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The Sigj: Sew Evil Page 2 by callmedoc
The Sigj: Sew Evil Page 2
Look out for the Hip Hip Bunny T-shirts!
I hope you are all doing well as Fall continues upon us! It's the spooky month you know, and don't think for a moment I don't have something upon my sleeve that I've been working on since the start of...
4 months, 1 week ago
Upcoming book and unpacking!
Hello my dears. I hope you are all doing well today. It's the midweek and currently I have a whole lot on my plate. I finished up with my move yesterday but I still have a lot of things to unpack. I h...
5 months, 3 weeks ago
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The last few days I have been most busy making preparations as it would appear my time was somewhat more limited than originally expressed and understood. I will be going into a blackout period around...
9 months ago
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The Sigj: Sew Evil Page 2 by callmedoc
The Sigj: Sew Evil Page 2
The Sigj: Sew Evil Page 1 by callmedoc
The Sigj: Sew Evil Page 1
The Sigj: Sew Evil Cover by callmedoc
The Sigj: Sew Evil Cover
Hello again by callmedoc
Hello again
Hissed Connections Extra: The outfit by callmedoc
Hissed Connections Extra: The ...
Hissed Connections Final Page by callmedoc
Hissed Connections Final Page
Hissed Connections Page 47 by callmedoc
Hissed Connections Page 47
Hissed Connections Page 46 by callmedoc
Hissed Connections Page 46
Hissed Connections Page 45 by callmedoc
Hissed Connections Page 45
Follow The Hearts by callmedoc
Follow The Hearts
Hissed Connections Page 44 by callmedoc
Hissed Connections Page 44
Hissed Connections Page 43 by callmedoc
Hissed Connections Page 43
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The Sigj Final page by callmedoc
The Sigj page 15 by callmedoc
The Sigj page 14 by callmedoc
The Sigj
An intruder steals just the right amount of chocolate on Halloween night, and the start of mischief is afoot!  
17 submissions
Hissed Connections Title by callmedoc
Hissed Connections Page 1 by callmedoc
Hissed Connections Page 3 by callmedoc
Hissed Connections
It's weird waking up in the trash but this story will sink it's teeth into you.
49 submissions
Pieces page 1 by callmedoc
Pieces page 2 by callmedoc
Pieces page 3 by callmedoc
I felt broken for a while..but we can't give up just yet.
8 submissions
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It goes on. by GoldeKlover
It goes on.
Genesis Journey (3)- Exploitable by GoldeKlover
Genesis Journey (3)- Exploitab...
Rabbot likes undies by Rabbot
Rabbot likes undies
by Rabbot
Happy Thanksgiving! by GoldeKlover
Happy Thanksgiving!
An unfortunate reality by GoldeKlover
An unfortunate reality
HALL update by GoldeKlover
HALL update
too much effort by GoldeKlover
too much effort
Sci-fi things by GoldeKlover
Sci-fi things
A place to call home by Octochels
A place to call home
by Octochels
He's Out There Somewhere... by GoldeKlover
He's Out There Somewhere...
Endless Rain by GoldeKlover
Endless Rain
Messy Room by GoldeKlover
Messy Room
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I hope you find peace here. You deserve it just like everyone else does. I'm hoping you'll think differently here, or maybe you'll just see the echoes of how you already thought. Come, please sit with me some time. We have so much more of it than you can ever imagine.
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Doc diventia
11 hrs, 35 mins ago
woah i didnt expect the master to notice me xD but really apart from the lewd stuff i draw, i really love art like yours and its the type of art i'd try to do, something that expresses feelings and worlds inspired by music. you're a great inspiration ^ ^
1 day, 15 hrs ago
doc your art is completely beautiful. many emotions, many sorrows, loneliness...its a real portrayal of the music it represents.  
4 months, 3 weeks ago
I appreciate the message. I look forward to your upcoming works. Also my best wishes for you.
4 months, 3 weeks ago
Your work speaks volumes to me.
5 months, 1 week ago
I just received your book, and I love the first part. It is really inspiring and assuring, even though I never have any problems with the stage shrinking on me because I never really paid attention to my surroundings, thus never felt bothered if anyone were to heckle me. Makes me want to hug all your characters to make them feel better too.
9 months, 1 week ago
Thank you so much!!!
10 months, 2 weeks ago
Hey Doc, just a shout out to you and for all the inspiration and motivation you've given myself and probably a lot of others! You're a swell fella, and I'll raise a glass in toast for you! A glass of milk, no more alcohol. Cheers!
11 months, 1 week ago
some people want to make art simple or amazing and take a long time to make it or its bad but your one in a million not a lot of people can make art like you and I hope you don't stop
11 months, 1 week ago
I'll be making more. I just wanted to ensure that my voice wasn't horrible for your character.
11 months, 1 week ago
There. I did the line from the first panel of "Machine". Even now, I feel unbelievably shy about it. Hopefully throwing it your way will pull me out of my shell a bit. http://depositfiles.com/files/fh7sz82rb
11 months, 1 week ago
You have so many different comics at this point. You should put them into collections so they're easier to peruse.
1 year ago
Okay, I understand. Thanks anyway!
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