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What is a R-Unit?

Okay, im going to throw some light about the R Units, because a lot of people still dont know what they are, and some keep sending me Notes and Emails, asking for them.
 I have to note that the R-Units not are God characters or Invulnerables, but, i have to recognice, that due their configuration being a cyborg, they have advantage against most of any other characters around, but they was made to be like that, im going to start with a bit of story about them:
Project R is a fanfiction that is based in Sonic X anime some years later, but in fact is a new universe, and dont have relations with it, but Project R tries to anchor their basics with this anime and games in some way to not lose the ideas, locations and characters. If you noticed, there are a lot of echidnas, when all knows Knux is the last one of his specie, well, Zeta indeed is an echidna, but not a pure one, is an hibrid of Echidna and Hedgehog, it was called the New Echidna race, is an intent to maintain the Echidna race alive in some way, if you see Zetas body, she have a Echidna body, more tall, more strong, with the hair like an echidna, but if you noticed too, she have a hedgehog tail style, her muzzle is much more short nearly hedgehog style too. Yup, Eclipse, Zeta, Akari and Aki, are New Echidnas.
The city and land where the mobians live in Project R, is a city, called Emerald Town, and their world, in general, was called Mobius, but not is the Mobius you know, Emerald Town is more likely a human hi-tech city, just that the citizens, are Mobians, they live like humans, with somewhat differences, but more or less, is the same, stores, comercial centers, ocio buildings, government, sky scrapers, etc. Around this city, there are agricultural areas, and our usual Sonic game Zones, like leaf forest, green hill, and a large etc, and indeed with our Eggman trying to conquer the city.
The Government of Mobius, as mostly of the governments, begins to get corrupted and like Eggman, they wanted to get all the things under control, for 'the good of their citizens'. They started to research the ultimate soldier, based on the power of the Chaos Emeralds, seeing was Sonic and Shadow was able to do with them, the scientifics of the government started to research this power to make a Special Soldier under the control of the government of Mobius, a Soldier that inclusive Sonic wouldnt be able to challenge them.
They tried a lot of experiments with robots, androids, inclusive they pick a lot of prisoners and thiefs, mutilating them and placing bionic arms and legs, but no one of that was enough, all was a fail, the government wanted to emulate the power of Sonic/Super Sonic is able to develop, but that only work 100% in a organic organism, that the robots wasnt able to develop, and the prisoners goes quickly out of control becoming crazy and with their mechanic limbs exploding or hurting themselves.
Fail after Fail of the government scientifcs, Dr. Akari, a young New Echidna, with the help of an ancient artifact that she discovered in the North of Ice Cap, inside the Hyperborea Fortress, who was commanded and owned by Lord Redimir and his army of Automatons (ancient robots) called the Iron Hearts, to conquer all the White Kingdom(Ice Cap and the lands around it), devastating the land 200 years ago.
Lord Redimir in his time, was a really brillant scientific, but his researchs and experiments never was approved by the people, and due several politic events, the war explodes, ending with a war who leaved a lot of dead people and the own Lord Redimir dissapearing, to find the way to get the eternal life, but from that time that Lord Redimir was able to escape alive with his army totally destroyed, nothing more was knowed about him, and still, his name scare the people around Ice Cap, while the more old people of the place still scare the kids with the leyend that Lord Redimir is still alive and one day he will come back with his deadly army of Automatons to take revenge.
Dr. Akari, with this artifact and some ancient scrolls, was able to research an artificial heart that works with organic cells, able to maintain them alive, and with some tweaks and the modern technology, she was able to develop the Generator Lazarus.
But the Government quickly forced Dr. Akari to modify the Generator Lazarus to be able to contain one of the Chaos Emeralds and use the power of their Super Soldiers. And due some events the produciont of the R-Units begins.
There are 4 classes of R-Units:
Prototype Models:
 Currently 3 Modes was made, Eclipse R-00, Nosferatu R-01, Zeta R-02
 The Prototype Models are probably the most complex of all the models, they are dead persons resurrected with technology, their body configuration is pretty hard to understand, and although they are pretty strong and powerfull, they still are test prototypes and have a lot of weakness in one or another way depending the unit model.
 Their skeleton was totally reemplaced by a mechanic one, it was made in Super Titanium, this metal is pretty strong, with a low density leaving the R-Units still be pretty fast and light, corrosion-resistant and bio-compatible properties to make any organic organism tolerate its presence, it have a high melting point (more than 1,650 °C or 3,000 °F) with a high resistence with frictions, is paramagnetic and has fairly low electrical and thermal conductivity, so this is the main metal that will be used for all the R-Unit Models.
 The Prototype models have their memory deleted, so, when they are activated, they act like a baby, they have to learn how to use their body and their special mechanics and weaponry, making this duty to be REALLY dangerous for the trainer, in this status, the prototypes not are usually agressive, but they are in some way a bit clumsy until they are able to understand their abilities.
Eclipse R-00:
 The most weak R-Unit, with a low armored internal skeleton, designed for the espionage, he can run and move as fast as sonic do, he have several types of zoom in his eyes and is feets are able to adhere to metallic surfaces and run over them without fall due the gravity, to compensate his combat weakness, this unit have a dual Kaiser knifes in both of his hands, generated by the power of is red chaos emerald inside the generator lazarus, several particles of the chaos energy gets materialiced while the energy fluctuates making it able to cut diamond stones pretty easy.
Nosferatu R-01:
 The most strong of all the Prototypes, with a high armored skeleton, slow and heavy, a simple punch from him can kill a normal Mobian, specialiced in body to body combat, this unit is your all terrain pure soldier, his skin is hard as a rock, and with several energy diffusers in his limbs, he can throw punchs and kicks imbued in green flames with the energy of the green Chaos Emerald.
Zeta R-02:
 This unit have a medium armored skeleton, letting her be able to move fast and hit hard, the purpose of this unit is artillery combat and support unit, with a lot of sensors, night, and thermical vision, she is able to detect incoming proyectiles or objects from long distances and shot energy balls or continuous beams with her arm cannons thanks to the energy of the cyan Chaos Emerald. This unit is the only one capable to fly with her boots ussing too the power of the emerald. Her hands, made in Polymorph metal, a rare and expensive material, are formed by millions of microscopic metal pieces, giving the ability to transform her hand in basic and sharp objects for body to body combat, to give Zeta the sense of the tact, a microprocessor detects the pressure of the micro metal pieces that forms her hand, letting her control her strength and feel the tact of the surfaces, as for the last thing, she have a lil knowledge of basic surgery to help people.
Experimental Models:
 The experimental models, as the name says, are experiments that moves out of the general idea of the R-Unit Super Soldier, giving them an unique battle configuration.
Zeo R-03:
 Is the first model alive, meaning that he didnt die, and he agreed to be transformed into a R-Unit, this was a revolution because the subject dont lose their memory, and have a really quick learning usage of their weaponry, Zeo is strong, and the only model who have an Exosqueleton, most of his torso is deformated and covered with an external armor, under this armor theres barelly some remains of his skin, his hands, that most are like claws, can shred flesh and inclusive hard objects with a relative easiness.
Aki R-X:
 Another alive subject, with a barelly armored skeleton, very weak unit (more weaker than the R-00 unit) but with high telequinetic capacities and powers, being able to use the power of the yellow Chaos Emerald, to spawn it and make it dense, generating electromagnetic barriers and shields to protect herself from the direct battle or creating plasmatic basic figures to hit their enemies, shes able to inmmobilice objects or people, shake them in the air and throw them away like a simple potato bag.
Advanced Models:
Greta R-04 & Galatea R-05:
 These models are alive subjects, as mentioned, with a quick and easy training, they have a light armored skeletons, but they are specialiced in use energy weapons with the power of their emeralds, making the energy get materialized and hurt their enemies, fast, stealthy, dangerous, although they dont seems to look very deadly, they are strong enough to defeat any other R-Unit, Greta uses an energy whip and Galatea explosive ninja stars, they usually go in a couple and rarely fights alone.
When the R-Units uses a lot of energy, they are excited or in a combat mode, their eyes shine with more intensity, and is the momment that you should lose your rump running, because they are definitively angry. When they lose the shine of their eyes, they are out of energy.
 The main weakness of an R-Unit is the power usage, they usually do devastating attacks, but they tend to waste a lot of energy with them, in the case of Greta, Galatea and Zeta, they are more vulnerable and have more propensity to run out of energy, leaving Greta and Galatea without their energy weapons, making them pretty usseles in combat, and Zeta unable to shot her cannons or fly with her boots. Aside note, is needed one hour to reestablish the energy.
Thats all for now, if you have any questions about them, feel free to ask. :3
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Added: 5 years, 9 months ago
5 years, 9 months ago
Nice you did a lot work into this.
5 years, 9 months ago
how come Zeta is still able to fuck if she is just a robot?
5 years, 9 months ago
You dont read right? xD Shes not a robot, shes a cyborg, only her skeleton and heart was replaced, the rest is the same of a normal girl.
5 years, 9 months ago
Dam that really cool and creative.
5 years, 9 months ago
ohhhhhhhh ok. so she is still able to have desires. also, did Zeta always have big breasts or was that added as well?
5 years, 9 months ago
thank you for the explanation about R-Units, a very detailed briefing about the characthers, i'm really interested about their background and past lifes of the prototypes expecially yours Zeta, i'm throwing a few questions, what's happens if  the Chaos Emeralds resonating at the unison,will affect in some way the hosts of the Chaos Emerald? The other question is about their bios and personality?
5 years, 9 months ago
Can the R-Units live in outer space?
5 years, 9 months ago
After reading all that, i think i should be able to answere that, it is true that the Lazarus Heart reanimates dead Organs, BUT its impossible for organs and tissue to survive without oxigen, also there is still oxigen and other gasses inside an R-Unit, so if you toss them out into outer space without protection (Spacesuit) it takes up to 2 or 3 minuts and they explode in a great mess.
5 years, 9 months ago
I mean on planets with less oxygen than a mobius/earth and different factors
5 years, 9 months ago
This is very creative. Very nice.
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