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2019 Inktober Day 6 "Husky" by Smartie10000
2019 Inktober Day 6 "Husky"
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2019 Inktober Day 6 "Husky" by Smartie10000
2019 Inktober Day 6 "Husky"
2019 Inktober Day 5 "Build" by Smartie10000
2019 Inktober Day 5 "Build"
2019 Inktober Day 4 "Freeze" by Smartie10000
2019 Inktober Day 4 "Freeze"
2019 Inktober Day 3 "Bait" by Smartie10000
2019 Inktober Day 3 "Bait"
2019 Inktober Day 2 "Mindless" by Smartie10000
2019 Inktober Day 2 "Mindless"
2019 Inktober Day 1 "Ring" by Smartie10000
2019 Inktober Day 1 "Ring"
Masks Shattered by Smartie10000
Masks Shattered
Jose at the beach by Smartie10000
Jose at the beach
Slash - Day 31 Inktober by Smartie10000
Slash - Day 31 Inktober
Jolt - day 30 Inktober by Smartie10000
Jolt - day 30 Inktober
Gift - Day 28 Inktober by Smartie10000
Gift - Day 28 Inktober
Thunder - Day 27 Inktober by Smartie10000
Thunder - Day 27 Inktober
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Hello, i'm trying to set myself up as a professional artist, and this is one of the platforms i'll be using.
I will be doing commissions, but i have yet to make an official information sheet on what the prices are and stuff.
I have things more or less set up already, just not visualized for ease of use.(You can contact me if interested).
(Commission info is on Weasyl and FA for now but soon will get on here hopefully)

In the meantime, feel free to look at the things i've made.
I will list the material i think will be comparable to Commission work in a separate folder. (Stuff that i can realistically replicate with quality in mind. There's undoubtedly stuff that looks better, but i can't replicate that success.)
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2 years, 11 months ago
Picarto will be my new streaming platform since it feels more appropriate than twitch, be sure to check me out when you can.
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