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My baby girl by Lynnyx
My baby girl
Got sum new drawings, buuttt...
I also got Skyrim :P So once I'm done with the initial 3-7 day binge of such an awesome and visually stunning game (which I modded to be 10x more HD T.T) I'll start scanning, coloring, and posting f...
7 years, 8 months ago
My baby girl by Lynnyx
My baby girl
by Lynnyx
Uke Tries to Hide by Immelmann
Uke Tries to Hide
by Immelmann
Today I woke up happy by pandapaco
Today I woke up happy
by pandapaco
Hurdy gurdy by pandapaco
Hurdy gurdy
by pandapaco
happy innocent anarchy by pandapaco
happy innocent anarchy
by pandapaco
So...I can draw again...who knew? ^.~ Commissions are always open, trades and requests are rare but they do occur (just ask and see). I draw anything and everything that comes to mind or is commissioned of me. Period. I do line-art, painting, pastel (my best, but hardest to ship or maintain v.v), Photoshop/Illustrator, Flash animation (just got the hang of AS3 :D), and I learn whatever else passes my way. Just got back from a soul-searching trip to Central America and can now sculpt and paint figures, bottles, lamps, *tobacco water pipes ^.~*, piggy banks, fridge magnets, wall hangings, on the sides of large plant pots, ANYTHING.  Those kind of commish's are obviously priced higher than a drawing but very. very. interesting, expect to see them at next year's AC for sure. I find them to be incredibly fun ^_^ I recently ended my 3yr art block and the floodgates have opened, so I am looking for any kind of commission I can get. My style changes with my mood and how exploratory I'm feeling, so it will be hard to expect a consistent look. I feel art isn't as fun for me if everything I create looks the same. Plus, I have no illusions, I am still a cub in the world of art and my style and abilities are far from fully developed. If you have a specific style in mind for a commish, then give me a good description of what fancies you or a reference image and I'll make sure to create a piece of art that satisfies your desires. Otherwise, I'll just get creative on it.

Naow fer sum me stuffs:
Yeah, I'mma little bunny cub, get over it and give me a huggle already. I've been an avid PC and console gamer since age 3 (RL :P). I love tech and currently make my spending moneyz building and repairing PC's, home theater systems, car audio systems, etc. Developed a passion for music and art in high school and dove into it. Now attending college for almost every tech related art form the modern world has to offer. Double majoring in business law, then heading to law school. Just like every other cub (and some adults ;) in the world, I has no clue what I wantsa be when I growz up :P I currently enjoy partying, drawing, and making music as my top favorite hobbies, but I feel sculpting is about to squeeze it's way in there. I luv singing all the time, it brings me joy and relieves stress. Also luv chattin, so if you feel like talkin ta me, just PM me for my AIM/MSN ^.^

Lastly, I know I'mma 4-7yo bunny, but thats about it. I'm not really 100% in tune with myself anymore, so I can't seem to manage to draw myself a true fursona. Soooooo, if anyone feels so inclined to want to try and draw a fursona for me based off my persona, that'd be pawsome ^.^ If you do try, I'll draw u sumfin special too, even in the likely scenario that I find I can't fully relate with it.
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4 years, 9 months ago
thanks for the watch ^^ also it says you draw but you dun have anything posted :o
6 years, 12 months ago
You must be the Bunneh I spoke to at OMGWTFBBQ amirite?
7 years, 6 months ago
hehe I'll try XD
7 years, 8 months ago
*wagwags* =3
7 years, 11 months ago
XD, so THAT'S who you are...

was fun seeing you this weekend =3
8 years, 5 months ago
Thank you for the +fav! *huggles*
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