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Elvy colors tree by bmpfurry
Elvy colors tree
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Elvy colors tree by bmpfurry
Elvy colors tree
City… kinda. by bmpfurry
City… kinda.
Cat on a tree by bmpfurry
Cat on a tree
Hyena by bmpfurry
Foxtail by bmpfurry
Bus Stop by bmpfurry
Bus Stop
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 Ice Cream by bmpfurry
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200% cooler by bmpfurry
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Hello and welcome to my gallery!

1. Detect the mountain of boring text
2. Scroll up using the mouse wheel or the arrow keys
3. Look at art

But if, after all, you want to know more about my art - below have more information.
If you want to get art trade with me, feel free to offer, regardless of your drawing skills. Now I'm just working on a time - learn to draw quickly and many without loss of quality, so I think I'll draw my part for two or three days... you do not have to wait long
And if you want to leave any review or comments on my drawings, I'll be very glad. Feedback - it's cool! So don't be shy and write me something! >:3

    -    -    -

A little about the idea:
Some time ago, began to draw furry art, I began to notice that I like in arts of different furry artists, to, as a result, bringing together all of the most "delicious" moments, get the most cool style.
As a result, this uncomplicated idea has got some large scale, because I was unable to include in one style all the interesting details I noticed looking at the work of different artists.
Eventually I picked up a few styles that seemed to me equally interesting, and between which I was not able to choose only any one.
I did not want to limit ourselves with some one style and decided to implement immediately all the styles that I can come up, gradually adding new and complementing old upon receipt of ideas.
To improve the perception of drawings each style has been attached to the individual character.
During the development of personages, I noticed an advantage in owning multiple characters - quickly find the stories to the pictures

    -    -    -

A little about characters (or rather about the features of their art. Reference to the looks can be found in the gallery):

Concept of this character was formed the earliest. Influenced many arts of these artists: SmidgeFish, Cubi, Bit-Bite, SpazzyHusky and not only theirs.
Mix of dark and gloomy with something... infantile

This character appeared when I decided that I wanted to make art with a palette like Falvie and mood like a SqueedgeMonster. Makes a very colorful images that would evoke emotion and did not make eyes to bleed - a special, street magic. I will try.

And this character appeared when I watched how quickly and easy in some artists make their art using a few tricky brushes with custom texture. I wanted same. There will be given a lot of attention in the background.

    -    -    -

Also visit my gallery on FurAffinity. There will be a little more content, I will upload in "Scraps" sketches and other like that.
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Fur Affinity
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3 years, 1 month ago
You are very welcome!~
I would adore to get some art from ya some day so keep up the awesome work!
3 years, 1 month ago
You're welcome ^-^
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