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Previously known as KieTheFox.
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<3 Welcome to the page of Sydney Wright~<3

Hi! You've found my page, welcome. What is this page about, you ask? Why its about writing the dirtiest, smuttiest porn one could imagine!
All my stories will go here - Even the ones too bad for FA! - so go ahead and have a look through my gallery, see if there's anything that you like.
When it comes to commissions, I will happily write about anything you might possibly desire, there's no such thing as limits 'round these parts!

Current Slots:

Slot 1: A Gassy Gamble: 2 Chapters left

Slot 2: Anonymous: Power of a Dragon: 1 Chapter left

Slot 3: Anonymous: Konoha Clowns: Unspecified amount desired

Slot 4: Private Commission

Slot 5: [EMPTY]

~Rush Slot~: [EMPTY]

Back-Burner Slots:

KaioOtter MarblesFox
<3 Profile Information:<3

Am I currently open for commissions?
Unfortunately not! My slots are mostly full at the moment. I am however, open to short 2000 word story commissions whilst I work through things.

What's a 'back-burner' slot? What's a rush slot?
A back-burner slot is one I'll give to someone who cannot pay all at once. I'm happy for someone to pay me over time, as their finances allow. For instance, someone desiring a 10,000 word story paying me over the course of several months. All it means is, their story is quite literally put on the back-burner. Good things take time, afterall :3 A rush slot is a special slot as there's only one of them. Getting one of these means I will drop everything I'm doing, tear apart my schedule, just so I can get your story written within two days. If you ask me early on in the day, it'll likely be done that very same day! Unless, of course, you've a very long story in mind. A rush slot costs $0.03 per word. ^^

What are your prices?
I don't charge per page, but rather per word. My prices are $0.02 per word. Doing a word count gives me full flexibility over your story, and I like to get these things 'tailor-made' to your exact interests.

How do I pay?
I take payment through Paypal. However, I do NOT take payment straight away. To repeat, I wont discuss an idea, then ask for payment before I've even done anything. I've done that before, it just makes me feel sleazy. Instead, I will write, then ask for payment. Generally I send a 500 word sample to be approved, then request payment, then send the rest through straight away.

You really have no limits in what you'll write?
Literally NONE. If its too extreme for FA it'll just be private, our little secret. :)

How long will my story take?
That depends heavily on the desired length of it. I do, however, try to write at least 2500 words a day, and will only open more slots when all commissions are finished. I would like to say a week's maximum on average, but IRL delays can happen! Luckily though, with my new way of taking payment, you don't have to wait around wondering where your hard-earned cash has gone. I like it that way.

Read reviews of my work here!
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1 year, 4 months ago
Hope your doing okay
3 years, 5 months ago
What happened to your stuff? You wrote one of my favourite stories and I haven't been able to find it, and you seem to have wiped your gallery, which I guess explains why. Hope you're doing okay!
5 years, 8 months ago
btw just wanted to say
love your stuff man
looking forward to more kinky stuff from you if you know what I mean
5 years, 8 months ago
I've only just found you and I feel I really should commission you someday XD
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