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Measui: I just set us up a Tumblr; I hope it works out alright~ ;3 Feel free to visit and spread the word everyone! Alysaere: *curtsies* We appreciate your watches and favs! ^^ http://measui-alysaer...
7 years, 7 months ago
Artistic Posing Workshop
Mea: Hello there everybody! My sister and I held a private nudity show for some top-grade artists to interpret in their own styles, and I've decided to release them all to you, the public~! Aly: W-W...
7 years, 9 months ago
Measui~Alysaere Second Life RP Escort Info:
Measui: Mmm, thank you for your interest in the Yin/Yang sisters~ ;3 My name's Measui, and it would be my PLEASURE to ah, "take care" of you this evening. There's only a few ground rules we need to go over before you contact either of us with an offer~:

WILL RP: Paws, Cub, Rape, light BDSM, anal, large/hyper endowments, cervical penetration, Any position you or we can think of~

WILL NOT RP: Scat, vore, heavy bloodplay, watersports, heavy gore, babyfur/diaper. (We respect your right to have these fetishes, and ask that you respect our right to want no part in them.)

Anything else, be sure to ask if it isn't listed~ ;3 We're fairly openminded.

Gender/Race: We're open to any and all species and genders. As for ourselves personally, we generally stick to our natural forms of female wolves; that being said, we can just as easily become male, herm, feral and Sergal~ <3

General RP Guidelines: Our style tends to be 2-3 highly descriptive sentences at a time. We can do more then that of course, and we greatly prefer partners with excellent grammar and writing skills. It makes it so much more fun for all the parties involved~ ;3 If you could give us some indication of your level of participation in the conversation, we can better tailor the experience to you for maximum enjoyment. ^^

We reserve the right to refuse service with partial to no refund in extreme circumstances if you break our rules or are particularly rude. This is a case-by-case basis, and I highly doubt anyone who comes to two loving ladies for the night would be so crass as that anyway~ ;3

*looks over her shoulder and calls out to the other room* Aly~! Come on hun, your turn to tell em the costs! *Turns back* It's been a pleasure talking with you, and I hope to enjoy your company soon~ *blows a kiss seductively with a wink*

Alysaere: C-coming! Oh, hi there. ^^ My name is Alysaere; I'm very pleased to meet you. *blushes* Since you're here, you must be interested in... c-calling on one or both of us for the night. >//< Here are our rates:

(For hiring both of us at once, add 50% to the cost)
The base price for each hour of "service" is 1200L. This is for a no-holds-barred RP that's only limited by our guidelines and your imagination. ^//^ Each additional hour costs 900L, due at the expiration of the previous hour. If any party loses their connection, the clock will be paused until they are able to get back on. This does NOT mean you can save extra time that you have left; once the session is over and we say our farewells, that's it. =3

Single, specific jobs:
*takes a deep breath, blushing furiously*
...Blowjobs, handjobs, titjobs, pawjobs, and anal/vaginal sex... >/////< Ahem, a-are 400L for one.  Once you, ah, c-cum ^//^, our time is over unless you want to pay the additional 800L and finish the hour from when we started without restrictions.

Non-sexual Escorting:
If you're just looking to have one of us by your side at a party, it's 300L per hour. Since our time is money, the normal dual rate of x150% doesn't apply if you want both of us; it's 300L per hour apiece.

Group RPs (More then just you):
For by the hour, an additional 40% per person. Max of 3 customers total, if you please; it'd be very difficult to keep track of more then that. >//<

M-mea will now give you a few examples... *reddens again* Thank you for your time, and I do hope to meet you soon. <3 >/^ *kisses her fingers and blows gently towards you* Thanks for reading our whole notecard; be sure to mention that you have both our kisses and you get 5% off your total. ^^

Measui: Haha, good work Aly; I wasn't sure you'd hold up there in the end~ ;3 Alright, here's a few price examples to give you an idea of how it works:

One hour (1200L)
you bring a friend (40%)
you hire both of us (50%)
Remember to tell us you have our kisses (-5%)
= 2220L. Each additional hour = 1665L. (900x185%)
(tabs can be split however the payees wish)

*licks lips*
blowjob from me (400L)
Anal pegging from Aly (;3) (50%)
600L, (clock starts just in case) over when you cum. Want to keep going, 1200L (1200*1.5 - 600) and it goes until the hour's finished.

Don't hesitate to ask for a quote at any time~

Customers recieve a non-transferable membership card with their name and a unique number on it. Produce this at your next visit to myself or Aly and get -15% off every subsequent visit. ;3
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