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which style best arinel?

choose one of these and will be the new look for her this year

current  01

youngest  02

mature  03

provocative 04

old style 05

ghetto style 06
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
youngest 02
6 years ago
03 and 06 >>;
6 years ago
01 and 06
6 years ago
It is hard to choose between 02 and 04.

I prefer 02 just a little more, though.
6 years ago
01, 02, 03, 06...I'm more for 06
6 years ago
old style plz
6 years ago
I like the current style personally.
6 years ago
1 and 2 are best
6 years ago
Frankly, I like the old style the best. She looks just the right balance of cute and sexy, and I feel that that's what makes her what she's so famous for, or who she is. The other styles are okay, but I just personally feel like they take away a bit of what makes Arinel so appealing in one sense or another or changes her completely (like the mature one makes her look too mature to be sexually active, and the latest one makes her look too "unaware" of her sexuality.)

That's just my opinion though. The old style just looks the most intimate and most interactive.
6 years ago
I agree with you on that the older one was better then these newer ones plus the fact the style changes every other week
6 years ago
Yeah, I don't mind style updates, but complete changes like this are just way too radical. they're best reserved for when the style change is meant to be universal, which considering arineu's other art, it usually isn't, so if I were him/her, I wouldn't worry too much about changing the look of the two siblings/mates.
6 years ago
I think she had a good thing going with her characters but she's to much of  people pleaser that she'll change her characters just to fit others needs like arineu has changed about 6 times from being a cub to adult to teen and then to being gay or splitting off to being a completely  different character
6 years ago
Yeah, exactly. That's pretty much my biggest concern. I do occasionally read the comments that she tends to get in her many submissions and most of the time, people tend to only be interested in her art because she draws their character for free, but they don't really care much for anything else she draws, hence she'd host like...a comic or even an Arinel pose and only like 3 people would even notice. (Then again, the sad this about THIS specific site is that I feel like just like FA with porn, people are only really interested in cub art here, cause there are like 10 views on anything normal or what not, but when it says the character's a cub, BAM 10,000 views. I don't mind cub art, but the fanbase having such one track minds is why I'm rarely uploading here.)
6 years ago
I like three and one~
6 years ago
I prefer the current one :U
6 years ago
I like current and Provacative :3
6 years ago
I like 'mature'
6 years ago
Current and number 5
6 years ago
3 but smaller nose
6 years ago
02 xD
6 years ago
I like 2 and 3 the most!
6 years ago
im stuck between 1 and 2 and 5
6 years ago
Old 5, I like best.
6 years ago
current, mature and I don't know why people don't like this but I prefer your ghetto style as well ^^
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