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Palm Beach Sunrise by TujoThePanda
Palm Beach Sunrise
To Anime Boston and Back
  Did I forget to mention that Anime Boston was just a few weeks ago? What more can be said for such a highly anticipated eventual gathering of anime enthusiasts, who just so happen to enjoy a taste o...
5 years, 6 months ago
The Call To Katsucon
In spite of a torrential downpour of snow in lieu of icy conditions, I managed to make the fateful sojourn down to the Gaylord Hotel (auspicious name, huh?) in National Harbor of Maryland. Another a...
5 years, 7 months ago
Wasted Effort, or Worthwhile Endeavor?
Some time ago, while wading through the dark and murky depths of what can only be described as “Furaffinity,” I came across a quaint little picture adjoined to a journal entry, listed in the descripti...
5 years, 11 months ago
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Palm Beach Sunrise by TujoThePanda
Palm Beach Sunrise
Vapor in Wave by TujoThePanda
Vapor in Wave
Demon Rabbits by TujoThePanda
Demon Rabbits
Koishi Chara Pic by TujoThePanda
Koishi Chara Pic
Blockbusters For Plebs by TujoThePanda
Blockbusters For Plebs
Disregard Furries Acquire Alt-Furries by TujoThePanda
Disregard Furries Acquire Alt-...
Feels Good To Be Tujo by TujoThePanda
Feels Good To Be Tujo
Smug Tujo by TujoThePanda
Smug Tujo
Dragonstein Furry Drama by TujoThePanda
Dragonstein Furry Drama
Panda Strive by TujoThePanda
Panda Strive
Of Cervine Beauty by TujoThePanda
Of Cervine Beauty
Panda Grump by TujoThePanda
Panda Grump
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Sonic and Mabel  by sssonic2
Sonic and Mabel
by sssonic2
     I never really gave an online bio much thought before, but I guess I could start with one now. So...Heya, everybody! I go by the monicker of Tujoma Musaki. I'm just another no-name artist with high hopes and and wishful optimism. This is more often than not dashed by a rapidly diminishing time table. I've got this affinity towards artistic pursuits with a focus on using a digital medium for my art. I used to be a staunch traditionalist, with pencil, india ink, quills and nibs, and prismacolor markers my avenues in medium, but that all changed ever since I purchased a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet.
What do I like? I like sketching, illustrating, and coloring my own pictures and comics, as well as all manner of other art projects on the side. Currently, I'm heading five separate and distinct comic series, mostly on Deviant Art and SmackJeeves. It's been pretty slow going, but I feel as though I'm slowly getting the hang of it. They're not the greatest, but it's something that I'm working on as I try to learn the ropes of making a decent comic. They're meant to embody my interests into a physical* (more like digital) form, and to set my large cast of characters into separately branching stories. I'm also slowly getting back to a traditional medium for some artworks, using prisma-color markers (poor man's copics,) colored pencils, pencil, and india ink like before.
There's also my crafting pursuits, where I try to make things out of any materials I manage to get my hands on. Mostly props and costume aesthetic type stuff, but there's also some practical utility type stuff along the way. My crowning achievement thus far was a working Pipboy 3000, but it bears only a vague resemblance from what's seen in the Fallout series. If I have a need for it, but cannot go out and buy it at a decent price, I'll try and make it myself, so long as it's within my skill-set. I've also sort've gotten into the whole cosplay scene, mostly as the Lone Wanderer from Fallout 3, with various references to the older and newer games.
As far as writing pursuits go, I've often entertained the idea of writing stories, or perhaps even a book. For the most part, it only comes to focus when I write an “elaborate” description and backstory for the pictures that I submit. I have also been an avid role player in the past, with a focus on action, adventure, romance, drama, the occult, and fantasy themes worked into the stories. That's kind of languished over the past few years due to the transition between school to recent employment, but it's something I'm starting to get back into.
In the realm of gaming, I've become more of a casual gamer these days, which is just another time-sink that I could be using for better pursuits. IE, working on artwork, improving myself, or looking for a better job. For the longest time, I was a Nintendo Fanboy, up until the release of the Wii and their recent poor performance. That pretty much turned me away to Sony and Steam. It's mostly been computer online multiplayer games as of late, such as with Day Z and War Thunder. Day Z, the online hiking simulator that happens to have zombies and jerk-bag competitors that want nothing more than to see you dead. Then there's War Thunder where you take to the skies in various air-craft that become available to you as you level up. Still got a 3DS, though, if anybody wants to swap friend codes...for what that's worth.
Being a fresh college grad, I've only just started work, and my rapidly diminishing time-table is owed to a shifting schedule. I'm generally still open to smooth, casual conversation and meeting new people. Can't promise I'd be the most entertaining of conversationalists, but I guess that's just a reflection of my mundane life. These days, it feels like friendships and acquaintances have a high rate of turnover in all aspects. Funny how that works, but ah well.
Just a little insight on me, from what little I put down about me..
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