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For Those Worried by the Fear Mongering Over At FA
Once upon a time in the United States of America drawn, painted, sculpted and otherwise artistic creations of children not only in adult sexual context but in the nude was made illegal.  It didn't las...
7 years, 1 month ago
Dis be the Ink Bunny home for the up and coming cub community...


If you would like to join our community send a request for an invite to cubaffinity@google.com and we'll send you a little form to fill out.  The form includes our current terms and a few questions to answer so we can preemptively weed out trouble makers.  If you're an enthusiastic member of the littles and or cub fur fandoms and you are not a trouble maker, there's nothing to worry about.  Once we review it and approve you we'll put you in queue to have an invite sent to you.

We're looking for staff, so if you are interested in admin, mod, help staff, support (Boonex / Dolphin - PHP and / or other CMS experience/passion) please contact us at cubaffinity@gmail.com so we can set up an interview.

Why sign up for cA when you're already on Ink Bunny?  Good question, but the answer is simple...

cA isnt for everyone in the furry community, not even Ink Bunny.  cA is specifically focused toward the cub fur fandom and the little fandom, where those littles and caretakers have a shared affinity with the cub fur fandom, therefore its also pretty much only for those cub furs who can tolerate the lil non furs running around too.  It will be just as much a social networking portal as it is an art hosting site.  And unlike Fur Affinity and Ink Bunny we will host all art and photo content so long as its legal in the United States of America, with few restrictions, and those only related to flooding, spam, and harassment and the like.

So, so long as you are part of our community, you can finally have a place to post you're completed lego set collections to your other like minded friends in the community without being trolled and reprimanded for using an art site like Facebook, and being redirected to photo dump sites.  Wanna share those special moments on Second Life or show off your AV customization's, your Minecraft worlds, even share user created game content?  You can do that on cA too.  And when it comes to actual art, we encourage you to really express yourself without having to worry about trolls going after you and / or huge staff decisions bursting your bubble after you finally feel safe to unleash the expressive creature inside you out.  No more shame and guilt to be brought on by the thought police.

If you're looking into selling high quality prints of your best works, we still encourage you to focus your attention on Ink Bunny.

If you're leaning on the other side of the fence as far as liberal cub politico in the furry fandom...  We encourage you to stick with Fur Affinity.

We're not trying to out do any other furry site, they all have their places in the fandom and we encourage people to use them for what they best suit.  What we are trying to do is develop a supportive community within the cub fur and cub fur friendly littles community that can help develop a stronger, tolerant, diverse, kinder, and more open group of individuals in order to secure a better future for ourselves, where as we see the "separations" happening now as an eventual dissolve of our community.
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Fur Affinity
3 years, 12 months ago
Still no details on how to sign up for it

i have looked into it a few times but found no way how to
6 years, 5 months ago
how do you get the invite to this
7 years, 1 month ago
oh no problem and i didnt know i was your first xD
7 years, 1 month ago
i send it now did you get it?
7 years, 1 month ago
what troubles me is not even FA's ban on cub art. I did not submit cub art there, I kept mine exclusively here on inkbunny. It's the fact that they claimed my adult Sonic pics were underaged when they are not, and used their rule on cub art to delete all my pics and ban my account.
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