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Kumba Digfoot by Swiftkill
Kumba Digfoot
I get same questions over and over Q: Can I have commission from you? A: Probably, but you had to give me reference and tell what you want to draw before I can answer that question correctly :) Q: ...
7 years, 6 months ago
Old stuff
Apparently,  my gallery here missing half of old stuff.. You could see yesterday, I'm browsing through files and putting them out. Strange.. either I forgot about them, or I had posted them, but got t...
7 years, 6 months ago
Receiving friend requests... Well, I accepted to not offend people who did, but in general , if you do that to gain access to extra content, I principially do _NOT_ post private content, everything I...
7 years, 6 months ago
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Kumba Digfoot by Swiftkill
Kumba Digfoot
Arisu in quagmire [WIP] by Swiftkill
Arisu in quagmire [WIP]
Sad mood by Swiftkill
Sad mood

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Arisu in quagmire [WIP] by Swiftkill
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Arisu in quagmire [WIP] by Swiftkill
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Sad mood by Swiftkill
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Rubber Skunk Transformation by Immelmann
Rubber Skunk Transformation
by Immelmann
Alt account for dark\kinky stuff.

To those who spotted similarity, I'm Rimefox\Miyu, MiyuHogosha on Weasyl from FA <.<

Art that doesn't contain characters that are stated as commission or those I didn't designated as owned by someone, is for fair use. Any non-commercial use allowed, reproduction in any other way might be discussed. Fanfics, fanart and painting using original sketch are allowed, but I want to see them :P
Well, formely I said that I don't have any set commission prices , I decided to tell aloud it's ok to contact me about it. It is 7$ per hour now, roughly, but I place certain milestones now:

Single character:
Cleared lines, single character , no background\plain backdrop: 15$
Colored sketch (lines visible, no detailed textures\shading) no background\plain backdrop: 30$

Color background adds 10$ for simple one (like trees, growth, curtains, some natural background) to 30$ urban area, room filled by details
Additional character, up to two, adds 5$
Fully colored ranges from 50 to 100$ including background

A) I wouldn't draw , because I don't feel comfortable about that:
- underage characters or MLP characters in any adult situation or in shibari (which I consider be M), antrophied or quad, from show (see below)
- any other copyrighted character that isn't owned by commissioner and\or used without consent of proper owner
- no cubs, just repeating!
- scat, watersport, coprophagia , diapers, etc. like that
- drug\alcohol abuse. Note that showing vine glass wouldn't count as latter, I mean, the _real_ abuse of that. Simply, I'm disgusted by both.
-  rape, extremely graphic gore, hard vore (Con\SC vore, asphyxiation, etc. technically are ok)

- various other types of misshaping\body mangling\guro (which isn't same as gore, guro stands for grotesque with erotic or non-erotic, but eroticism-affected, horror themes) - things like that require certain ability to visualize and render stuff.

If your theme matches something that I drew before and displayed here - it's ok to ask about it.

B) It's good to have idea what exactly you want and to show me some graphic description, text or pictures. Reference of character required. If you want certain pose, either for pinup or for other activities , describe it or even offer me some reference, it can be even a human photo reference. I use those in my works anyway. If you want certain type of shibari bondage , describe or find a photo for it - I can convert\modify\combine them and used different perspective, surrounding, but it always interesting to research something new and it's time saving - realistic design from scratch may take a lot of time. Same about background, if you want a detailed one.

Payments aren't accepted before rough sketch was done and proofed by commissioner.
I don't need troubles with : "But it's not what I was paying for". If commission was colored one, two additional stages of proof included: lineart, color sketch\flats.

My paypal: t800_[x]mail.ru. Use @ in lieu of [x].
Mail: ellanteres[x]gmail.com. To contact me about commissions, use FA notes, please
For picture exchange it's ok to use file exchange resources. I'll use it myself to offer proof pics.

C)I have full-time job so art thing is a free time. Don't ask me to draw Monna Lisa within one work day :P

I get same questions over and over

Q: Can I have commission from you?
A: Probably, but you had to give me reference and tell what you want to draw before I can answer that question correctly :)

Q: Why you charge so much?
A: Mhm, ut's time it takes @.@

Q: Do you do requests?
A: Not for random person, usually for friends [[oh, some really tried to ask me become their friend after c.c]]

Q: Do you do trades?
A: If I like things you do, I would probably just commission you and would pay. Mutual commission possible in that case, but my response might be delayed, due work.

Q: Can I post copy of picture I paid for\received from you on my gallery (insert site here)?
A: You own it, I don't care then, as long as it credited properly.

Q: Can I post your art on (insert imageboard site here)?
A: Yes if it's my own art, with proper source shown. Btw, I post on e621, you may skip it then. If it's commission for someone you must ask them as well.

Q: Can I use your art as avatar or illustration of RP character?
A: No, but you can ask me to make you one

Q: Are you using 3d?
A: I use 3d, selfies, photo models, manuals, imagination and whatever heck I can find appropriate

Q: Can I RP with you using theme you draw?
A: No, I wouldn't RP with you _just_ because you praise or like my art or my likes happen to match yours. I'm not eRP bot and I got own life. I'm not getting offended by saucy comments or tease at all, quite opposite, just don't abuse it.

Q: Some artists are getting offended by suggestion what is missing\what is wrong or might be good to be changed...
A: Not me. _Constructive_ critique is welcome, opinions are too. Just don't do that on commission stuff, you might offend them. And don't hit my limits. C_c

Q: Can I use SecondLife avatar as reference?
A: Yes, but do that without shadows (important!) and with high resolution. Make it look like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zamo88twlh8jhi3/bodyturnaroun... with separate shots of head at same angles. If you want certain pose you found or made in SL, or certain background, provide those pictures separately
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1 year, 7 months ago
Hey, are you still around?
7 years, 5 months ago
XD.... I love your draws, dont know why I didnt saw them before X3.
7 years, 6 months ago
*hugs* of course! A fantastic artist who also happens to enjoy snuff? Those are few and far between :3 what is there for me not to like?
7 years, 6 months ago
Your art is first class, swift, and your skill in drawing bondage particularly is amazing!  If it wasn't for the snuff, i'd have faved everything you posted.  :)  
7 years, 8 months ago
I mgiht/might not be.  My SL account name is listed on my page.
7 years, 9 months ago
I love those icons ^_^
7 years, 11 months ago
can you do a series of bondage/death scenes involving characters in full scuba suit? (can have a rip at the crotch)

8 years ago
Hehe I have to. You have awesome art that is of some really hot/kinky things. :p there has been a few of your drawings that I want to write a story for . >\\\>
8 years, 2 months ago
I just know what I like. Keep it coming. And lemme know when you do requests.
8 years, 7 months ago
your style is amazing n_n
8 years, 11 months ago
Love the gallery!  Bondage, especially suspension, isn't near prevalent enough in my Inbox.

Love your anatomy also!
8 years, 11 months ago
very nice picture hun ^^ I love your art style
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