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Previously known as KieTheFox.
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Commission Info~
Heyo! Below, will be my commission prices, information and other such details. Prices: Stories will amount to $10 per 1000 words. I can, should a story amount to 2500 words, charge the obvious $2...
6 months ago
I'm a writer, not-so-new to FA and Inkbunny. I've made this account so my main fursona may remain private, and so that I may be commissioned to write stories!

 More importantly.. I will write ANYTHING! - for a price. The kinkiest things, the weirdest things, or even the most normal.

 Current prices and other such information can be found here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/7536761/

Below is the profile of my character, whom I may write about / RP from time to time! He is available for use in a commissioned story as well~.

<3 -- Sydney Wright ~ So Femboyish he might as well be just be Fem --<3

 Hey! Welcome to my profile o3o I'll try to make it as appealing as I can, but ish' quite the WIP. To keep things short, I'm looking for fun, lively people interested in playing witha' femboy of similar traits. To put it blunt, I like smelly things, silly things, and FLUFFY things! Who doesn't wanna' snuggle a femboy.. Who happens to smell like other people's butts?O////O Don't tell anyone you I said that last bit.. I'll never hear the end of it..

 Sydney is a short little Folf, with ears comically large for his body and big ole' fluffy hair to match. His hips are wide, his cheeks are soft, and his general stature looks awfully feminine. His choice of clothing doesn't help, and his voice certainly isn't the pinnacle of masculinity either. But that doesn't mean he's your average boring sub. (He's only part fox afterall!) He's got quite the attitude, and will certainly try and give a dominate a run for their money. Despite popular belief, and the smell lingering around his fur, he doesn't 'like' being farted on; He's far too snobby for any nasty smells. Such is probably the reason why so many evil people find fun use for him owo. He also isn't incontinent, but will often find himself wearing thick, crinkly diapers. He thinks he looks cute in them..
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