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Peachy Buns by Mushbun
Peachy Buns
The Evolution of My Art Style/Random Rant
I'm always thinking about what looks good about my art and how it can be the best. Some of my first drawings (though I have been doing arts and crafts my whole life) have been chibi drawings, copying ...
3 months, 1 week ago
Commissions Open! =D
y commissions are open again. =D I don't have a limit to how many slots I offer so feel free to PM me. =D My commission slots: 1.  GanzRig ( https://inkbunny.net/GanzRig ) 2.  ShaneAndCo ( https://i...
5 months ago
Life Update =3
Hello everybody, it feels like I haven't really talked with you all in forever. >.< Communication is not one of my strong points but that is not an excuse. I like when people online seem human, not ju...
7 months ago
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Peachy Buns by Mushbun
Peachy Buns
Sweet Fruits by Mushbun
Sweet Fruits
He Sit by Mushbun
He Sit
Slicey Ninja Cat by Mushbun
Slicey Ninja Cat
Ganz Family Xmas by Mushbun
Ganz Family Xmas
Lemon Birb by Mushbun
Lemon Birb
Usual Visitor by Mushbun
Usual Visitor
Pouty Walk by Mushbun
Pouty Walk
Commission Styles (Old) by Mushbun
Commission Styles (Old)
Wattson Boris by Mushbun
Wattson Boris
Longing Bun by Mushbun
Longing Bun
Curious Mushy by Mushbun
Curious Mushy
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Curious Tails page 1 by Mushbun
Curious Tails
13 submissions
Bed Time Fun page1 by Mushbun
Bed Time Fun
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Conjure by Zummeng
by Zummeng
[ART TRADE] Napping by Zummeng
[ART TRADE] Napping
by Zummeng
Happy Family - August Vote Winner by Zummeng
Happy Family - August Vote Win...
by Zummeng
Scouting by Zummeng
by Zummeng
Sunset - September Vote Winner by Zummeng
Sunset - September Vote Winner
by Zummeng
HeartCore by Zummeng
by Zummeng
Teen Lily - February Vote Winner by Zummeng
Teen Lily - February Vote Winn...
by Zummeng
2518 by NiniiDawns
Mushbun! by SoulCentinel
Mushbun~ by MaverickSkye
Hello! I am Mushbun and I draw furry porn! =D Well I draw more than porn but I love saying that. I'm 25 and have been drawing digitally for 6 years. Has it been that long already? Time sure flies. >.< Being a freelance artist is my full time job and I'm trying to support my family of
and our son. I'm a Mom! It's crazy, in the best way. <3
I love drawing the kinkiest stuff, chill nature and everything in between. I like drawing cub and feral and anthro and all the stuff really. There is only a couple things I don't like drawing. Like serious rape and gore. I like drawing characters having fun and feeling good. I also like drawing things I don't usually, like snake blowjob or cub-dom for example. I like BDSM, size play, large insertion, prehensile tails and dicks, unusual characters, tentacles, age play, feral, face fucking, loving choking, double penetration, lots of penetration, pussy/ass vore (or as I like to call it, orifice spelunking), consensual, not sure if want then liking it, exhibitionism, incest, fuck toy, the list goes on. =D
I want to get better at showing the emotions of characters and situations in my art. I also want to draw more comics. They are soo much more work but so worth it. With more panels I can show progression, like being nervous turning into totally digging it. I can also show "ugly faces", like the character looking totally derpy because they are so blasted by feel good. When I draw a standalone pic I feel like I need to draw all the sexy bits showing with only sexy faces, It's quite limiting. Not to mention story, it's always good to see how characters got to the naughtiest part.
Another thing I need to work on is communication. I want to have more of a presence on Inkbunny, not just posting pictures but with replying to comments and making journals. I think I don't feel like communicating when I am unsure about who I am. I am going to do my best getting good at being me. =3
For commission info go to This google doc

All my pictures are works of fiction. =3

I don’t do requests, the only person who gets free art is my fiancé and that position is firmly taken. =P

I use Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint and a Cintiq 22in HD tablet, it’s very nice.
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Fur Affinity
2 years, 1 month ago
How have you been mush?
2 years, 9 months ago
cute avatar !
3 years, 1 month ago
Mushbun, why must you have simply deliciously magnificent art?

I love every freaking piece. You have a fantastic talent, and in some particular drawings of yours, I sense a feeling of passion and story behind it. Just as art should be!

(Plus, finding furry artists that draw lesbian stuff is pretty rare, and I cherish each I find, so... yeah.)
3 years, 4 months ago
Damn those are some awesome badges.
3 years, 5 months ago
Just wondering did you ever do that RV thing?
3 years, 7 months ago
I know things will get busy this time of year, but if you have time to spare, could you at least take a look
" Would you care to join the secret santa I'm hosting again this year c:? From the scale from Artist to writer, everyone are welcome to join, even people who commission other people! That also includes, 3d model makers, figurine makers, music composers, etc...
Entries close 11:59 PM gmt+1(1 hour ahead of UK), November 22th, 2017

Hope to see you there!

If you can't enter, could you at least spread the word?
3 years, 8 months ago
Been wanted to join in you streams but I just don't have the time anymore :( either am at work or going to bed for work the next day happy streaming tho.
4 years, 1 month ago
Hi =D Maaaaay I ask whether you happen to offer commissions at some point? :3
4 years, 8 months ago
your style is amazing n_n
4 years, 9 months ago

There, now you have a bored goat on your page. :u

Your art is fucking amazing. x3
4 years, 9 months ago
Congratulations! you made it on
>> Coldpaw's Cubs Weekly <<
keep it up and keep it kool!
4 years, 10 months ago
made it on top 20!
keep it kool!
Click Here!
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