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Portrait of a wolf by Silberwolf
Portrait of a wolf
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Portrait of a wolf by Silberwolf
Portrait of a wolf
Happy Wolf by Silberwolf
Happy Wolf
Flying wolf by Silberwolf
Flying wolf
Dragon by Silberwolf
Dracan by Silberwolf
Old pencil drawing by Silberwolf
Old pencil drawing
Arttrade with Tabby by Silberwolf
Arttrade with Tabby
Paladin Wolf by Silberwolf
Paladin Wolf
Hello folks.

I'm Silberwolf, also known as Lutan Munjuul. Like the name indicates I am a wolf and I come from germany.

Since you probably came here for my artwork, you might wanna know a thing or two about it and how I do it. Let's start with the materials I use. Mostly I draw with a pencil or colored pencils, but sometimes I also use drawing ink and a fine metal quill. The paper varies, I like to experiment with that.
All my abilities are self-taught and I draw since I was a child. The most important thing for me is the direct contact to my artwork, I need to touch the paper and all the materials. Thats why I only use traditional materials, I just cant connect with computers and stuff like that. But that doesn't mean I don't respect those who can, as you can see when you look at my favorites.
In the last years I startet to realize something spiritual calling me. As I explored, it became clear that I should become a shaman and that is the path I follow until today. And that aspect also plays an important role in my art today.

Thats it from me, I hope you enjoy my art and find something you like.

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8 years, 7 months ago
huzzah :D
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