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To Have Chapter 8 by White66
To Have Chapter 8
Updates and Upcoming Schedule
Creativity and reading journal. It's amazing how much even a little reading can help hit me with the spark of creativity. It's not something you can force though. That's a mistake I've made. You can...
2 hrs, 27 mins ago
Patreon Freebie (lesbian hurt/comfort fanfiction)
So, I'm taking the next step to add to my Patreon Page and what better way to do it than with a few freebies, mostly fanfictions and the like at the moment, most of which will have a decided lesbian t...
3 weeks, 1 day ago
Closing for commissions in a month + Patreon update
unless I get a sudden flurry of commissions in the next few weeks, which I doubt, I'm going to be closing for commissions once my current queue is done. Don't worry if you've already talked to me abou...
3 weeks, 3 days ago
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To Have Chapter 8 by White66
To Have Chapter 8
To Have Cover (Commission from Robyn Paperdoll) by White66
To Have Cover (Commission from...
To Have Chapter 7 by White66
To Have Chapter 7
To Have chapter 6 by White66
To Have chapter 6
To Have Chapter 3 by White66
To Have Chapter 3
To have, to hold chapter 1 part 1 by White66
To have, to hold chapter 1 par...

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To Have Chapter 3 by White66
To Have chapter 6 by White66
To Have Chapter 7 by White66
To have
a pool to collect together this chapter and upcoming chapters of my To have series
8 submissions
Summer Sweets by MeganBryar
Summer Sweets
Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting by MeganBryar
Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting
New Home by Kiffin
New Home
by Kiffin
01 Missed Connection by Neosate
01 Missed Connection
by Neosate
08 Fangirl by Neosate
08 Fangirl
by Neosate
Sudden Regression in Public by OzzieKitSkunk
Sudden Regression in Public
A princess wedding by Loupy
A princess wedding
by Loupy
Let's Fly Together by MeganBryar
Let's Fly Together
Hibana and Jasmine - Friendship by AlejandroDelFuego
Hibana and Jasmine - Friendshi...
Oseille-The Red Wolf by MeganBryar
Oseille-The Red Wolf
The Excitement at Archangel's by MeganBryar
The Excitement at Archangel's
EAST Conbook Illustration by furryratchet
EAST Conbook Illustration
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I'm a writer at heart. It's both my passion and my drive. If I had to chose one thing I wanted to do with my life, it would have been writing. Something I wish I had relaised earlier in my life but there it is. Can't do much about that now.

I'm not letting it hold me back though. I'm pretty much taking my first steps to becoming a published author, and one of those steps is building up a fan base here. I'd love it if I could be taking commissions on a regular basis but so far I've only done few for friends. But hey, they liked them. So that's something. I'll be putting up some commission details here soon enough if anyone is interested. But don't let that stop you. If you would like a commission feel free to send me a pm.

I've actually be a writer longer than I have a furry and I'm still finding my way around the community and making friends. Like  a lot of furs I spent the first few weeks lurking and just watching others. Which was a good way to break into it. It also helped me develop my fursona. For me, a Tigress was a no brainer. I've always loved tigers, purrticularly white tigers. So it made the perfect choice for me. I don't bite if you want to chat.

Peace and love to you all.
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1 month, 2 weeks ago
You are welcome :)
1 month, 2 weeks ago
No problem, sweets.
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