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Opening Commissions

Yes :D, finally, after trying to get done a bunch of stories I've finally finished the last of the requests I'd say I'd do before I open commissions :). So, I'm finally ordering any willing commissions for your weight gain story ideas. I'll add a list for the prices and types of stories, as well as my strengths, weaknesses, and what I'm willing to do and not do ;). So, here's the list


Types of Commissions

Quick Fix: $3

https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=229080 For those who want cheap, to the point weight gain. No real story included besides a brief summary of the character and possible background story. Other than that, it is pure weight gain, with the description you know me for in my stories. About as quick to write as a rat swallowing a watermelon. Length: 3-4 pages.

Cute, Cuddly, Literature: $5

https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=209103 https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=209598 The basic formula for the common weight gain stories I post on here. Contains any amount of background story, character information, setting, rising action, climax, etc etc you would want it to have, all leading up to a wonderful weight gain sequence leaving said character comfy and full. May continue the story after the gain for character interactions and final dialog sequence. Cute and Cuddly, just the way I like it. Length: 5-7 pages

Gorging Goodness: $8

https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=252717 Includes the same package as Cute Cuddly Literature, but with added gaining sequences. Can go up to three different locations for a character to chow down till his bloated many times over. True gluttons don't eat to get full, but eat for the joy of eating. Length 6+

(More types to be added soon)

$0.50 Per Extra Character to gain weight

Note me if interested. Leave a description with what you'd like, we'll discuss it, and if approved I'll post here. Be ready with a valid email address.


Writing Strengths : May result in quicker completion of story

Canines: As you've might've read from my Swift requests and Lana and Roxie stories, I enjoy writing about fat canines.

Anthro: I more often than not have greater luck writing about fat furs than fat ferals, possibly because I'd have an easier creature to work with. Ferals I'd have to look for ways on how they'd gain, anthros usually go down to some eatery.

The Belly: The soul of any weight gain story, and the easiest of all things to write and describe. The reason I point this out was to mention the fattening of a character's limbs (legs, arms, tail, head). The belly is easier to write about being fat than those, but those don't pose much threat all the same.

American Food: I'm American XD, so I know what there is to get fat off of over here. But in the case someone asks for their character to eat food from a different country, I'll have to ask for information of said food, or research them myself.

Description: I've always been more of a description writer than dialog, hence why you see more of it in my stories.


Writing Weaknesses: May result in prolonged completion of story

Creatures without fur or paws: Such as fish, reptiles, horses, cows. I'm used to writing about my basic dogs, rodents, and mustelids, but am willing to try new things.

Dragons: I don't know how the hell to describe a dragon properly as they all seem to have different features. But, this'll mainly apply to the extent the commissioner wishes his/her character to be described in detail. Ref sheets will be deeply appreciated. When it comes to the weight gain, I have the basics claws/scales down.

Dialog: As stated in strengths, I'm more of a description writer. Dialog requires me to ask more questions on whether the character would say this, do that, etc, in order to get the character to meet the commissioner's standards. I've yet to disappoint a requester with the dialog in their stories though.

Pokemon/Poke Food: I've written a few Pokemon weight gain stories with relative ease. But what always confuses me is what food they eat in the Pokemon universe. Along with that, Pokemon themselves seem to take longer to write about than normal animals, but may make for an interesting story with their various abilities.

Ferals in the Kitchen: Once again, writing about ferals eating leftover food, not a problem. But getting them to where they need to be to eat takes time and planning. It also doesn't help if the food isn't indeed leftover and the characters have to prepare it themselves.



Rated G: As you know, all my submissions are rated G, so I'd appreciate the commissions being so as well

Body Parts: I only write about the belly, legs, arms, head, and tail. So, no breasts/moobs, private parts, or anything that would raise the rating.

Vore: I'll write my version of it, as you've might've read from Onyx's request https://www.furaffinity.net/view/8137110/ . I only write about the weight gain aspect of vore. So no description on the process of a character being vored and everything he/she would view on the way down.

Romance: Nothing very lovely dovey, I find writing it agonizingly pestering. A cuddle, a kiss, a date, all in simple detail. I write weight gain, not romance XD.

No Humans: Should be obvious enough ;).


Additional Information

Regarding Pokemon, I don't have a problem in writing them, so long as they're the obvious gainable ones :/ .

I enjoy writing my stories quite ambiguous (open to interpretation). So though I may not write about body parts in the rules section, I don't write the story so you wouldn't be able to imagine it yourselves ;). Unless of course it is requested in their own specific way.

More will be written as I think of it XD...
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