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Policy Update 9.28.12
The following update has been applied to all Rothera order forms and must be followed as such. -Policy update 9/28/12- In order to commission Rothera Writings, you must provide legitimate proof that...
7 years ago
Welcome to the official Inkbunny page of Rothera Writings.

What is Rothera Writings?

Rothera Writings is a free writing service based on the idea that imagination being printed into works of literature should be free for all.

All the work published by Rothera Writings is based on ideas given by people of the furry fandom, or other interested folks, who requested stories.

Although we may not CONDONE some actions depicted in some stories, all of the requests given to Rothera Writings will be accepted and written.

This means that Rothera Writings has absolutely no limits in writing, any fetishes, kinks, storylines, it is all imagination in the end.

So how do you get a work of literature created by Rothera Writings?

Please contact us by either private messaging this service, or by sending an email to rotherawritings[at]gmail.com , You will be sent an electronic order form to fill out as soon as the message is received.

Please understand that there is no finish date, the requests given to Rothera Writings will be finished when they are finished, Although it hurts to say it, we are only human.

For more information, please ask for the 'More Information On Rothera Writings' .rtf file, available to all, to read over, This document is also included with all order forms.

Due to some rules that bar certain subjects on certain websites, please be sure to check out all of the accounts of Rothera Writings available on Furaffinity, Sofurry, and Inkbunny!

Thank you for viewing us, and we look forward to making your imagination come to life.

Ronald B.
Founder of Rothera Writings.

Members of the team:
Ronn The Penguin: Author/Founder
Nightwolf14: Advertising.
Superdragon468: Proofreading
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