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New titles for Macropod Madness

I'm working on a concept for a remake of Marcopod Madness. I can do it as a romance comic about relationships or I can focus more on action and adventure. I still haven't decided.

Possible titles for this comic include:
Tales from Macropodia
Macropod Madness Neo
Macropod Madness Plus
New Macropod Madness
Macropod Madness Advanced
Kangaroo Kisses
Macropod Madness: Friendship is Science

What do you think?
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
Honestly, the only one that doesn't sound kinda cheesy to me is the first one. o_o

I think you need to decide what it is before you pick a name, though.
6 years ago
The first one sounds nice however it gives off the feeling that it's about happenings all over macropodia.
Plus and advanced also sound good, are the videogame references purposely done?
Have you thought of using a continuity gag in the title.
6 years ago
You could go Latin, Macropodidae Cor?
6 years ago
I like the M theme. "More Macropod Madness"
6 years ago
" Kupok wrote:
I like the M theme. "More Macropod Madness"

6 years ago
I like that!
6 years ago
That makes it sound like a continuation. This is a reboot.
6 years ago
Macropod Madness: Makeover
6 years ago
Macropod Mania?
6 years ago
I hope for more adventure!

Though my favorite part of the comic was the strange places and cultures shown.
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