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good bye, ink bunny! by externowolf
good bye, ink bunny!
moving to fa...
honestly i actually forgot about inkbunny and the only reason i checked on ib was 'cause i said to myself "wonder how dorkywolf is doing so right now im posting alot of stuff on fa and im too lazy to ...
7 years, 1 month ago
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good bye, ink bunny! by externowolf
good bye, ink bunny!
project externowolf v.2 #01 by externowolf
project externowolf v.2 #01
project externowolf v.2 by externowolf
project externowolf v.2
externowolf pic 03: feather weight by externowolf
externowolf pic 03: feather we...
externowolf pic 02: extrodus and derek, LMFO! by externowolf
externowolf pic 02: extrodus a...
dude ima burd *w* by externowolf
dude ima burd *w*
this is AWESOME! by externowolf
this is AWESOME!
samist as a child by externowolf
samist as a child
why not? by externowolf
why not?
Externowolf's daily workout. by externowolf
Externowolf's daily workout.
Externowolf ref sheet! WOO!!!! =D by externowolf
Externowolf ref sheet! WOO!!!!...
samist ref pic FINISHED! :D by externowolf
samist ref pic FINISHED! :D
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samist as a child by externowolf
my O.Cs as kids
aw aren't they cute!?
1 submission
Relax at the Pool by Ziude
Relax at the Pool
by Ziude
Do-Gi-Oh by Doggieo
by Doggieo
Walk With Me by Ziude
Walk With Me
by Ziude
I Don't Think That's How You Play It... by Ziude
I Don't Think That's How You P...
by Ziude
Ceiling Roni by Wolfblade
Ceiling Roni
by Wolfblade
The Half-Moon Tribe: Sword and Dagger by TiberiusRings
The Half-Moon Tribe: Sword and...
The Half-Moon Tribe: I  by TiberiusRings
The Half-Moon Tribe: I
Kiss by WagnerMutt
More Catalia by AmericanYangire
More Catalia
A friendly bet page 4 by joykill
A friendly bet page 4
by joykill
Yiffox Adventures #82:  Vengence is Mine by Yiffox
Yiffox Adventures #82:  Vengen...
by Yiffox
Yiffox Adventures #76:  The Origin of Evil!!! by Yiffox
Yiffox Adventures #76:  The Or...
by Yiffox
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my  name is externowolf
my species is wolf
im a artist slash writer
i live in miami florida
art-drawing preference is pencil and paper
request are open (written only, 2000 word limit)
commissions are currently closed (when open they will be black and white for now and prices will be about $2-$5 each)
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Fur Affinity
7 years, 9 months ago
Thanks a lot for the watch! :D
8 years ago
Thanks for the watch and faves!! and WELCOME TO INKBUNNY!! :3
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