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Let's Play Daggerfall, Episode 6

Episode 6, "I like having a tongue. It allows me to taste things"

They said it couldn't be done! Karnarath.. now has the ability... to cast.. SLEEP! Well, it's not an incredible achievement, but overcoming Buggerfall to advance two ranks in the Mages' Guild was quite nice. Karnarath's power is growing. A wraith that could once kill him in two strikes now falls to his swift blade, yet those giant bats still seem to want so badly to gnaw on him. Ghosts, thieves, and mummies, oh my! The Mages' Guild is getting very close to allowing Karnarath access to item enchantment! BWAHAHAHAHA!

So I didn't quite explain well how to train destruction. Since in Daggerfall doesn't allow you to cast damaging spells on yourself directly, you have to get around that by making it a splash-damage spell, and casting it at your feet. The amount of fatigue the spell drains is barely noticeable, but it's cheap, and helps raise destruction enough to lower the cost of the standard sleep spell enough that I can cast it now, should I get that easy quest again. Also, buggy mage quests are buggy.

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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
"I think the Mage's Guild is the buggiest guild in the game..."

No, they all just have high Illusion and keep casting the hidden spell "Fuck with the New Guy".

On a slightly related note, I started getting into Skyrim now thanks to this. I'm trying not to go overboard with mods.
6 years ago
Hehe immersion wins again. Skyrim was fun. The instruction book for Daggerfall mentions dragons, and I remember when I first tried playing Daggerfall, that was my goal, to find a dragon. So Skyrim gave me some closure on that front. Dragons are awesome
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