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Gesshru Chapter 1 by arbon
Gesshru Chapter 1
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Alexia found a mouse by arbon
Alexia found a mouse
Without a Trace (Fanart) by arbon
Without a Trace (Fanart)
Greenwall knight's decay by arbon
Greenwall knight's decay
Hestia in human form (Old) by arbon
Hestia in human form (Old)
Furinkazan reference (Old) by arbon
Furinkazan reference (Old)
The Cup warrior 7 by arbon
The Cup warrior 7
Curled up mouse by arbon
Curled up mouse
Dragon Hatchlings (Old) by arbon
Dragon Hatchlings (Old)
Gesshru Chapter 7 by arbon
Gesshru Chapter 7
The Cup warrior 6 by arbon
The Cup warrior 6
Mouse among Moss by arbon
Mouse among Moss
The Cup warrior 5 by arbon
The Cup warrior 5
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Greetings, I humbly welcome you to this profile page. Your most likely here because I favorited your work or I added you to my watch list, or at least that's my assumption based on how many people like to thank someone for doing so. Can't leave a shout without looking at the page, right? Well, in order of likelihood, I took interest in the work because:

1: It had a mouse in it.
2: It had any form of rodent in it that in any way resembles a mouse.
3: It was drawn in, or you have a style that I would like to learn.
4: It has vore, bondage, micro/macro relations, or other miscellaneous fetishes so prevalent on this site. I'm not interested in strait up sex (if it you can do it in real life, why look for it online?) so no your naked characters wet and bothered on a bed don't fit into this category for me.
5: It was deeply motivating, entertaining, or otherwise well done.
6: It was flippin /awesome/ and I want to make sure I can find it again.
7: It was professional quality work coming from an unknown amateur, and I will frequently go out of my way to tell others about the work. This one applies more to stories than artwork, though comics count as stories in my opinion.

I have recently gotten to the point where I feel my written and artistic works are worth actually putting on display, and will be attempting to post something semi-regularly. I am a writer first, a game designer second, and now a budding artist after a lot of practice trying to create my own game assets. Things about to start happening on this page, now is a good time to pay attention.

And I am now proud to present both a patreon page, and a published Novel. For the next several weeks I am going to be releasing one chapter of Gesshru every week, for free, just as I had before. The only monetization involved is for those who do not wish to wait. The rest of the chapters are already written, I'm just notoriously picky about when I consider something "Finished" enough to release it. Technically there are two options:

Patreon: --- www.patreon.com/arbon  
For as low as $1 USD per month you can see not only the entire novel, but also everything else I've been too cowardly to show the world at large. I can't promise everything will be to your liking, or even similar to Gesshru I'm afraid.

Amazon: --- https://www.amazon.com/Gesshru-Esca...../dp/154327255X
CreateSpace: --- www.createspace.com/6954737
For the physical copy, and owning something you can hold in your hands is the only reason to purchase from these outlets. Priced at $15 USD it turns out making a large novel costs a fair bit just to print.

For first time readers and old friends seeing this update, here's hoping you enjoy the ride. It's going to be a fun few months of consistent updates.


30$ USD for short written stories (between 2000 to 3000 words)

30$ USD for still pictures with a simple background, coloring, and shading. Complex or multi-panel artwork can be negotiated.

60$ USD for simple flash animations, or taking an existing picture and applying slight animation to it.
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