with a tickle, slip your hand under, and take off her dress.

3. Summon her again, and then take off dress, play racing game, eat your dust, take off panties, jerk off, lay down, ride bunny hole, progress.

4. Call her a button masher (and don't apologize) until you get -13 morality (just found out that's all you need to unlock the tails scene).

5. Call tails over, play in the pool, hide her top, and progress to the extremely brutal Tails rape scene (where you can choose the let him go after a blowjob or make him stay and fuck him up the ass).

6. After that, I do believe that your negative morality unlocks the sex options at the movies (only on week days), and I KNOW it unlocks the scene where you jerk off on sleeping Cream when you apologize after calling her a button masher.

7. Then in order to unlock anal, go to Cream's room, take off panties, use carrot toy on her, try bigger toy, use carrot toy on her tailhole, and progress.

8. Go to Vanilla's room, take off dress and panties, make love, select OTHER bunny hole, and progress.

9. Call Sally over and choose the "you. me. fuck. now." option, so that you have instant access to the moshi moshi shop.

10. Do whatever the fuck you want after that.
(Triggered by "how are you today", calling friends over means calling them 2 times)

Day 1: N/A

Day 2: Free bus ride to the beach. You can choose to go to the nude beach, but then it gets dark REALLY fast and you practically wasted a whole day, and if you go to the normal beach, it'll be sunset when you get back. It's better just to go to the normal beach, come back, and call over Amy and Knuckles. Or just stay home the whole day.

Day 3: You can get some ice cream either for the whole block, or just for Cream. Since you spent all that time building down your morality, just buy it for Cream only (Buying it for the whole block RAISES your morality by 5).

Day 4: CARNIVAL FUN TIMES AHEAD, starts in the evening (sunset), and you have a Ferris Wheel fuck with Cream (don't use a condom, using a condom will just leave you unable to finish the job). It'll be nighttime when you get back but hey it was worth it.

Day 5: There WILL be Rain on this day no matter what. However, since you already have the camera in this version, just ask her "how are you today", and you'll have a nude shoot with Cream. Then you can do stuff with her in the house or call over your friends (who don't seem to have a problem with the rain).

Day 6: Marine will come by and sell you some cookies. Since you have unlimited rings in this version, click the 500 rings option for a Marine sex scene (plus some free panties).

Day 7: No special events, unless you count asking Cream "how are you today" and getting teased (sexually) by her as an event.
Misc 1: Everyday, you can randomly find Amy running by in the park if you walk in the park and walk right. She'll stop by, and you just have to select "feeling distracted", and she'll take you back to her place. The plot thickens, select yes, and you'll get blown and have sex with Amy.

Misc 2: Blaze will appear randomly if you go to the nudist beach WHILE YOU'RE IN THE CITY (heading to the beach straight from home leads to the scene where it gets dark REALLY quickly), and you'll fuck with her.

Misc 3: The Moshi Moshi shop is open everyday, and you can find it by clicking here. In order to get there, you MUST fuck Sally first (call her over), because even though this version's hacked, you still need to get directions to trigger the scene. And since you already have all the items unlocked... You can either choose to trust her (which allows you to get blown and hear gossip about other characters), or choose "you know to much" (which let's you strap a bound and gagged Rouge to a scary fuck machine that's so powerful, the shop remains closed for the rest of the game).

Misc 4: You can find Sally randomly while watching the fountain square with Cream. Select "what have you been up to", and you'll get sucked off by Sally in an alley while Cream gets some ice cream.

Misc 5: The only way to lose in this version is by swatting Cream's tail in the arcade after losing to her in the fighting game. Willy Wonka'd every time in this version, not worth trying.

Misc 6: The arcade fighting game combo for the skill-character is 1-2-1-3 (1 = first choice, 2 = 2nd choice and so on).

Misc 7: The game reminds you not to be TOO big a jerk to Cream in the park. If you sit down on the bench and keep reading the newspaper while Cream wants to show you her back-flip, you come across an article about an escaped kidnapper. You panic when you don't see Cream anymore, and when you DO see her, you can either scold her (okay not really because it's not programmed yet) or hug her. Later in the game, if you read the newspaper, it says that kidnapper has been captured and everything's fine, and you can see Cream.

Misc 8: Even though this is hacked, it's still determined by luck as to whether or not you'll catch Cream changing into clothes when you peek through her door.

Misc 9: Cream will only blow you in the park on week days, most likely because it's emptier.
First things first:

Pure = You have done NOTHING even remotely sexual to Cream.

Corrupt = You've done at least 1 thing sexual to Cream.

(Hint: Highlight to see the text)
Vanilla comes home and tells you that you have a heart of gold, and Amy and Sally are waiting inside the house for you, ready to engage in a SOOPAH HAPPY FUN TIEM foursome.
You wake up to Cream sucking you off, and you go down into the kitchen naked, you have a breakfast fuck with Cream and utter 3 evil words, you clean up and head into the living room, where you get a call from a happy Knuckles who FINALLY got that bitch Julie-su preggers, and you then proceed to wash Cream up before instantly dirtying her up again. Vanilla walks in and reveals that this was all a part of her EEEEEEVIL (okay not really) plan to make sure Cream's first time was with a hero and not a random creep off the street, and reveals that all the girls (Amy, Sally, Rouge, etc) knew about this plan. You are rewarded the keys to the house and are allowed to come over whenever you like to fuck Cream, and you are fucked all night long by Vanilla.
Well, it's either deleted, or REALLY hard to trigger, but here is the scene you get when you swat Cream's tail with MEGA low alignment (I found this on a previous hacked version btw)!

Srsly, all this needs is some grammar fixes and cutting out the repeated part and this could easily be an awesome scene! No idea why it was cut...
You're welcome.
New things: Ending spoilers, deleted scene, disclaimer, arcade fighting game skill character combo, and some other little things.


moral alignment can be easily adjusted by playing with cream with her dolls in her room or by tickling her, I'll let players figure out the doll playing on their own.
tickling Cream actually has a positive and a negative outcome when building moral between sonic and cream: easing up to catch her breath is the positive and "no mercy for the rabbit, keep tickling!" is the negative which, if continued also leads to sonic attempting to peek on Cream.
from what I've seen moral alignment effects what sort of activities and intimate scenes you can have with cream, which means some of the scenes are limited to either positive moral alignment and others are strongly limited to negative alignment like banging Cream in the cinema (RWC 400-500) or swatting cream's tail after losing to her in the arcade which would normally lead to sonic getting arrested if the alignment is positive. either way if a certain scene is to be viewed, moral alignment should be set at about 7 or -7 respectively.
also if your alignment is positive or zero you'll never claim Cream's Bikini Top which will block your access to the secret beach.
another thing I'll mention is moral alignment effects how HBG is played with cream as well, another factor of this game is how far you've gotten Cream to undress.



Pizza +30 RWC
Dolls +10 RWC
Hug +5 RWC

Living Room

Cartoons +10 RWC (movies +5 RWC )
Videogames +10 RWC
Board Game +5 RWC


Picture Books +5 RWC
Short +5 RWC
Big Book +10 RWC (+bonus)

Tails Playdate (works only one time)

Videogames= +5 RCW
Pool= +5 RCW


Handstand= +1 touch


Movie +20 RWC
Orange Dress +5 RWC (buy dress +25)
Cubby +5 RWC


Popcorn +15 Energy (Sally is there, between 1-3)
Ice Cream +10 RWC
Fountain +5 RWC

Swing +10 RWC

Watch Swing +10 RWC
Nature Trail +10 RWC (Right, note ignore +1 Lust note: Amy is on the right between 3-4, you have options)


Volleyball (her win) +30 RWC
Swim +30 RWC

Naked 1st Day

Target= 9 touch
Hug on 1st question
Backyard=> Handstand => grab ankles
Do it a couple of times to 9 touch and you get to see her naked
Do the videogame tickle game


1st day.
-Go to the mall.
-Do 9 arcade Dance games that give you 9 Touch and 9 Lust.
-Do 37 arcade Franchise games with the correct sequence 1-2-1-3 at the first time and whatever you want the rest.
-Go back home whit around 40 Energy, 505 RWC and 30 rings.
-Play videogames tickle options and remove her dress.
-Go to the kitchen, remove her dress and eat pizza jerk options.
-Rebuild your energy, +9 pizza, +15 drink, +20 shower.
-Keep doing videogames, choose the less EN expensive options, refill Cream every 3 games.
At the end of your first day you must have around 615 RWC.
Now it's easy, at the end of your second day go to the vanilla room with EN 12 and more than 700 RWC.
Summon her, ask to remove her dress, ask for sleep with you.


Baby Sitting Cream Walkthrough
for version 1.dealwithit,01
Guide version: 1.0
Creator: 1eye
Updates log:
Disclaimer: Although i'm the creator of this guide I take no credit or claim for making the game or anything about the game all that stuff belongs to its respective owners.
Permission: Share this guide with whoever needs it or any site that wants it and will allow it but keep my name as the creator.

163 max energy in a day (+20 from shower, +15 from energy drink, +15 from pizza but you lose one for summoning Cream, +15 from food vendor but you lose two from talking to Cream)

Jobs: Random, range from 56 to 97

Item locations:
Garage Keys - Left draw under tv
Car Keys - Big vase in foyer
Camera – Buy at electronic shop for 250 rings
Carrot Vibrator – Confront her in her room after watching cartoons & movie, ignoring panties, and checking on the noise
Special Panties - Bought at Lovely Lingerie for 150 Rings
Mochi Mochi Shop - Can only access after sally tells you where it is when you have sex with her
Condoms – Bought at Moshi Moshi for 50 Rings
Big Dildo – Bough at Moshi Moshi for 150 Rings
Business Card - Given by Rouge when asking about Vanilla

Red number shows energy cost this accounts for summoning her over and any of the effects of your choices (ie. -1 from calling her -5 from the action -5 from getting hurt the action cost -11)

(a | means that the action or choice ends conversation)

Cell Phone
Must call Amy, Sally, Knux once before you will be given the option to have them come over. Tails can from the start. You cant get a hold of Vanilla.

Amy Invite over:
1) Tv: Sex with Amy -1
2) Hungry: Sex with Amy (does not restore hunger) -1
3) Bed now: Conversation (no sex) -1

Sally Invite over
1) What was that: Sex with Sally (if you have had sex with Cream she is after you finish Sally) +30 Rings -1
2) What’s up: Sex with Sally (if you have had sex with Cream she is after you finish Sally) +30 Rings -1
3) Fuck now: Sex with Sally (if you have had sex with Cream she is after you finish Sally) +30 Rings -1
(yay reverse prostitution fun time)

Knux invite over
1) Charmy: watch tv -1
2) Julie-su: watch tv -1
3) Vanilla: watch tv -1
4) Crack open beer: watch tv -1

When watching tv:
1) Action movie: Cream drinks beer and passes out (but nothing happens) -1
2) Porno: Duel jerk off with gay invitation (if you have had sex with go down) -1
1) Invite him to fuck Cream: The three of you go to Vanilla’s room and close the door, Cream is fucked silly, (why would you do this dont share her) +50 Rings
2) Don’t ask him to do that: He leaves like normal (good he doesn't deserve any of Cream)

First Impressions:
1) Pass quickly: Alignment-3
2) Lots of fun: RWC-5
3) Big hug: Touch+3
4) Toss in air: Peep+3
5) Okay with you: RWC+5


Basic Actions
Living Room
With Dress
1) Watch Cartoons: RCW+10 Happiness+1 -11
1) Watch Movie: RCW+5 -5 (doesn’t say it gives RWC but the stat goes up)
1) Pull up dress: Peep+1 -1
1) Finish in bathroom: Lust+1 Exposure+1 -1
2) Cum on her face: Happiness-2 Alignment-1 (if jerk off is high no stat lost and go down) -1
1) Bad sneeze: Happiness-1 -1
2) Dash out: Happiness-2 -1
2) Ignore: -1
1) Cream’s room: Peep+1 -5
1) Jerk off: Jerk off+1 -1
2) Confront: Happiness-1 (if RWC is high no loss and get vibrator if got it Peep+1 Lust+1) -5
3) Leave|
2) Something else|
2) Something else|
2) Video games: RCW+10 Happiness+1 -11
1) Tickle: Touch+1 -1
1) Ease up: Alignment+1 Happiness+1 -1
2) No mercy: -1
1) Check on her: Peep+1 -1
1) Get out: -1
1) Checking on you: Happiness+1 Touch+1 -1
2) Run: RWC-5 Happiness-1 -1 (bug doesn’t take away the RWC)
2) Jerk off: Exposure+1 -1
3) Keep peeping: Get hurt -4
2) Leave her alone|
3) Grope her: Happiness-2 (if touch is high no loss of happiness, go down)
1) Pull close give kiss: -1
2) Slip off dress while lost in passion: -1
2) Button mashing bitch: Alignment-2 -1
1) Apologize: -1
1) Do something naughty: (must be evil Alignment>-10) -5
2) Nothing|
2) Leave her alone|
3) Something else|
3) Board game: RCW+5 Happiness+1 (if Poker Happiness+5 more but -20 Rings) (if you’ve taken her dress off go down) -6
1) Play HGB: Ether full game or mommy rules (mommy rules go down, full rules see foreplay chart below) -1
1) Is Tails your boyfriend: NO HE IS NOT he’s a softy (see list of T-or-D for her turn) -1
2) Tell me some things: Mommy is a slut (see list of T-or-D for her turn) -1
3) How much do you like me: Daddy zoned (see list of T-or-D for her turn) -1
2) Read rules: You read the rules
3) Play normal board game: See above -1

HGB Truth or Dare questions to you and outcomes:
1) Dare kiss my tail: Get kicked in jaw -5
2) Truth why does everyone like mommy
1) Mommy might be a prostitute: Get kicked in the nose bitch -6
2) She is so nice: Lie lie and lie -1
3) Truth have you kissed a boy: You shut your mouth and quit the game
4) Dare prank call: Happiness+3 get played like a bitch
5) Dare man servant: Lick her foot, Give mini orgasm

HGB Foreplay options and outcomes; its luck based and uses RNG also since ether of you can land on any space I will use S&M for this next part the S being the one who rolled the dice and M being the other person fill in the blanks yourself

Use toy on other player: M+? (for this one if you land on it its +30 to Cream if she lands on it its +20 to you)
Rub other player: M+20
Get intimate: S+10 M+20
Masturbate with toy: S+20
Masturbate: S+? (for this one if you land on it its +10 if cream lands on it its +20

If you lose: Be her servant (exactly like in truth and dare)
If you win: Sex for you
1) Put on a condom: sex till she passes out -1
2) Just stick it in: Lots of hedgehog cum in her little bunny cervix -1

Without Dress -2
1) Racing Game: RWC+10 Happiness+1 -10 (it doesn’t show the stat gain but it does it)
1) Let her win: RWC+5 -5
2) Make her eat your dust: Winner gets prize -1
1) Hug: Touch+1 -1
1) Deep kiss: Knee to the balls -5 (if she is fully open to you she gives a flat chested furry tit job and only -1)
2) Enough|
2) Kiss: Touch+1 -1
1) Deep kiss: Happiness-1 (if she is fully open to you no stat loss and she returns the deep kiss)
2) Enough|
3) Panties: Happiness-1 (if RWC > 600 Peep+1 and go down) -1
1) Jerk off in front of her: Jerk off+1 -1
1) Cream lay down spread your legs: (if she is fully open to you go down) -1
1) Blow hot load of cum all over her: Cum all over her -1
2) Take tight bunny hole for ride: fuck her she passes out keep going she leaves trail of cum -5
2) Do something for me: Cream takes your cock in her mouth -1
3) CLIMAX!!1!: Money shot -1 (misspelled cheeks)
2) That’s enough|
2) Watch grow up movie: -10
1) Continue watching movie: She has small self-orgasm -1
1) Carry to her room: Alignment+1 -1
2) Take off her panties: Peel panties off wet slit, cum on her, Arrested -1 (if she is fully open Peep+1 Lust+1)
3) Take off your underwear: Sit her up, cum on her -1
2) Rub your cock: Jerk off+1 -1
3) Need help with that Cream: Eeeps and runs off -1 (if she is fully open you finger and lick her)
3) Tickle game: RWC+5 Happiness+1 -10
1) Place her hand on you cock: Hand job, cum in mouth cum down side of her mouth -5
2) Something else|

Nude -3
1) Watch a porno with Cream: She tries to imitate what she sees on tv RWC+10 Happiness+1 -30
2) Explore Cream’s body: Just play with all of her body RWC+10 Happiness+1 -30
1) Put on a Condom: Cock in she comes rest on couch -1
2) Just stick it in: In and cum -1
3) Let Cream play with your cock: Hour long blow job RWC+10 Happiness+1 -30

Peep in on Cream: Lust+3 (its random otherwise nothing) (bug Exposure+3 when your lust goes up) -5

Cream’s Room
With Dress
1) Play dolls: RWC+10 Happiness+1 -11
1) We’ll see: -1
1) Take hit: -1
1) Praise: Alignment+1 Happiness+1 Touch+1 -1
2) Counter attack: Alignment-1 -1
1) Let go: Peep+1
2) Keep grinding: (if RWC/you have removed her dress its only -1 and go down) -6
1) Nothing: -1
2) Its my… secret weapon: Exposure+1 Happiness-1 -5
2) Deflect: Touch+1 -1
2) Make slave: Alignment-1 -1
1) Sky attack: Peep+1 -1
1) Grope panties: get hurt -6
2) Drop bad guy act: Touch+1 Happiness-1 -1
2) Pounce attack: Alignment-1 Happiness-1 -1
2) Read story: Happiness+1 -6
1) Short Story: RWC+5 -5
2) Bigger book: RWC+10 -10
1) Jerk off: Jerk off+1 -1
1) Keep jerking: Cum on doll Alignment-1 Happiness-2 (if jerk off is high Lust+2 and she stays asleep) -1
2) Finish in Vanilla’s room: Exposure+1 -1 (bug you gain 1 energy when you do this)
2) Let Cream rest: Alignment+1
3) Picture book: RWC+5 -5

Without dress -2
1) Mommy and daddy game: RWC+10 Happiness+1 -10 (Doesn’t say stat gain but it does)
1) Explain how babies are made: Awkwardly tell her the facts of life
2) Go with baby chao theory: Warm and fuzzy everywhere
1) Distract Cream: -1
2) Let Cream discover how happy you are: Exposure+1 -1
1) Rub it: Happiness-1 -5 (if fully open no stat loss and hand job and money shot) (misspelled X1)
2) Make you as happy: Happiness-1 -5 (if fully open no stat loss and finger bang and lick her)
3) Special hug for real: Happiness-1 -5 (if fully open no stat loss and sex go down)
1) Put on a condom: Condom makes you last while she orgasms a few times
2) No condom get fucking: Sex with Cream magic chao baby after thought
4) Something else|
2) Personal stories: RWC+10 Happiness+1 -10 (Doesn’t say stat gain but it does)
1) Tell about Sally Acorn: “Well she’s special” “and mommy’s a slut”
2) Tell about Amy Rose: “She’s needy” “but have you boned her”

Nude -3
1) Use carrot toy: Show Cream how to properly use the vibrator RWC+10 Happiness+1 (if have big dildo go down) -30
1) Try bigger toy: Push big toy in her her eyes roll back and she cant take it all -5
1) Carrot toy in tail hole: Overdrive, she shoots the toys out, jerk off on to her, leave mess for her (asshole) -5
2) Fuck Cream’s tail hole: Too much, you hurt her with your dick, ice pack -5
3) Something else|
2) Stop for now|
2) Best part of mommy and daddy game: RWC+10 Happiness+1 -30
1) Put on a condom: Condom makes you last while she orgasms a few times
2) No condom get fucking: Sex with Cream magic chao baby after thought (misspells X1)


Vanilla’s Room
With Dress
1) How are you today: does the special event for the day (see special events)
2) Extra Special Hug: RWC+5 Touch+1 (only can be done once a day) -6

Without dress -2
Would you like to sleep with me tonight Cream: Passionate Cream sex if RWC>700 RWC+10 Happiness+1 and she is completely open to you (this scene only happens the first time every time after that is random see the list below for all out comes) -10 (misspelled words X3)

Cream sleep with me tonight possibilities
Wake up to her riding you, slam her down hurting her, comfort her, when she is asleep jerk off and cum on her backside
Summer storm scares her, so you massage her to sleep and fall asleep yourself with her in your arms

Nude -3
1) Give Cream long passionate kiss: Make out and give Cream mini orgasm RWC+10 Happiness+1 -30
2) Make Cream give you a blow job: Blow job and money shot RWC+10 Happiness+1 -30
3) Make love to her: RWC+10 Happiness+1 -30
1) Her bunny hole: (if you have condoms go down)
1) Put on condom just to be safe:
2) Just start plowing her bunny hole: Condom gives orgasms you fuck her tail hole and her passed out body
1) Pull out: She leg wraps you and you blow inside of her or you pull out but she doesn’t finish so you finger her till she super orgasms
2) Blast her cunny full of cum: She has earth shattering orgasm and you shoot deep inside of her
2) Her OTHER bunny hole: Try to enter her tail hole hurt her get ice pack and gently finger her to sleep


Shower (if jerk off is high)
1) Jerk off while Cream watcher: Put on a show for her -1
2) Ask Cream if she would like to join: she runs off (if RWC or touch is high she gets in and gives ear job) -1
3) Ignore her|

With Dress
1) How are you feeling: RCW+5 -6
1) Peep in on her: Peep+1 -1
1) Get out: She still catches you
1) More tp: RWC-5 -1
2) Run: Happiness-1 -1
2) Jerk off: Arrested and Willy Wonka’ed (if jerk off/ RWC is high nothing happens) -1
2) Close door: Alignment+1 Happiness+1 -1
2) You could use a shower: RWC+10 -11
1) Watch her undress: Peep+1 (if high RWC no peep point but go down) -1
1) Your old enough: Alignment+1
2) Sure Cream: -1
1) Just scrub Cream: Suds enjoy all her cracks -1
2) Undress and get in: Ear Job -1
2) Leave the bathroom: -1
1) Shower in peace|
2) Peep in on her: Happiness-1 (if Peep/RWC is high no stat loss and go down) -6
1) Lay on bed and jerk off: Jerk off and hide it -1
2) Stop while ahead|

Nude -2
1) Tongue bath: Lick her all over and eat her out RWC+10 Happiness+1 -30
2) Fun in shower: Kiss in shower RWC+10 Happiness+1 -30
3) Special Shower: Golden sho- oh wait never mind, a cum shower bukkake -30

With dress
1) You feeling hungry: Menu
1) Cook for her: RWC+10 Happiness+1 -1
2) Pizza: RWC+30 Happiness+2 Energy+15 -30 Rings -1

Without dress -2
1) Cook for her: hope its not bacon
1) Serve normally: See above
2) Jerk off and mix it in Cream’s food: RWC+10 Lust+1 Jerk off+1 Happiness+1 (doesn’t show jerk off but gives it)
2) Pizza: Any will work
1) Serve normally: See above
2) Jerk off and mix it in Cream’s food: RWC+10 Lust+1 Jerk off+1 Happiness+1 (doesn’t show jerk off but gives it)
3) Special treat: RWC+10 Cream blow job (it does not increase hunger you can’t have her eat your cum for a meal ;_

1) Tag: RCW+5 Happiness+1 -6
1) Left: Peep+1 -1
2) Right: Touch+1 -1
2) Handstand: RCW+5 Happiness+1 -6
1) Ankles: Touch+1 Happiness+1 -1 (doesn’t say that it gives you the stat boost but it does check it)
2) Panties: Lust+1 -1
1) Take a chance rub her: RWC-5 -6 (if she is fully open to you no loss of RWC and go down)
1) Fuck her upside down: little awkward but she loves it -5
2) Keep licking till orgasm: Upside down eat out -5
3) Lower Cream to her feet: -1
2) Lower Cream to her feet: Happiness+1 -1 (doesn’t show but It does gives the stat boost)
3) Swim: RWC+10 Happiness+1 (Happiness-5 if hunger is at 3) -11
1) Swim around: -1
1) Jerk off: Jerk off+1 -1
1) Keep jerking try to hide: Exposure+1 Happiness-1 (if high jerk off she doesn’t notice) -1
2) Stop: Peep+1 -1
2) Leave: -1
1) Run: Happiness-1 -1
2) Show her: Exposure+1 Lust+1 -1
2) Marco Polo: RWC+5 -5
1) Slip a hand in swimsuit: Arrested and Willy Wonka’ed (if touch is high she orgasms in the pool) -1
2) Call it a day: She goes in for a shower
1) Clean up something else|
2) Peek at Cream in shower: Lust+1 Peep+1 -1
3) Splash: RWC+5 -5
1) Hide it: Alignment-1 Happiness+1 (keep if neg alignment else give it back) -1
2) Give it back: Alignment+1 Happiness+1

Without top
1) Let her keep going: Under water bubble blow job -2
2) Different kind of pool fun: Cream pool sex -2

Escape to the city: -10 Rings -1

1) Go to beach: -30 Rings (if you have Cream’s swimsuit and RWC~700 then nude beach)
1) Nude beach: Blaze sex
2) Go home: (if high RWC / taken off dress go down)
1) Make Cream suck you off: Cream public bus blowjob
2) Admire sunset with Cream|

Fountain Square
1) Watch it together: RWC+5 -6
1) Sally meeting: (can only meet once after 1st, sometime before evening 2nd,3rd confirmed)
1) What you up to: Sally blows you
2) Khan: Deep kiss with Sally
3) Vanilla: Kiss with Sally
2) Street vendor: Restores Hunger Enegry+15 -20 Rings

1) Ice cream: RWC+10 -10 Rings -1
2) Electronics: RWC+5 (can buy camera for 250 Rings) -11
3) Arcade: RWC+10 -10 Rings each time -1
1) Fighter: -10 Rings
1) Cheap op character: Cream doesn’t approve
1) Special: You lose
1) Swat cute tail: Arrested Willy Wonka’ed (no seriously you’re getting arrested no matter what)
2) Let’s go|
2) Cheap: You win Alignment-1
2) Takes some skill: 1,2,1,3 RWC+40 Peep+3 (can only do it once)
2) DDR: -10 Rings
1) Grab waist lift dress up: Lust+1 Touch+1 -1
2) Grab panties: Peep+1 Happiness-2 -1
3) Motorbike: -10 Rings
1) Get off bike: Alignment+1 -1
2) Rub back: (if she is fully open go down) -1
1) Pull out cock and pull Cream on to it: Fuck her in public while she plays the game -1
2) Stop now: just ends it -1
4) Clothing stores: -5
1) Orange dress: RWC+5 Happiness+1 Touch+1 -1
1) Sure: RWC+25 Happiness+5 -50 Rings
2) Not today: Happiness-1
2) Cubby Corner: RWC+5 Happiness+1 -1
1) Peep in changing room: Happiness-1 (if Peep > 10 she doesn’t notice, if she also fully open then go down) -1
1) They both look good: she tries on one and you leave -1
2) Cute without the dress: Dressing room sixty-nine -1
2) Wait| -1
3) Lovely Lingerie: (higher levels needed) -1
1) Buy them: Adds Special panties to inventory -150 Rings
2) Perhaps another time|

Movies (can only watch one per trip)
1) Kids anime: RWC+20 Happiness+5 (if weekend its full and you watch movie if week day go down) -30 Rings -1
1) Rub Back: Watch movie Alignment+1 -1
2) Snuggle up: (if she is fully open to you go down) -1
1) Keep comforting: -1
2) Slip hand in dress: Rub her till she reaches orgasm -1
2) Horror: RWC+20 Happiness+5 (if its weekend your chased out if its week day go down) -30 Rings -1
1) Get Cream back in seat: You finish the movie -1
2) Distract her: Theater blow job with Cream (if she is not fully open you try to distract her but get chased out) -1
3) Action: RWC+20 Happiness+5 (if its weekend its packed if week day Touch+1 go down) -30 Rings -1
1) Slip hand under dress: Theater sex with Cream -1 (if she is not fully open then she slaps you)
2) Just keep watching: you happily finish the movie -1


1) You have fun: RWC+10 -11
1) Keep reading: Happiness-1 -1
1) Hug her: Touch+1 -1
2) Scold her: -1 (bug just takes energy doesn’t give new text)
2) Put paper down: Peep+1 -1
1) Paw off: Arrested (if high jerk off you cover you self GJ proceed down a step) -1
1) Expose to Cream: Arrested (if she is fully open then she sucks you off behind the newspaper) -1
2) Zip up|
2) Wait: Nothing -1
2) Push on swing: RWC+10 -11
1) Push back: -1
1) Praise her: Happiness+1 -1
2) Scold her: Alignment+1 -1
2) Push tail: Touch+1 -1
1) Grope tail: She falls (if she is fully open then she doesn’t fall instead she swings and grinds on your lap) -1
2) Push regularly: -1
1) Praise her: Happiness+1 -1
2) Scold her: Alignment+1 -1
3) Nature trail: RWC+10 -11
1) Left: -1
1) Yes: -10
1) Confront: if she is fully open you make her orgasm from the bouncing -6
2) Ignore: Lust+1 -1
2) No|
2) Right: Loops back -1
1) Amy meeting: (you can find her any day after the first and you can find her more than once)
1) Sound nervous: she is lying
1) I’m stuck your happy: Sucks to be you|
2) Be on my way|
2) How’s school: Butt grab|
3) Feeling distracted: Back to Amy’s place alright
1) Yes: Amy blows you (if you have had sex with Cream you also fuck Amy)
2) No: Amy amnesia sex

Moshi Moshi
Rouge will give you a blow job if you have already had sex with Cream before you go in to the shop for the first time

Beach -30 Rings -1
1) Swim: Exposure+2 RWC+30 Happiness+5 -10
2) Volleyball:
1) You get it: Alignment-2 RCW+10 -10
2) She gets it: Touch+2 RCW+30 Happiness+5 -10
3) Bully: RCW+30 Happiness+5 -5

Special Events

Day 1: Conversation RWC+5 Happiness+6 -6

Day 2: Free beach trip RWC+5 Happiness+1 -6

Day 3: Ice cream RWC+5 Happiness+6 -6
1) Everyone: Alignment+5 Happiiness+5 RWC+20 -70 Rings
2) Cream: Happiness+1 RWC+15 -5 Rings

Day 4: Carnival RWC+35 Happiness+11 (to start call cream out front in evening, it ends the day) -7

Day5: Rain (if you have the Camera photo shoot)
If she is completely open then nude photo shoot and sex

Day 6: Girl scout RWC+5 Happiness+6 -6
1) 50: Box of cookies -50 Rings
1) Chase her: -5
1) Give one: Happiness+3 -1
2) Earn it: Happiness-1
2) Let her go: Touch+2
2) 150: Girl scout panties -150 Rings
3) 500: Sex with Marine -500 Rings

Day 7: Conversation RCW+5 Happiness+1 (if you’ve had sex with her she tease you)

Wake up to Cream sucking you off, who the fuck cares about cloths, breakfast sex, Knux phone call, clean up, Vanilla returns, Hero that was wanted AND needed, Vanilla sex


Groping Cream it's only one options for take out her dress when you have 9 touch. Sharing Cream with Knuck, if you are Cream lover, give you 50 rings, that's all.


Oh. Anal with Cream (cock) requires warming her up for it

With this hacked version, You can have anal penetration on day one with the toy.
Slip hand under
Dress off.

Call her back
Play racing
make he eat your dust
Panties off
Yours too
have her lay down and spread legs
take her hole for a ride.

Go to hallway
Go to her room
Panties off
Use carrot toy
Progress through, offer bigger
progress through, use carrot on Tailhole
You could choose Anal here as well (cock) but if she isn't warmed up, she'll simple fight it and be in pain.

If I remember right, the Marine one is 500rings.. could be wrong.


The only (successful) anal scene with Cream I've found so far is this:

First, have the options to take off her dress and panties unlocked (duh). Then, go to her room and take off her panties, and use the carrot toy on her, and progress.
Then, try a bigger toy on her, and progress from there as well.
Use the carrot toy on her ass, and progress.

What someone else in the comments DIDN'T mention was that if you try and fuck Cream's ass while using the toy, she won't let you do it, no matter HOW warmed up she is. That's where some people (myself included) got confused.

Instead, after you use the carrot toy on her ass, you have to go to Vanilla's room.
Lay Cream on the bed and make love to her.
Progress, then select "her OTHER bunny hole", AKA her ass.
IF, and only IF you've already warmed up with Cream at least once, when you stick it in, she'll be in a little pain, but then she'll like it after a while.

Progress from there, cum in her ass, and BAM. Successful anal with Cream! Too bad that's the only SUCCESSFUL anal scene with her... Unless someone else can find one, since I can't find EVERYTHING...


You can rape Tails, actaully. Just play the video game and call Cream a button masher until you have over -15 morality. (If you wanna apologize to her after you have -15 morality, you can cum on her in her sleep).

Then after that you just have to call Tails over, and play in the pool. Keep hiding Cream's top from her (IMPORTANT). From there you just have to progress and Tails will come and threaten to call the cops, and then Sonic goes full maniac and brutally rapes him. After you force him to give you a blowjob, you can either let him go, or you can keep him a little longer, fucking him up the ass.

I'm not sure if you have to have the options to take Cream's dress and panties off in order to rape Tails, but it'd probably be a good idea to have those unlocked beforehand.


That's fucking all. Hope you liked it, and have fun with Cream, fellow sick fucks!!!
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Added: 3 years, 8 months ago
3 years, 1 month ago
On day 6, where do i find Marine/girl scout?
And did you know that when cream is fully open to you and you take her to park and do the swing and grope and push by tail, she will ask you to swing with her, and if you do this again she wants to have "the special hug" with Sonic on the swing, but after some text a bug wll show up a police fox, you dont get arrested just click the text 4 times and it continues.
3 years, 1 month ago
On day 6, so long as it's not raining, call cream over in Vanilla's room and ask "how are you today", and then you'll find out there are girl-scout cookies being sold, and then you just progress from there.

As for the glitch text... Lol I'm a cheater and I just play the hacked version on E621, so I've never had to deal with that.
3 years, 1 month ago
I also have played the hacked version, but i like to try to see how fast i can make her fully open on the normal game as well. For now i only managed to have the first "special hug" with cream on day 4. And thanks for the info BTW.
3 years ago
Lol yeah, I've tried to do that a few times, but I have no patience whatsoever ha ha.

And you're welcome. :)
2 years, 11 months ago

how Do you get to the Moshi Moshi shop in the hacked verison...am like you i dont have the Patience for the regular game.

Thanks ^_^
2 years, 11 months ago
By clicking where this picture tells you to, you will be able to go to the Moshi Moshi shop.

Despite being hacked, however, you still have to call Sally over on your phone and have sex with her in order to have access to the MM shop.


Because in the game, Sally triggers your access by giving you directions to the shop after sex, and whoever hacked the game must've forgot to enable access by default.
2 years, 9 months ago
when will this game be finished if it hasnt?
2 years, 9 months ago
Not a clue. Don't ask me, and don't ask Aval0nx. People are always pestering them, and they don't need any more.
2 years, 9 months ago
not a worry, i thought you knew, but i never even thought of asking them
2 years, 7 months ago
I tried following step 1 but cream won't remove her dress. Help?
2 years, 6 months ago
You're obviously not playing the hacked version found on e621. Sorry, can't help ya.
2 years, 4 months ago
I just found an odd bug I wasn't sure if anyone was aware of, and this seems like the best place to post it. If you go in Cream's room and tell her to put her dress back on, and play with dolls with her, and do the surprise attack and choose the special weapon option, it resets your ability to ask her to take her dress off.

I also noticed the scene after you grope her panties while she's opened up to you, and you eat her out and jack off onto her wasn't listed here.
2 years, 4 months ago
I also just remembered that I had trouble finding this, so I thought I'd share it; the batteries for the carrot toy are found in the garage to the right of Vanilla's Camaro.
2 years, 4 months ago
Also, not that it has a use now (at least as far as I know), but you can get the special ice cream from Avian (the ice cream vendor) in the mall if your stats are high enough (not sure what stats or how high, I've been using cheat engine).

Edit: Apparently it actually does have a use now, there's an option when feeding cream, after asking her to take off her dress, where you offer her some. This option also does restore her hunger, but only to 2 rather than the usual 3.
2 years, 4 months ago
Also, there's a third ending you missed. Not sure how low your RWC has to be to trigger it, but if you skip through all the days by sleeping, you'll get an ending where Vanilla arrived early that morning, and thanks you for babysitting Cream, giving you a bag of rings. Cream completely ignores you, focusing instead on the cartoons she's watching, and as you leave either Vanilla or Cream (most likely Cream, imo) slams the door behind you.

Sorry for the spam, I hate Inkbunny's time restraints on message editing.
2 years, 4 months ago
Eh, I dunno (response to all your comments lol).

I use the hacked version, so IDK about a lot of things.

But as for the special ice cream, in the hacked hacked you already have it. You also already have all the things from the moshi moshi shop (aka a sex toy shop run by, who else, Rouge). One of the things from the shop is some aphrodisiacs. When you have the special ice cream, you can slip them into her ice cream (and your own), and cue the intense sex scene.

Also: The car does nothing right now.
2 years, 2 months ago
how do you hide her top? I've tried to find a way without any success.
1 year, 9 months ago
Thanks for the guide! Its very useful.
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